City officials touring the tunnel that couldn't be used for two years because Bertha broke. Creative Commons/Wikipedia



Patricia Webber and others who all "want to move to Seattle" in droves: Please don't. You'll only be exacerbating Seattle's / King County's existing problems.

I knew Bertha was going to be a big mistake and a tragic waste of taxpayers' money the minute the City of Seattle eliminated the Alaskan Way Viaduct, kept promising the tunnel opening, and kept stalling. So that's the interior?
It looks like an underground tunnel to Nowhere. What a disastrous epic fail! And there's talk of adding more lanes to I-5?? Are these city planners idiots? And people wonder why it takes forever to get through Seattle these days.

I really miss the vitality of the Seattle waterfront and the Alaskan Way Viaduct. I miss French dips and Frango mint shakes at Frederick & Nelson, the Bon Marche, Nordstrom, and the glory that was once downtown.
I miss the Seattle SuperSonics, especially in their championship year--1979, led by Lenny Wilkins, fondly reminisce about the Seattle Mariners led by Lou Piniella in their Refuse to Lose glory of 1995; the Seattle Seahawks' Superbowl XLVIII victory led by Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson and an exciting team, all the WBA titles won by Seattle Storm, led by Sue Bird, and Seattle Sounders soccer championships.
How many current Seattle renters wish there were units for $560.00 / month (the monthly rate I paid in Ballard back in 1997)? What is the average rent now--$2,500.00? $3,000.00? $4,000.00 and up? According to Gene Balk, The Seattle Times' FYI Guy, Bellevue is said to have real estate values higher than Manhattan!


The only thing that bothers me about the tunnel is there is no exit to the waterfront and Pike Place Market like the exit and entrances were with the old Battery St. tunnel. That's the tragedy.


@1 Those are all fine memories but the main thing I miss about The Old Seattle is that I was a lot younger in it.


@2 Phoebe in Wallingford and @3 Alden: Agreed. sigh


@1. But you had to walk uphill through the snow both ways to enjoy all those things.


omfg no
ordinary Love
Thank You Chas.

and whattabout that Biscuit?

"Now that you know we
exist... you should really
try our pillowy biscuits."

all IN.

Joe Bonamassa
happier times


Another one of the Hardee's tweets read "If you still have a phone download our app for a free biscuit"

It's so freaking bizarre to see even even corporate fast food franchises clowning on these dipshits. No matter how funny it gets, it'll always be more sad than funny. I can only imagine how toxic that brand would have to become for the RNC itself to finally break ranks with them.


Mike McGinn was right.


The Little Mermaid was only ever a real woman in relation to the Prince and Hans Christian Andersen left her with out the Prince as nothing more than sea foam. Pinocchio had like way more agency.



Indeed. And also why isn't there a white history month?!?


Is it just me or do the city officials pictured resemble modern day Keystone Cops?
They look hopelessly lost.

@5 shoobop: Not necessarily. Although we did have a lot more snow and cleaner air back then.

@8 DOUG: Agreed. Former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn must be shaking his head sadly over what Seattle has become.


I love the tunnel. I travel between SODO and Licton Springs several times a day, there's no better way to get through downtown southbound.

I don't know who this Patricia person is, but it sounds like one of those dopey Twitter things where people start fighting about whether she should move to Seattle.

How anyone could have found this last summer "a bit much" is beyond me. Except for a few days of smoke (as opposed to other years, when we had a few weeks of smoke) it was nearly a picture perfect summer. With that said, I'm ready for some rainy Saturdays, with the fireplace going and bowls of Chili.

As for Seattle in general, I too miss all the old-timey stuff. But when I was enjoying them there were undoubtedly people missing the Olympic Hiawatha, The Aquafollies, The Marine Room, and the BlackBall Ferry Line.

Times change, towns change.


Yes to the tunnel, and yes to the weather. I remember one summer when Seattle had all of six weeks of fair weather - and then months of rainy depression.
@11 - of course we have white history month. It’s during the Republican National Convention. However, much of that white history is pure fiction.


we currently only have
TWELVE White His-
Story Months:

obv. we need a
Bigger Calendar

make mine White!

ALL White!
with no Stinkin'
STUPID Black 'letters.'

numbers are 'okay'
as Long as they
their Place


I love history every month, black brown white yellow - makes no difference to me.


RE: mermaids. I'll bet you can find a myth featuring some kind of fish/human hybrid in any country with a coastline.


@7 mike blob: The entire RNC would have to drop dead before breaking ranks with anything deep fat fried.

@13 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Agreed on this summer's delightfully ideal weather (with the exception of last weekend's smoky haze, which luckily didn't last long). Summer and Fall 2021, and Winter 2022 were truly a bit much. The June 27-28 heat wave last year proved that I could not function properly in triple digit temperatures. Those who want it here are completely nuts.

@14 pat L: For the WIN on your perfect response to mike blob @11!

@13 Catalina Vel-DuRay and @14 pat L: To be fair, I have never actually used the tunnel. If it works better than the daily mess on I-5 that's a plus. It just sounds like an expensive taxpayer-funded nightmare otherwise, with no view of the waterfront. But then, I have never really been a fan of tunnels, and certainly not the George Massey tunnel in metro Vancouver, B.C., running under the Fraser River.

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