Seattle teachers rallied outside of schools last week as negotiations between the district and union tensed up. HK



Judge Francis Mathew for Supreme Court! Finally a Judge holds an elected official accountable for participating in an insurrection.

"Still no motive" in the mass stabbing. Precisely. That is why mass killers, kill. It gets us to look at why they did it. They might be going out, but we'll finally validate them with attention while they go. It's the ultimate "Woo hoo, look at me," act.

But for the widespread access to any kind of knife you want, ten people would be alive. Nah, they would have just used something else.


The shrewdest political move we can make as a collective is to spread out the blue vote more. Parents, singles, move to the burbs and keep voting for reps that support school funding! You’ll instantly get better schools but in the long run build better education funding. We’re not doing ourselves any favors barking at the same Seattle pols who are already pursuing ed funding agendas.

And our own school Board needs to hear why the district’s SpEd proposal is unacceptable. This particular item is DOA.


So if the State Legislature "fully funds" schools according to a formula that does not pay for enough staff to actually run the schools, then what's the point on voting for school levies if the legislature is not already funding the schools as much as it can?


Megan Seling came back to The Stranger? It's been a while.


"Why am I writing this news roundup from a studio apartment?"

Best headline yet. Just drop the mic and walk off the stage, Stranger.


'why studio apts?'
'cause Housing as
Commodiity -- Citizens
as mere Chattel to be milked
for every penny's just Capitalism
and it Ain't gonna Get any Better

and like too many Guns
there's NOTHING that
can or even 'should'
be Done. now


@4, Just in time for the layoffs as revenue to support such publications continues to fall off a cliff.

With technology increasingly allowing direct marketing from restaurants, performers, and venues to customers and fans, the value of advertising with The Stranger gets less and less. The wages get more and more exploitative and less social justice(y). (Ironic).

Tik, Tok. Last in, first out if The Stranger's workers actually walk their talk and have a union. It's only a matter of time until she's gone again, and the rest follow.



Honest question for someone who knows. If the district said ok and gave the union everything they want can they actually afford it? As noted the district is funded by the state and has little ability to raise additional revenue directly due to the McClearly decision.

p.s. the reason Rich is writing from a studio apt is because he works for The Stranger. Clearly they aren’t paying a living wage as Erica Barnett delights in pointing out every time they post a job.


Sue Bird Ends W.N.B.A.
Career With Playoff Loss

Bird, 41, the Seattle Storm guard, had said she would retire after this season. She won 4 championships over 21 years. The Storm fell to the Las Vegas Aces in the W.N.B.A. semifinals on Tuesday.

Over the next 20 years, Bird would pile up honors, including a record 13 W.N.B.A. All-Star selections and five Olympic gold medals with the United States. Last year, she was voted to the W25, the W.N.B.A.’s list of the top 25 players ever as the league celebrated its 25th anniversary.

“These athletes have played the game at the highest level on the court — they are scorers and rebounders, assist makers and defensive stoppers, leaders and mentors,” W.N.B.A. Commissioner Cathy Engelbert said in announcing the W25.

She added, “Together, they have transformed the way the game is played, changed the way athletes are viewed, become incredible role models and inspired generations of young, diverse athletes.”

by Shauntel Lowe
Sept. 7, 2022

Damn NICE Run Sue Bird!
you'll ALWAYS be
Our Champion.


Teachers are basically state-subsidized, low cost child care for parents. Teachers are absolutely worth more money than they get paid, and at a minimum should get paid the equivalent of the true cost of child care.


@9, How much the District has is public knowledge. The union knows how much they have. The issues tend to be the Union uses the most optimistic enrollment and revenue numbers, the thinnest assumptions for cash reserves, the greatest deferrals of maintenance, etc. Management uses conservative enrollment numbers, wants higher cushions of cash, prudent maintenance schedules, etc. They fight in those narrow margins.

Neither side talks about the fact that more and more mandates get put on districts to have anti-bullying plans and reporting to the state on their efforts (not a bad things to have), better student on student sexual harrassment policies and interventions (not a bad thing either), mental health supports (to make up for trauma and poverty at home), etc. The end result is that certified teachers are a smaller and smaller percentage of the staff as more and more hiring has to be done to all that other stuff we pile on schools for society's failings, without more money.

You would think they would go to Olympia together and say, "Enough with the non-education mandates." "Education didn't create these problems and its not education's problem to solve. We are educators, that's our expertise. If we wanted to be social workers, or public health workers, we would have gone to school for that." But they don't.


Big welcome to Greg Spotts at SDOT! While the SDOT is responsible for all the roads, he chose to highlight his King County Metro adventure.

I hope he is aware of the SDOT Tree Steward history and can rejuvenate and amplify it’s street tree program. There seems to be very little street tree emphasis coming from the City, ie the threats to street trees along Aurora. Street trees make an ENORMOUS difference in ambient temperatures during heat waves and are key, very doable actions to take regarding climate change. Fall is for planting!
What’s growing by your curb, Seattle?


Welcome back, Megan Seling! You've been missed by many.

Congratulations on a fabulous career and taking Seattle by Storm, Sue Bird!
You will always be a world class champion.

Why can't we just convict the Orange Turd already and, alongside Aileen Cannon, the inept Florida sell-out MAGA judge stalling for time have both face a firing squad? The amount of glaring criminal evidence against DJT (Cannon must have been paid off) is overwhelming at this point. There's got to be enough disgruntled NRA gun nuts and even a few MAGAts at this point ready to do the job for free.

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