Boeing to outsource finance and accounting jobs to India. This will subtract an estimated 150 middle-class jobs in the US. More cuts of this kind are in the future. Those who lost their jobs will be expected to train their replacements "to smooth the handover of the work." Dominic Gates, who reported this story in the Seattle Times, gave, as expected, Boeing the benefit of the doubt. Gates is there only when it's too late and the number of dead who spent their last moments in the world hitting the ground or the sea is in the hundreds. That's when Gates is ready to write important journalism and receive awards and TV deals. Read his post on this round of shameless money-grubbing. Read it to the end. It's totally pro-Boeing. Where is the Pulitzer in this post?  

The smoke from the Bolt Creek fire is likely to be with us until Thursday. I woke up this morning to this smoke. It was around 7 am. I opened the living room door to let the cats (grey and black) out. Almost immediately, I inhaled the dead trees and life forms they supported. At first I thought a house nearby was on fire. But then I recalled I was in the 21st century—and this was something new that would soon be old: The smoke season. Before closing the living room door, I saw a man in an SUV who, as he went down the street, had no hands on his steering wheel and all fingers on his iPhone.

Read Will Casey on Mayor Bruce Harrell's transformation of the Interim Chief Adrian Diaz to the chief of the Seattle Police Department

Just another day. Just another car that crashed into a business:

Puget Sound Business Journal reports that "Falck Northwest Corp., an ambulance services company," plans to bring 123 of its Puget Sound-area jobs to an end. It's not that the company is not making money. It wasn't making enough money. Breaking even doesn't cut it, so the company must cut jobs and move on. But why are ambulance services privatized in the first place? Don't get me started. 

This world is getting crazier by the hour. Where can one go to take even a brief break from all of this madness? The beach? Yes, let's all go to the seaside and take a much-needed breather. KOMO: "Beachgoers find human remains at Dungeness Spit, deputies investigating." What was found on the beach appeared to be a "female human torso."

The FDA wants TikTokers not to eat chicken cooked in NyQuil. It's called "sleep chicken" because it claims to kill two birds with one stone: hunger and cold symptoms. But if you eat chicken prepared in this unspeakable way, it may actually kill you because the application of heat on this cold medicine changes and even concentrates its chemical composition. TMZ reports that just smelling sleep chicken "can be dangerous."  

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is being sued by the migrants he flew to Martha's Vineyard last week. Apparently, they were told they were going to a major American city and not a place that was nothing but a political stunt. Axios: "The migrants allege... they were given misleading information promising cash assistance, employment services and housing assistance, which they called 'bold-faced lies.'"

Trump's special master is not giving him the special treatment. The most famous thief of classified documents in US history picked him, Judge Raymond Dearie, to direct the DOJ's investigation into an endless legal maze. But to the shock of Trump and his lawyers, Dearie turns out to be just a Republican and not, like Judge Aileen Cannon, a MAGA-Republican. He wants to work with facts: Did Trump declassify these documents, as he has claimed? Can you show me proof of this? Trump, of course, cannot. And that's all it took to bring this once seemingly favorable line of attack, the special master, to its first dead end.

And who is the president of the US?

Puerto Rico. I'm feeling you. But long before this week happened—the natural disaster and the long burial of the Queen, and the mainstream media's almost complete focus on the latter and near indifference to the former, Depeche Mode sang your song. It's called "New Dress."