If Starbucks workers continue to unionize Schultz might have to downsize to a smaller yacht that can only sleep 10 instead of 12 and that is a slap in the face to America and God


Ok but what about the Seattle Cider Summit?


"Get ready for the explosion of a virus that could not be contained because of the expansionary logic of capitalism."

how dare you call it logic.

THE Hottest Summer of your Life?
the Coolest summer of the
Rest of your Life --@
bart & Homer

Big Oil making
Inflationary Profiteering*
and'll prolly pay $0 in taxes.

we've been
we're BEING
SCREWED folks.

oh my what a Lovely yacht

right there on the front of Howie's Ship
no Wonder Howie don’t want no
Stinkin Unions -- he's taken
P. Floyd to Heart:

DO NOT try ta
take a Slice
of MY

you Lousy

those up-to-18 servants?
they Pay Howie
to 'work' on

it may be Minimal
but it's the Least
they could Do

for Howie

if you pls
u Lazy fuks.

*coupled with a
supply chain fuel costs are
or were Driving this Inflation

and we just Hand
Them the Billion$.

& so they own 'our'
Lawmakers and
now 'our' form-
Court is Full
of Fashys

and thank Gawd for
"republican" over-reach


What kept us from controlling the last virus was not the"expansionary logic of capitalism," but the incredible expanding dumbfuckery of the MAGAts. That's what really worries me.


*coupled with a Busted
supply chain fuel costs are
or were Driving this Inflation.


thee Longest word
in English? Smiles
'cause there's a
Mile tween the
esses. thnx! for
the Miles Chas


Hmm the alternative to starting school this fall is closing universal K-12, arguably one of the more socialist elements of our beleaguered country, because capitalism? How about align with public health messaging that monkey pox is spread by intimate contact. Let’s not start needless hysteria.


opinion masquerading as NEWS?
you mean like on FOX scottie?

say have you ever checked out
'Democracy NOW!" it'll Curl
your Hair if you should hap-
pen to Have some.

gotta Warn ya tho:
it Ain't Corporate


Democracy Now is great!
Thanks, Amy!


good ole Howie's
makin it EZ to Hate
on the Billionaire Class

why Howie's a Natural
mind the Epidemic
and the Scaffolds
nice Boat How!


@5 dvs99: Yep. I'm just as worried and share your concerns. Especially if MAGAts are inbreeding like sewer rats.

Someone beam Scottie up--he's showing no signs of intelligence.
B-but he's given MAGAt stupidity all he bloody well CAN, Cap'n!

@10 kristofarian and @11 pat L: Hooray for Democracy NOW! Amen to Amy Goodman and crew!

The Orange Turd should just crawl into a hole and die in exile already, like Napoleon Bonaparte did on the British island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic on May 5, 1851. The weird irony is that, like its equally batshit crazy loyalists, the Orange Turd really believes it IS Napoleon!
If RepubliKKKans would just cancel each other out and become extinct......


@7 hey dipshit I realize this the idiotic niche you’ve staked out for yourself being the credulous “nothing is wrong why you libtards to scars-cat” but the entire point is to intervene BEFORE mobkeypox “explodes.”

I mean for fuck sake is your cognitive function so altered you are incapable of recalling March of 2020 when your same stupid shit was marching around saying “if CoVID19 doesn’t explode? What then? Hurrrr durrrrr…” millions of deaths and a nearly devastated global economy later…

If we are successful at intervention then of course you’ll go “see, I told you so? Hurrrrr durrr…”

If we aren’t, you’ll go “see, it’s no big deal. Hardly anyone dies. Hurrrrr durrrrrr.”

Unless YOU get it, god be praised, and be a statistical outlier and die from monkey pox. Which would be a relief to everyone. But I doubt we’ll get so lucky.

So either way the adults of this world have to work against dipshits like you. So we lose nothing by taking a highly infectious disease seriously and making sure we supply enough vaccines for it. But if dipshits like you were in charge everything from climate change to infectious disease would get ignored until of course it directly effects you. Then you’d be on here squealing “how come yur precious science didn’t save me?! Libtards!”

So. Really it’s best if nobody ever read or took a single comment you say as anything of tiniest value.


In all the talk of eliminating fossil fuels and internal combustion vehicles I have yet to see/hear a serious discussion on how we generate additional power to meet the coming demand for electricity. On the front page next to the Seattle Times article about this is another article quoting Inslee and Murray about removing the Snake River dams and saying its not a question of if but when. So if we are simultaneously reducing our ability to generate electricity via hydro (one of the cleanest ways by the way) and spiking demand by pushing everyone to electric vehicles (not to mention population growth overall) where is the power coming from? I don't think its realistic to think you can get them much electricity from wind/solar especially here in WA state and no one wants to talk about nuclear power much less have a plant built nearby. It feels like until you have a conversation about both sides of the equation the notion of phasing out gas powered vehicles is just electioneering.


@12 "It's the work rules that companies want to stop. Work rules that hinder a company's ability to adapt quickly to a changing market place. "

You mean they hinder a company's ability to make as much money as possible, everything else be damned. "Adapt quickly to a changing market place" is some straight up delusional corporate PR speak. Well done. All that matters is how much wealth can be amassed.



No, it won't automatically "reduce their expenses", because whatever they're paying now, it's already probably far below that union negotiators will want to establish as a foundation for base scale, and of course they'll also negotiate for a decent benefits package that may include things like employer contributed health and retirement.


@18 & @21: Is that your beat up RV parked down the street? You two really should stop rooming together.

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