Smiley should have just sent her a When2Meet. ALEX WONG / GETTY IMAGES



Excused “mental health days” for WA kids is another performative bandaid instead of, you know, fixing a system (like emotionally and physically toxic schools). You’d have to be doing something really wrong to get called on the carpet for missed school, in which case, probably best CPS has a little chat. But yay! Mental health!


At 1:18 a young woman wearing a solid blue dress walks in front of MTG and MTG simply stumbles into her. There was no over kick. Give me a break. The congresswoman was walking amongst several people, crossing streets, and yapping away. Human to human collisions are plausible in these situations.

MTG is horrible, but the media gaslighting these stupid things doesn't help.

No kick in the vid.


@3: Did you just move here from a dumbfuck pro-Trumpist neofascist red state, Tarzantula? Please feel free to tuck your ignorant tail between your cowardly little legs and go back there. You obviously know absolutely nothing about Senator Patty Murray or what she has worked so tirelessly for on behalf of the citizens of Washington State. What sources do you have to prove Murray's incompetence? You have nothing on Patty Murray. Yours has to be the lamest and most useless opinion expressed on SLOG. STFU already.
Senator Patty Murray is not a "Mom in tennis shoes", as many RepubliKKKans like to label her. If you believe that, you're a typical male chauvinist pig. Intimidated by a smart accomplished and educated woman who can get things done? GET OVER IT!
Senator Murray continues to be a strong advocate for ensuring that abortion is safe, legal and available to all women who need it, helped pass the Affordable Care Act (ACA), supports veterans, labor unions and workers rights, slowing climate change, improving education, raising the minimum wage, and a shitload more than Mitch McConnell approved Trump ho-come lately Tiffany Smiley EVER will. Crawl back up into your lil MAGAt hidey-hole and stay there.

GO, Senator Patty Murray, GO!!!

Hooray for those in West Seattle that the West Seattle Bridge opens FINALLY on Sunday, September 18th!
Welcome back to a better and easier commute.

Marjorie Taylor Greene needs a rabies shot in the butt, anti-bark collar around her neck, and a head cone, not just a swift kick.


Don't feel bad for your auto-centric attitude Hannah. This is Seattle. We talk a big game when it comes to being a city, but scratch the surface and we still have a small town/suburban attitude. We complain about graffiti like it is an actual problem, while expecting to drive everywhere except maybe downtown Seattle.

Your writing about transit is a great example. Not a word about buses. The vast majority of people who take transit take buses (bus ridership dwarfs train ridership) but there is an attitude that you either drive or take the train "into town". This is made clear in your "Take the light rail to the stadium, you crazy kids!" statement. A lot of people will take the bus to the stadiums, and besides, taking transit shouldn't be about the occasional trip to a game. Buses and trains combine to provide pretty good service all over the city -- ignorance about this leads to lower ridership which only makes things worse.

The same is true for the coverage of the West Seattle bridge. There is nothing about the buses. How did the buses fair during the shutdown? Remember, they could use the lower bridge, while drivers were expected to go around. This made it one of the few places in America where taking transit is more direct than driving. Did that result in a change in attitude for people in West Seattle, or was there just a continuation of this suburban attitude so prevalent in this city? Given the hoopla about the new bridge, I can only assume the latter. It begs the question though -- if West Seattle is just one of those places where transit will always struggle (even when it is faster than driving throughout the day) why the fuck are we spending billions on a light rail line to the peninsula that will only be faster for a handful of people (and slower for a lot more).


WTF, Hannah. Duloc and Far Far Away are FICTION!!!!! You know what fiction is, right? If Natural Resources says Shrek was created here, it was. Probably around Ewan. If you’d ever been there you’d know.


Today is also move-in day at WWU for some more northbound traffic


Patty Murray's major qualification for office is that she is not a crazy MAGA Republican, so I will vote for her, but is otherwise as exciting as warm dishwater. I also agree with Raindrop that MTG merely stumbled, which is what she does multiple times every day.


It's really easy not to kill pedestrians when you drive, HanHan. In fact, 99+% of drivers never kill or injure a single pedestrian in their entire life. All you got to do is follow the rules of the road a pay fucking attention to what you are doing. It's not hard. That means get off your fucking phone.

@5 Yeah, people just spray painting whatever they want where ever they want is no issue at all. Why have any laws what-so-ever? Who cares if the majority of citizens want to live somewhere where POS people don't trash other people homes or places of business!

Hey, Ross... care if I come over to your place of residence and spray paint "tags" everywhere? Yeah, I didn't think so.


Patty Murray has bought home the bacon for our state - all of our state, not just the Puget Sound - for decades now. She's the modern Warren Magnuson. Anyone who doesn't know who he was, or doesn't understand the importance of a seasoned, effective Senator, shouldn't be voting.

Her opponent is another Loren Culp: A malevolent idiot who - like all candidates the GOP fields in WA state - has no qualifications, no real intellect, and no character. No matter who controls the Senate, she would be a non-entity.

East of the mountains - which is almost entirely dependent on government programs for everything - will vote for anything with an R next to it, but hopefully the major population center and partial funder for everything else in the state (the Puget Sound region) will see Tiffany for what she is.


I think I
LOVE you
Mrs. Vel-DuRay.

Never die.


@9: Sen. Murray obtained the money to replace the crumbling South Park Bridge, and to re-work the street grid immediately south of it. That was a huge investment in a low-income, multi-ethnic neighborhood, one which also supported critical infrastructure for businesses in South Seattle.

Although I appreciate all of the great work Sen. Murray has done, it’s almost too bad senators serve the longest terms of any American elected officials. Every time she stands for re-election, her enemies mock her as stupid and useless, and then after she easily wins re-election, they whine, “how does this stupid woman keep defeating all of us (self-described) political geniuses?!?” It never gets old, and I almost wish it could happen more often.


@7 HM3: Duly noted. Thanks for the warning. Anywhere near WWU is going to be a mess. Every bus on the WTA #14 route is going to be packed like a sardine can starting Monday.

@9 and @11: I believe I was already speaking coherently enough in @4, Tarzantula. Provided you're not functionally illiterate, see comments made by @13 Catalina Vel-DuRay and @15 tensorna on a few of many highly beneficial accomplishments Senator Patty Murray has to her credit in public office and continues to do for Washington State. The abovementioned statements corroborate mine quite sufficiently on Murray's record as a Washington State Senator over five elected terms. Go look up the word "corroborate" if you're still confused. I'll wait.
Was that coherent enough? Do us a favor and instead of stupidly falling for RepubliKKKan shills like Tiffany Smiley, move your pathetic MAGAt butt back to the red state of confusion you crawled out of.

@13 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Bravo and amen! Well said and summarized. I agree; hopefully enough of us in the Puget Sound area will know well enough to re-elect Senator Murray to a well deserved 6th term in November.
It never ceases to amaze me how many people east of the Cascades so heavily dependent upon federal money continue to support Republican candidates, saying no to government programs, services, and legislature that serve their best interests, biting the proverbial hand that feeds them. Then when a national disaster strikes, these same people yell the loudest every time at FEMA to get their asses in gear ASAP. And where's their goddamned Social Security / Farm Subsidy / (fill in the blank) check(s)?!?

@14 kristofarian: Hear, hear!

@15 tensorna: Thank you for adding to Senator Patty Murray's long list of achievements. I read about the infrastructural struggles in South Park [in The Seattle Times], and hope that the community's grid issues can be resolved soon. This offers further proof of how Murray inclusively embraces the needs of all Washington State citizens, not just the .000000001%.


Hannah Krieg is the daughter of a candy corn aficionado. That explains a lot.


speaking of:
It Can NOT

How Russian
Trolls Helped Keep
the Women’s March Out of Lock Step

As American feminists came together in 2017 to protest Donald Trump, Russia’s disinformation machine set about deepening the divides among them.

Linda Sarsour awoke on Jan. 23, 2017, logged onto the internet, and felt sick. The weekend before, she had stood in Washington at the head of the Women’s March, a mobilization against President Donald J. Trump that surpassed all expectations.

Crowds had begun forming before dawn, and by the time she climbed up onto the stage, they extended farther than the eye could see.

More than four million people around the United States had taken part, experts later estimated, placing it among the largest single-day protests in the nation’s history.

But then something shifted, seemingly overnight.

by Ellen Barry
Sept. 18, 2022

tonnes more:

I like to thank Gawd
Every Single Day
that tS's so

from those


@18: Seattle doesn’t need a Russian troll army to sow division and inflame tensions between communities, because Seattle has the Stranger:

“Unbelievable, Hannah Krieg and the Stranger are pitting one oppressed and disadvantaged minority against another. The houseless against the Asians.”


For a chronic example, CM Sawant is Seattle’s most bitterly divisive politician, and the Stranger supports her far past any discernible limit, even to the point of blatantly lying about the malfeasance she orchestrated.

I sincerely hope you were making a feeble attempt at satire.


@21 "It’s impractical, dirty, inconvenient and unreliable."

That's really not true. King County Metro Transit is a pretty decent bus system, far superior to RTD in Denver, a similarly sized system.

Yes they are currently having staffing issues but so is every other company, organization, in the country.

Like every other transit system they are in a period of flux. Because of WFH the ridership is far lower than pre-pandemic. As some hybrid of WFH becomes the new normal for cities like Seattle, predicting where and when bus routes are needed is going to be difficult.

Will it make more sense to have fewer AM/PM rush hour routes and more weekend/early evening routes?

As fewer people commute to central business districts what will replace the hub and spoke model?

Those and hundreds of other unknowns face transit agencies.


@20: Yes, the failure of internet randos to provide examples of the type, number, and quality you still have not specified most definitely proves beyond all refutation that Washington state’s voters should dump Senator Murray’s decades of experience and seniority for whatever it might be her challenger has. In November, please do let us know how well that has worked for you.

(As I wrote @15, the only problem I have here is this doesn’t happen more often.)


@21: Unless you are commuting on a suburban commuter bus for work during the AM/PM rush, the experience is trash.

Former Sound Transit/Sounder user here. There was that one time someone pissed in an empty cup and left it on the floor of the bus all the way to Pierce County. But those things are rare. What isn't rare is how FUCKED UP the schedule can be with these types of routes - all it takes is an accident on the highway these routes use to add up to an hour to one's commute. Total clusterfuck as buses back up downtown because they are all picking up people at the same time due to traffic delays. A bus may have double the occupancy, standing room only, because of delays. The train can experience significant delays due to varied reasons - my worst commute ever had me getting home past my bedtime! So its quieter and cleaner but the delays can be downright epic and utterly exhausting, making a long day even longer.


So do tell, TarAnarion dear, what candidate has reached that level of purity that you have determined that we mere minions should cast our pitiful votes towards them?

I look forward to an in-depth explanation of that candidate's, experience, positions, and character. Grammar and punctuation count, and citations are required as appropriate.


Upon reading through this thread I can see that Our Dear TarAnarion is one of those conservative types who sees poo-poo everywhere he (and I'm sure it's a he) goes.

I blame their mothers. It's not normal for a woman to be a Republican, and it affects how their toilet train their children. Being raised Republican is quite similar to what Sally Field's character had to endure in "Sybil"


@30: So, again, what evidence would you require? You still haven’t told us, yet, in your mind, it’s somehow someone else’s fault we haven’t supplied it.

Also, do you really expect a freshman Senator, one from the minority party in her own state (and possibly in a minority in the Senate) to do better than whatever (and still-unspecified) inaction(s) have your knickers in a twist against Senator Murray? Because if you don’t make that case, there’s little point in your continued kvetching about Senator Murray.


Our TarAnarion is just looking for attention. The attention that his supposedly two dads never gave him.

We'll see you in November, dear. I hope you'll be bitterly disappointed.


Senator Murray also got millions of Federal dollars, to get the light rail extended from Sea-Tac airport south to Angle Lake. Although that was not a huge extension, it was going to be many years until the next phase of expansion for Sound Transit.
And, of course, Murray has been a long-standing supporter of funding for veterans - something you would think even a Republican could support.


pat L dear, Republicans prefer their veterans under tidy little rows of crosses in picturesque cemeteries. So much cheaper to maintain, and they can't talk back.


@33: If you’re referring to your awesomely-specific, “… a few legislation bills that she personally sponsored and passed,” my first response was an example of a big difference she made without personally sponsoring legislation. I cited that example to hint that you had created a criterion which was meaningless not merely because it was vague, but also because you don’t seem to know how legislatures actually work.

“… you all listed everything I need to know.”

Yes, your vague, meaningless, and ignorant inquiry was of such earth-shattering importance, everyone here just dropped everything to answer it in full. You just keep telling yourself that until you’re sure.

@29: Mrs. Vel-DuRay asked you for a single example of a candidate who is better than Senator Murray. Rather than try to make a case for Senator Murray’s current Republican challenger, you dodged the question. That tells the rest of us all we need to know about why Senator Murray keeps getting re-elected.


@38: Ok, so you’re looking for “someone”. That’s actually what Mrs. Vel-DuRay asked you to do @26: describe an actual candidate who fit whatever your requirements are. Instead of giving an answer, you keep dodging that question, grumbling about how Senator Murray just isn’t good enough (by your elementary-school “How A Bill Becomes A Law” standard) and showing us both your howling ignorance about one of the most economically productive parts of Washington state (“… a couple of miles of rail track and an irrelevant bridge…”) and the positive things Senator Murray has done to help keep that economy productive.

We’ve given you examples of Senator Murray’s work. You’ve provided nothing but vague, hand-waving denials about that, and absolutely nothing at all about any actual person who has, or even could, do better. Good luck beating something with nothing.


Once again, classic Republicans have no choice but to reluctantly vote for the democrat, and in this race it's for pouty Patty.


Whoo----EEEEEEE!! What stinks in this thread? Tarzantula must have fallen in when he flushed after getting scared shitless over getting schooled on highly competent, accomplished Washington State Senator, Patty Murray.
Do we educated, intelligent women actually scare youse, Tar-Zany? Well, tough shit.
I hope you're so bitterly disappointed in November that you pack up your RV junkwagon and retreat back to your unfunded red trash state with your limp noodle between your legs. Good riddance.

@34: Catalina Vel-DuRay for the WIN!!


@36 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Yep. And one of many reasons why I vote Democrat. There is no alternative.

@37 & @40 tensorna: Thank you, too, for also nailing it. My theory is that Tarzantula is either fourteen, bored, and can't vote (oh, DARN!)--or forty going on fourteen, and lives on Twitter and FOX TEE-VEE. Misinformation is his middle name.


Is there any actual evidence that Sen. Murray "has been a little late to nail down plans for a debate"? Perhaps I am misremembering, but late October seems pretty usual to me. Also, as it's a common enough Republican tactic, is there any reason to believe that Smiley wasn't the main driver of the gridlock she was decrying?

From there, I assume most anyone could go to and see Sen. Murray was the sponsor or original co-sponsor of something like 5K items and go from there?

That said, I might actually point to the exceedingly knowable Ryan-Murray budget compromise of 2013 as perhaps the Assistant Democratic Leader's biggest publicized individual accomplishment.

Of course, all of this is about flinging poo, not about actual facts.


@44: Yes, @9’s expectation-cum-demand that everyone else here do his basic research for him was pretty amusing. For my money, though, the best part of @9 etc. etc.’s demands was his implied assertion that “…legislation bills that she personally sponsored and passed…” constitutes a meaningful metric for any legislator. It’s like jumping into a sports-bar argument about the greatest RBI player by objecting, “but he didn’t hit that many triples.”


Speaking of flinging poo....

@41: Wow. All trolling incel and nothing to say, as usual. You must be a hoot at GOP hate rallies, Elmer.
The Orange Turd LOST. Get over it.


@33: You could always go back to Cleveland, Tar-Zany. Bye bye!


@28: Were your "two dads" Matt Stone and Trey Parker perchance?
That would explain your woeful ignorance regarding women.

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