Happy Otter Awareness Week. Arthur Morris/Getty Images



Man that park looks nice. Set it next to fully federal-funded rapid transit circa '70 on the "ones that got away" shelf.


+1 for Snidely Whiplash


thanks for the Vid Matt:

ah yes the Good Ole Days
when the Homos not only
Knew their Place they were
Constantly put in it or Worse

Nazis HATE Gays
gotta Wonder
Why IS

who is it they See so Boldly
Reflected in their glossy
Patent Leather

thank God
it Cannot.


Obviously Joe Kent and Tiffany Smiley are the latest two toxic things to come out of the Orange Turd's butt.
This shit must be flushed out for good. May Mar-a-Lunatic sink into the Atlantic at the mercy of giant mutant alligators.

A week without driving? It's difficult, seasonally during the crappy weather months, but I have gone as much as six months without driving when my beloved VW is in fall / winter hibernation. At least in spring and summer my Love Beetle helps keep me younger.

Awwwwwwwwww on the otters! Too cute!

Officer Snidely Whiplash strikes again? WTF Denver?

The entire City of Bremerton needs TLC STAT.

Rest in peace, Charles Nelson Reilly. Truly a class act. Thank you and bless you for all the laughs and serious roles. I LOVED you on the celebrity panel on Match Game (especially with Brett Sommers). Thanks for sharing, Matt.


Voters also feared the Commons would attract the homeless. Ha!


Voters also feared the Commons would attract the homeless. Ha!


I almost moved out of Seattle after the Commons vote, so disgusted was I by the provincial idiocy on display. The guardians of Old Seattle openly sabotaged the levy to try and preserve the glory days of the ‘70s, when the city was too crappy to be expensive. Any efforts to address reality and prepare for what anyone could see was an inevitable population boom were met with head-in-the-sand denial and old-timey bullshit about the Good ‘Ole Days. When that didn’t work, class resentments were stoked to obscure what was obviously the best option for the city’s future. Sometimes they’d conjure the wealthy kind (them rich fellers what makes the compooters!), sometimes the poor (them vagrants what ask ya for change!), but of course it wasn’t about anything but fear. And now the whole thing is a crappy corporate campus. Good job, assholes.


Matt. Complaining about almost not good (also known as good) air quality is fucking stupid. That’s a windmill not a dragon sir.


It's really funny to have the Stranger bemoaning that we didn't build The Commons, WHEN THEY WERE ONE OF THE LOUDEST VOICES AGAINST IT. The lack of institutional memory at the Stranger is ridiculous.


The lidded I-5 park will be completed on the day after the ribbon-cutting ceremony opening monorail service from Ballard to the Seattle Commons.

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