Where the hell is "the 26200 block of 116 Ave SE"?

This smoke has been weird. I can smell it, but I can't really see it. Although I was up in Monroe over the weekend, and it was abysmal there.


tis Kind of W. WA
to bear the Brunt
of Smoke Season
so far. Weather*
moves East
but smoke
is going



I suspect that picture is from 2020 (or maybe 2018). It's not from 2019. That year we had a very pleasant summer in terms of both air quality and temperature, something that hasn't happened since.


WTF? Did the idiot behind the wheel think the place had a drive-thru window?

We, as a region, have been lucky this year. While we have indeed, still had some really unbreathably hazy days, thankfully there was no heat bubble (See June 27-28, 2021). At least where I am, despite living in a "ring of fire" zone (i.e.: Olympic Mountains to the west, British Columbia to the north, Eastern Washington to the east, and Oregon and California to the south) a lot of smoke was alleviated by breezes blowing in on Bellingham Bay.

The Orange Turd is indeed, a dictator wannabe and Putin sock puppet, completely unfit to serve as President of the United States. The charges of its committing high treason, and willfully leading a violent coup attempt against the government of the United States on January 6, 2021 fully rest.
Furthermore, let the overwhelming incriminating evidence show that the Orange Turd illegally withheld highly classified government documents from the White House and conspired with Russian hackers to steal the 2016 election. We therefore find the Orange Turd guilty on all counts and sentence the Orange Turd and its co-conspirators to Life In Outer Stratospheric Hell by being strapped to Jeff Bezos' Giant Dildo, kicking and screaming, and hurtled one-way into outer space. No further questions, Your Honor.
Now THAT really should eliminate the existence of every RepubliKKKan, enabler, fixer, and MAGAt on this dying planet. May the mass extinction of the GOP begin! Film at 11!


@3 CKathes: Agreed. Summer of 2019 had the clearest air quality the PNW has had in the last three years.


Why the hell would anyone of sound mind cook chicken in NyQuil?


Gotta love those American "job makers" who keep shipping their jobs out of the country no matter how much they get in incentives, no matter how negative their tax rates go...

America is an exceptional shit hole.


Maybe if you had tapped into your network of sources at Boeing, Charles, you could have broken the story before Dominic Gates and the Times did.


Help Save Capitalism:
Nationalize Boeing

before the bean counters
strip-mine the fawker.

oh and then
& build Electric Gliders instead


@9 Sigh. Okay, Dumb Dumb.

"On Monday, April 16, Eli Sanders won a Pulitzer Prize for "The Bravest Woman in Seattle," a feature published in the June 15, 2011, issue of The Stranger."


Always fascinated by claims that “the mainstream media” is (are!) ignoring such-and-such, when said story was on the cover of the New York Times. I know Charles and others at the Stranger read it, which is confounding. When others say it I just assume they read shit like USA Today or watch Fox News.


Picked up a nail in my tire, unintentionally had to participate in no car week. Can't even make this shit up, my bus driver had to run a red light to get away from a crazy person whom he had already called the cops on. Dude was trying to ride on the front where the bikes go and banging on the fuckin' doors and standing in the road.
Ride the bus, they said...


"New Dress" is as relevant today as when it came out. It's a shame that they stopped performing it.


@13 If you have to cite an article from 11 years ago by a writer who is no longer employed by TS you are basically helping him make his case. Thanks for pointing it out though as it just shows how far TS has slipped from once being a valid, alternative news source to now being not much more than a shill for the local socialist party.


In the last 10 years Seattle Times & The Stranger have the same number of Pulitzers.


@19/20 doesn't that just tell us that our local news sources basically do little to no journalism anymore? Pulitzers are usually given out for compelling/investigative pieces that are thought provoking and/or lead to discoveries. The fact the Times is woefully lacking in that sort of writing does not indicate TS is faring any better it just means there is really no daily news source doing any sort of journalistic effort here in Seattle. It's pretty sad really.


@21 has a point. Local, in-depth journalism is a severely endangered species. I may have overlooked something but I don't recall that the Stranger has done a single long-form, investigative piece in the two-plus years since it went entirely digital. The problem isn't only economics, although of course that's often a major factor. Long-form just doesn't work very well in the online medium no matter how well-resourced it is, because many people (not all, maybe not even most, but a substantial number) start to experience eye fatigue after about 1,000-1,500 uninterrupted words and stop reading, whether or not they're conscious of why.

The Stranger at this point is just another local blog among several, albeit a fairly good one. If it aspires to be more than that ever again, it HAS to find a way to get back to print.


@18 hahaha. My god you are as big a moron as Scottie.

You realize that most Pulitzer award winning journalists for the Seattle Times have also long ago moved on (or dead). Ffs. Michael J. Berens Who won in 2015 works for the Chicago Tribune now, dumbfuck.

The Seattle Times has 779 employees last I checked. The Stranger has between 40-60 and a minuscule fraction of the budget of the Seattle times. Yet in the last ten years has won half as many Pulitzers as the Times.

The point is Scottie, your trisomy mini-me, didn’t know the Stranger had ever won a Pulitzer which is plain from his drivel.

How many have YOU won. The Stranger has won one more than zero, dipshit.


You cannot generalize from a single data point. The Stranger has won one Pulitzer Prize, and as @20 noted, most alt-weeklies don’t ever win a Pulitzer. It’s nothing more than a fluke or anomaly.

Charles, who has won no Pulitzer Prize himself, was sneering that Dominic Gates would likely not win one for his most recent story. Here’s what happens when Charles tries his hand at aerospace journalism:

“I'm an aerospace consultant. I've worked with the csuite of many aerospace companies, including Boeing. This is the most poorly researched article I've seen in a while."


“Where is the Pulitzer in this post?”


@24 PrincessAngeline#2: I remember when Boeing was well run by college educated, union wage aerodynamic engineers who gave a shit about public safety--particularly at 36,000 feet in the air. Airline crashes were rare and not as commonplace as they are now. Boeing went to shit the minute profit-lusting corporate RepubliKKKan CEOs took over, robbed the workers of their pay, benefits, and retirement pensions, and redistributed their ill-gotten gains to the .0000000001%.

@25 RogertheShrubber: I'm pretty certain that @8 &@17, @9, and @18 are all roommates (notice they have a habit of posting together quite often) down in Elmer's mom's dark, dank fruit cellar, and beyond hope. Trumpist propaganda and Fox TeeVee have dumbed 'em down, a high fructose corn syrup and cheap beer enriched McDonald's diet has long since fattened 'em up, and their Dick-tater, the Orange Turd is laughing its ass off in the Mar-a-Lunatic Swamp. That's typical trolling incel MAGAts for you.

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