NY Attorney General Letitia James is suing Trump and his kids for being bad at business. Michael M. Santiago / Getty



🎶I remember…The Stranger plugging this song last September🎵Geez does your marketing data show all your readers ground it out at Polyesters Club back in the day? I’d rather forget that lol


Great fucking band. Great fucking song. I think Earth, Wind & Fire was the first concert I ever attended (in the late 70s). I don't think song was out yet. It is an odd tune, in that Earth, Wind & Fire put out some great albums, but this song ended up only on the Greatest Hits album, which most fans avoided (why buy songs you already have?).


I was attending a couple of required classes at LACC when "September" dropped in '78. I have so many EW&F favorites that it's hard to pick one above all others, but if I had to, "September" would make the first and second cut. Here's why...

Soul Train filmed just up the street from LACC at Metromedia (which was devoured by Fox). Metromedia (Channel 11) was really out-of-the-box television. The news had a humorous or humanistic slant, and the editorials were frequently very moving. It played THE BEST classic and art house movies ALL NIGHT LONG. It also produced Soul Train, and many, if not all, of the dancers on it were students in the dance and drama departments at LACC. They had THE BEST parties...unplanned, usually, but almost always perfect. And the dancing was transformative. Such joy in a somewhat joyless time.

Whenever I watch this, the eyes start to well a bit. A few familiar faces and some hella dance:



'Try to stay indoors
if you can and make a
DIY box fan if necessary.'

better yet
Buy a box fan
and stIck a 20"x20" *
really Good Filter in front it

they say they work well but
I haven't yet needed to try
mine out which is Pretty
cool 'cause Smoke sucks.

*your size may vary


That rays.com scoop is kinda a neat story. Way better though is what happened in Cleveland the past couple years. The team had been known as the Indians for their entire 100+ year history, with a ridiculously racist logo that appeared on their uniforms, all the marketing materials, etc, and that they've been under mounting pressure to change for as long as I can remember.

It was a ridiculously long and ugly fight to get them to change the name, predictably with the RWNJ's defending the racist caricature in the logo as "historic" or whatever, and more sane minded people pointing out the many inherent flaws in that logic. So just last year, and at long last, the team announced a change to Guardians, a cool choice honoring a nearby bridge and the statues that adorn it, themselves nearly a hundred years old.

Ownership no doubt thought they'd have no problem securing clevelandguardians.com, which I don't think anyone imagined would be in any sort of demand. Turns out it belongs to a local roller derby team who refused what I've heard were substantial offers for it. A roller derby team!

Like, I've gotta figure that Ray fellow up in Seattle at least has managed a successful business and career under his name, and so I'd sort of understand the reluctance to sell on principal. But roller derby participants aren't making any money off their sport, they're no doubt paying for all their own equipment, league fees for rink access, probably liability insurance and who knows what all else.

Good for them also though!


Go, New York Attorney General Letitia James, GO!! Sink your claws in and make criminal prosecution on Trump stick! This self serving neofascist piece of shit is NOT above the law!
Here's hoping the Orange Turd, its enablers, Rush Limbaugh, Doug the Thug Ericksen, and Derek Chauvin all get cornholed in Hell, and the entire crime syndicate that is the GOP go down in flames. And they can take lil Miss Trumpian Sellout Aileen Cannon with them. She should not be a judge, and her hideous "ruling" in Orange Turd''s favor should be thrown out. Similarly, Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch, Samuel Alito, Jr., Amy Coney Barrett, Clarence Thomas and his Ginny bitch should not have a strangle hold on SCOTUS and the People of the Deeply Divided States.

Sad about so much smoke and haze, especially since this was all avoidable. Hope everybody's box fan is properly working.


@5 The gUardiaNs is a stupid and forgettable name. I am guessing you have never been to Cleveland ( I am from that region) or know any Indians fans. That name along with the Commanders are not popular and were a "deal with it" consolation.

The biggest Indian fan I know is Indian, he has a Chief Wahoo hat he wears all the time. The left loves to make up controversies in their mind. Any formal native sentiment towards team names that's negative has almost unanimously involved royalties not rAciSm.

As usual white leftoids making controversies in their mind for delusional good boy points.


@7: Bored much, Tar-Zany?


Go, Kim Schrier, GO!!! Keep on rocking District 8!


"As usual
white leftoids
making controversies
in their mind for delusional good boy points."

spoken like
a modern day
slave owner apologist.

back then!'

ah yes the Benevolence
of the Slave Master

Happier Times


it's a whole brand new
Brave New World
out there Wotin-
Tarnation. better
Hope and Pray
your Fascists'll
Seize the Day
and get the
World back
under your

Suns and Mercury
Owner Plans to Sell
Teams Amid Scandal

Robert Sarver, the majority owner of the N.B.A. and W.N.B.A. teams in Phoenix, had been fined $10 million and suspended for one year for using racist slurs and mistreating employees for years.


it's What's
for Dinner.

bon Appétit


I lived in Cleveland when the Browns were good and the then Indians were bad(a long time ago).
At least the Guardians as a name has some local history behind it.
Commanders is arguably the most insipid name anyone could imagine for the DC football club. The Lobbyists or the Gridlocks would have been a far better choice.


and now trumpfy's
Hero Putin's conscripting
his Citizenry to fight in his War

and there's damn little Support
and Men are fleeing in Droves
and many Protesters Arrested
'cause the so-called "right"
don't Brook no fucking
Protesting. will you go
Gleefuly when the
trumpfster orders
You to go kill for
his Vanity which
he's overly
Full of?

will You
be a good
little Soldier?


@7 " I am from that region"

And another piece of the puzzle falls into place


@14: So is Halle Barry.

Sorry to torpedo your zinger, but it really was low hanging fruit.


That mold lady isn't wrong.


ooops...corrected site:



The only thing the owners of sports teams care about is money, & if they are making the decision to change their mascot from an ethnic cartoon to something benign it’s because that’s what the numbers are telling them to do.

People can argue all day long whether or not it’s racist but if increasing numbers of people decide they don’t want to emblazon themselves with a tacky ethnic caricature it does not matter how many native americans with poorly considered tattoos you can find. Capitalism is still going to win.


@15, counterpoint: Catwoman


“halle barry is from cleveland therefore there are no racist white people there”


Is as plausible as "TarAnarion is from Cleveland therefore he's a racist" - amirite?


Neither of those things are plausible & “everyone from cleveland is racist” is not what that comment said or even implied


Of course. You provided an absurdity to make a point, and I validated it.

Comment #14 is indeed disparaging of people from Cleveland, and connotes they're mostly racists. So you're wrong about that. Not that I don't love Brent of course.


it connotes that a person who keeps making racist comments is from cleveland because the person making racist comments just told us that


I dunno if you have spent time in Ohio, but I've had the, uh, pleasure, and "from the Cleveland region" is a whole different world than "from Cleveland." It would be like saying you're from the Seattle region but really you live in fucking Morton.


Comment #7 is not a racist comment blip.


Ok well that’s a debate you can have with someone else if you can find a taker but it’s not like the comment from taragon arguing that a racist caricature of a native american is not racist is the only piece of evidence i have to draw from. My baseline assumption for people whose entire online persona is centered around owning the left is that they are racist & transphobic & have weird issues with women & that’s been working out well for me so far.


@27 you realize you are talking about yourself right? Projection is your game, but you already knew that. 99% of your comments are contrarian or lefty circle jerk quips. You can’t stand to think that other valid perspectives exist.

Yes Blip, we know you you pull all those ladies by simping, white knighting and bashing the fash. Totally what women want. Once again, projection.


Having baseline assumptions about racism is inherently racist in itself.

I, for one, abhor extrapolations of racism based on stereotypes. I prefer the default position that no one's a racist until shown otherwise. I also believe in personal growth and changing one's mind.


No, I’m just reading your comments with the assumption that you actually believe the things you say, which seems like a perfectly fair & reasonable thing to do, but sure, for all i know you’re a normal & well adjusted person who doesn’t have weird grievances towards minorities & immigrants


Also few things make me more uncomfortable than someone assuming i’m straight — not that there’s anything wrong with it, some of my best friends etc — but it’s telling that you think every guy online is just putting on a show to “pull the ladies” by treating them like people. I was half joking when I said I assumed you have issues with women and, well. 2 out of 3, not bad.


@28: Shit twice and you'll just fall back in, Tar-Zany. Puget Sound already has more than enough toxic waste.


"... not
that there’s
anything wrong with it,
some of my best friends... "

thanks blip!

I'm okay
you're ok
& he's un-

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