The January 6 committee is not a party, and hearing former VP Mike Pence's testimony would be great for America and could hasten Donald's demise.


@1 It's Mike's party and he'll cry if he wants to. Cry if he wants to. Cry if he wants to. You would cry too if it happened to you.


@1 Pence is free at any time at any place of his choosing to give his thoughts on the matter and what transpired that day.

However at any opportunity, he still white knights the his former boss who tried to have him killed.


Jas, I’m with you on the hot weather! Everyone, enjoy it while you can!
Charles is miserable now, but will get the gloomy days soon enough!


Early speculation I heard on NPR this eve is that Cheney doesn't think she'd have much of a chance at being elected, but would run for the sole purpose of denying trump. They pointed out how eloquent she is and her potential to absolutely eviscerate him on a debate stage, which I gotta admit is a tantalizing prospect. But then I gotta figure his handlers would also see that potential prospect and hold him out of any/all debates at all cost. And I wonder if doing so would even hurt his candidacy all that much, since it's not like he's got any actual ideology or political platform to speak on anyway. He could probably just post to his dumb social media platform periodically and give interviews to Fox & OAN a couple times a month and stand just as good a chance to win the nom as he would by going the more traditional route. Would be kind of a bummer, as I gotta admit to rather enjoying the spectacle of his oafish stupidity being laid bare in front of a national audience in primetime, even as we've seen it all a hundred times before.


Jaz your perspective see,s pretty dope but those Horak cartoons are not clever or even transgressive the way the artist clearly wants them to be. They are just self hatred manifested and to no end. Case in point is that hateful loser raindrop loves everything you guys post from that artist. Reason in and of itself to turn away from it rather than amplify. Some art is feculent garbage believe it or not.


shoobop's obsession with me is weird, really weird, psychotically weird. Fascinating.

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