Oh, I so disagree with you, Charles, about the 16-year-old murderer. Occasionally, there are feral children who for some reason, nature or nurture, will probably never have a sense of right and wrong. If you come to Los Angeles and see the harm a 12-year-old boy is capable of without a moment’s thought of regret or shame, then you’ll see that we cannot turn someone like that out onto society once caught. Maybe they’ll develop a sense of morality as they age and see what other people have to endure most every day? I don’t know, but I do know that a young thug is as dangerous as an older one.

The boy who killed his family won’t benefit much from life in the penitentiary. That is true. But he isn’t going to snap out of it fingerpainting all day in some rehab facility either. Given that this wasn’t self-defense, I think there is a line one can cross in life wherein if you do step across, you can’t be with us anymore.

Oh, and 16 is too old to pull that mere boy stuff. I've known many 16-year-olds who have really stepped up to the plate of personal responsibility.


This comment section just degrades a little more every day.


@7 it’s always been like this.


“A basic understanding of human socialization will show that children are not individuals.”
Har, har. Fertilised eggs are now individuals, and per that lady in Texas, can now ride in the car pool lane with mommy.
Soon our underage individuals can work in the factories, just like the good old days of Dickens, when children made one shilling a day!


It's not his fault that he can't behave
Society's made him go astray
Perhaps if we're nice he'll go away . . .


is what is says over the
doorway to our USSC

but when you start out
miles behind you best
be Something to pull
yourself out of it not
everyone can and
fortunately few
here ever had
to probably

I don't know whos been
in Charge of the Clouds lately
but they've been doing a Bang-up Job

also nice pic, Chas!


when the Repressives'
anti-Abortion program takes
effect expect Thousands* more
wayward souls to be brought into
this World to the delight of No one.

hell they'll probably Outlaw contraceptives
as well -- it's all about The Punishment
to the Religulous and brother are
they Good at Punishing people

*Tens of thousands?
what do they care?


Jesus wept. Harriett Hageman looks even batshit crazier than Majorie Taylor Greene! Was that the point of Wyoming voters?


@2, 3, & 11
We are not back in 1995 when the 16 year old committed the crime. We are talking about the man who has spent the last 27 years in prison and doing therapy. He's been punished. He's also done the work of facing what he did in therapy, and is no where near the child who did the crime. Telling him he will be free in a year was justice. Some folks only want maximum vengeance.


Everyone that agrees this guys needs to be released because he was 16 when he committed murders - do you feel the same way about the kids that shot up their schools? Look up Kip Kinkel - he shot both of his parents and THEN cruised on over to the high school and shot 27 of his classmates. He was 15, and that motherfucker better not ever see the light of day again. Same goes for this dude.


Charles, what is tough for me to comprehend is the globally misogynist view of women and girls. Societally it has always been bad, but now has reached apocalyptic world-ending levels.
Unless Democrats remain in control of the White House, House & Senate we are losing our democracy and constitutional rights. An overwhelming majority of violent neofascist male chauvinist pigs and dangerously batshit cray RWNJs run amok have put our divided country into this horrific position. Ironically they blame their blatant corruption and gross incompetence on US!
May this atrocity spell the end of the GOP.


@19: RWNJs are Reason #1 why I am an atheist. My brother is also an atheist. Neither of us has been struck down by lightning. The bullshit that is the "bible" has absolutely nothing good to say anywhere about women and girls. There is nothing "holy" about it. In this hideous book of hypocrisy women bear the brunt, only to be wrongly shamed, blamed, and brutally punished for everything. Mary Magdalene was gang raped, impregnated, and forced to bear someone else's son. And she was married to someone else. Her husband, Joseph, had to stand aside and make way for a rapist's idea of a "savior" that his wife had to give birth to under the most primitive of conditions. And we call this shit "Christmas"?? What absolute BULLSHIT! And the writers and translators of this "bible" were all MEN!! How much was lost in "translation" over thousands of years? Apostle "Paul" should have been hanged by his limp little shroom instead of being so praised as a religious "leader".
There is no "God". We're in it all by ourselves, folks. Tomorrow we're going out there again, and the RWNJs, armed and profiting heavily by their corporate megachurches are only getting more violent, desperate, and dangerously crazy.


left the

be a Little
when He sees
how they've Re-
Interpreted His. fucking.


*"Prosperity Christianity"?

howz That work
when ya got

we need a
Maximum fucking Wage
look where the Capitalists've gotten us so far

& the Forecast
for MOST of
Us is dismal.


@21: Try not to fall in when you flush, Elmer. Like the GOP and its megachurches, Puget Sound has long exceeded its toxic waste limit already.

@22 kristofarian: Thank you, bravo, and amen!!


I wonder how Morty is doing.

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