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Oh thank goodness the emergency was averted!

…not. This new “dropped” as shorthand for “happened” is not working. Fetch isn’t going to happen.


"… the queen was on her death bed and infamous YouTube troll Trisha Paytas announced she was 1 centimeter dilated.

She’s still pregnant, very embarrassed to trend on Twitter, and sad that her baby is the subject of memes even before she’s born."

poetic Justice
or just Karma?

wouldn't be Funny if
Q. Liz DID come back
as Rosemary's -- sorry
Trisha's wee Bambina?

"As you probably know
this [King] guy doesn’t
actually have political

Either did the Dick CHENEY
Who KNEW the Veep could
change the Course of History
nearly Single-handedly -- well
he and the Chimpster -- 'scuze
Me gee dubya the Bush. it's not
about Having Power. it's all about
SEIZING it. perhaps el Kingo may wanna
make up for Lost Time and a guilty Conscience

and become the FDR
of the Climate Catastrophe.

Stranger things
Have happened.

a Tad too Late on 'dropped'

having dropped Ages
ago it's just Part of
the Lingo now.

so Sorry.

& then there's


The bf. Good grief, man.


“The Everett Herald and Murray Campaign asked ME to do”….,,
Jesus - if you’re running as a seditionist Republican, at least get your grammar right!


a damn Good bf'd
have them Pool it
and give her 15%
since He's doing
all the hard work

I DO Love
the Patriarchy!

mind the Stockholm


re the King:

it's all about

and being
doesn't Hurt at
least not here in
Corporate America.

*pretty sure
This guy isn't


"Did we abolish savings time...?"

Actually, we did! Back in the early 70's. And people haaaaaaaated it. And quickly advocated for a return to it.

I've no recollection of this experiment and am barely old enough to have lived through it, though am actually ambivalent (if obviously skeptical) on the issue. But also have what I think is the ideal solution. Go ahead and make a change to abolish it, but make it temporary and subject to a follow-up voter referendum following a trial implementation period, say two or three years or whatever. You're welcome!

(also, while I share Hannah's sentiment that a shorter workday is a righteous proposal and would make such a change far more palatable, the reality is that's not gonna happen and so we'd need to deal with dark, rain soaked commutes that ran past 9AM, which would fucking suck.)


@1 "Dropped" happened before the turn of the century. At this point it isn't even slang.

@9 Washington could go on permanent DST by moving to the Mountain time zone and then going on standard time year-round. It shouldn't be too hard for our congressional delegation to log-roll a bill to do that, even if the rest of the country isn't ready for that change.


"Tomorrow night keep your eyes peeled for the full 'harvest moon' of September 2022.": In keeping with the "harvest" theme, it will be pumpkin-colored! (Because you'll be viewing it through smoke.)


Tiffany Smiley.

You just can't make this shit up.

Or maybe, we can:

“Everybody has to feel superior to somebody,” she said. “But it’s customary to present a little proof before you take the privilege.”

Via: Breakfast at Tiffany's and Three Stories, by Truman Capote.


@9 re: the shorter work day, it's insane that as a people we'd rather force ourselves to alter our perceptions of time than advocate for better working hours as a way to cope with the dismal days


a Public Education's
to Make we the peeps
Ready for WORK as opposed
to ready for Human Life, itself

so we sorta like to
Save that for the
Chosen Few and
very few able to
Claw their Ways
to the Top too.


"I'm Tiffany Smiley and I'm going down in flames."



Personally, I'd be fine sticking with the eight hour, five day week if we started mandating significantly more vacation time. I'd love to see us implement a mandatory one month long paid (or even partially paid if that's what it would take) vacation each year for each employee. Every time I've taken a week off to go someplace or do something, it barely registers as relaxing, and I'm lucky if I truly and fully disengage from work like for even a tiny fraction of that time. Two weeks is better, but still not nearly sufficient, and then winds up burning like half a years worth of PTO accrual to boot.


"To be fair, Smiley has every right to be triggered...." Really, Hannah? Are you actually ROOTING for Tiffany Smiley, a brazenly well known anti-abortionist Trump ho and Mitch McConnell sock puppet??
Just a reminder: among other contributing factors, "meh" sayers only helped put The Orange Turd illegally into the White House. Let's make sure it doesn't happen again. Please.
Oh, and another reminder: in the Err of Trump Damage and the disastrous overturning of Roe, speaking out as someone who is very deeply concerned about the upholding of a woman's right to make her own health decisions I'd like to point out that my reproductive years are thankfully behind me. Yours aren't, as yet. Seriously, Hannah, be careful in regarding whom you choose to politically support--especially anyone openly identifying as a bootlicking RepubliKKKan.

@12: Jexpat: I'm not surprised. What do you expect from a McConnell sock puppet and anti-abortionist Trump ho, planted in a sleazy attempt to unseat Patty Murray in this year's crucial midterm Senate race? Senator Murray, over 5 terms has an illustrious track record, has diligently worked hard and done amazing things in support of women's health issues, veterans, environmental issues, education, and healthcare serving the people of Washington State. Tiffany Smiley is a lying extremist sack of shit. Desperate RepubliKKKans do desperate things, like cry victim as usual when they can't rig the system their way. Smiley is already among those in the Party of Orange Turd trying to figure out how to steal the election again, and I hope she, the Orange Turd, and the rest of their criminally insane ilk all fail miserably.


@7 & @8: WTF kris???


@7: Whether you're expressing sarcasm or not, I'm into neither patriarchy nor Stockholm syndrome, kris!


Ahem. Like her RepubliKKKan pimp, Orange Turd, Tiffany Smiley is a tragic waste of EVERYONE's time.
It's 3:53 am on Sunday, 9-11-22 and look, ma, no typos!


@23: Oh, I get it, Elmer. Like Tiffany Smiley, you're a waste of everyone's time on SLOG!
As is her due, accomplished Senator Patty Murray refuses to be gaslighted and baited, especially by a
RepubliKKKan Trump ho newbie, ya ultra maroon.
Try not to fall in when you flush.


I like that republikkkan auntie Gee
I believe republiklan
says it well too

please pardon
my sarcasm
@7 and 8
if you

FUCK the Patriarchy.


End Stockholm

be Glad
you Did.

when Women FINALLY have a Seat
at the Table perhaps this unique
Planet may yet have a Chance


@25 kristofarian: Whew! Thank heavens you were only being sarcastic, kris. RepubliKKKans are largely why I am SO glad I got a bilateral hysterectomy two years ago, ending forty-three years of the worst monthly misery imaginable, and also why I am so happily asexual.

If U.S. Congress member (14th District, NY) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (a.k.a. AOC) ever runs for U.S. President under the Democratic ticket she gets my vote. By federal law, she would have to be at least 35 years old, and she's only just shy of 33 now. She would be 35 by October 13, 2024, however, and would kick serious ass around any additional years (PERISH THE THOUGHT!!) of the Orange Turd and its neofascist loyalists. AOC has the voice of younger generations on her side and can speak volumes.
I also like and agree with Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders on many issues. However, Warren is 73 and Sanders just turned 81 on Thursday, September 8th. We really need both Warren and Sanders in the U.S. Senate along with Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell. There is a shitload of RepubliKKKans in the House, Senate, and Congress that have been in office decades too long and really do need to go.


@27: ...said the pro-Trumpist, Hitler worshipping, MAGAt Gaslighter-in-Chief and trolling incel himself, Elmer the Ultra Maroon. The only hard-hitting I see is you falling and banging your head on a rock. Again. This would explain your level of severe brain damage.
Try not to fall in when you flush.


@29, @30, and @31: Speaking of nutcases, you two clowns can go look in your bathroom mirrors.
Oh, looky, the resident trolls are back and at it again, spilling their senseless gibberish. Bored much?
If you're seeking asylum, boys, I recommend you both get a nice zap in the badoobies. You both could use a reboot.


@29, @30, and @31: What's the matter--did SuperFriends on Channel 4 get canceled? The only ones I see whose pathetic nutcase comments are cringe worthy and embarrassing are yours. Trolling gynophobic incels can be detected at 50 paces, especially when their senseless dribble is posted 24/7. Pretty desperate, boys. Get medical help.

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