"We can expect that the pressures of capitalism will eventually open some doors for this and other such viruses to enter the globally commercialized community."

Indeed, just like in the wet market or virology lab in Wuhan.



Or polio in New York and Isreal.


Dear Tiffany-
3 blocks up the hill, and 2 blocks to your left. Vivace - Much better lattes! You’re welcome!


Charles, your paragraph about the first day of fall 2022 is the most lovely thing I've read all day. Thank you. It's so true about trees.


Are the snails free range and ethically sourced?


Fuck you, Tiffany Smiley. Feel free to crawl up the Orange Turd's buttcrack, and take Joe Kent with you.

@3 guesty: I share your dismay. That over 75 million U.S. citizens were just fine with violently storming the nation's capitol on January 6, 2021, disrupting what should have been a civilized transition of executive power, hanging Mike Pence, and murdering five people (including a D.C. cop) is batshit crazy. That these MAGA idiots are willing to lose everything and face life in prison for committing high treason just because Trump said so is beyond clueless.
The Orange Turd should be convicted and put to death, and its domestic terrorist wannabes should have their voting rights permanently rescinded.

@4 pat L: Unless you're being sarcastic, are you voting for Tiffany Smiley?? Over proven get-it-done five term Senator Patty Murray? I thought I knew you better than that.


no the escargot're escapees
from Monsatan's Experi-Mental Farm
they put a Bounty on them and are ho-
ping they cannot Breed once out in The Wild

they say they can
outrun a man
so Harvest


“Discharge a weapon in a homeless camp and you're headed to headlines at something that feels like the speed of light.“

Unless the headlines are at The Stranger then it’s never reported because crime at homeless camps doesn’t exist if it’s not reported. Right, Chuck?

Or you only care about gun violence if it’s road rage or anything not occurring at homeless camps? Which is it?


You all realize that Smiley ad isn't aimed at voters in Seattle right? It's aimed at undecided voters in Spokane, Vancouver, and Wenatchee.

Smiley is a fucking lunatic in the same vein as MTG in Georgia, but she seems smart enough to keep it hidden, and she is apparently running an effective campaign. That ad is actually pretty good, it avoids the dark tone narration of so many scare ads, and it's factually correct, that Starbucks was closed because of crime. In this morning's SLOG Hannah pointed out that Smiley has cut Murray's lead down from 20% to 12%. It's still a big gap but with control of the Senate at stake....

Crime is the albatross that Republican challengers will try to hang around the neck of every Democratic incumbent. They do it because it's effective. Live in your echo chamber as much as you like but most people, whether they are Democrats or Republicans are concerned when they see crime rising. With all the defund and abolition rhetoric, the Progressive Left handed the GOP a huge campaign stick to beat Democrats up with. In 2020 it helped reelect Collins in Maine and Ernst in Iowa, caused the Democrats to lose 15 seats in the house, and made Joe Biden's victory much closer than it should have been.

Will this ad push Smiley into the lead, no probably not, but it could make it harder for Kim Schier in the 8th and Marie Perez in the 3rd.


@10 When you say it's factually correct that the Starbucks closed that location because of crime, you probably should make it clear that the crime in question appears to be union-busting.


Tiffany Smiley is much ado about nothing. I have a better chance of getting a call from Gal Gadot inviting me over for an evening of martinis and naked Twister than seeing Ms. Smiley beat Sen. Murray in November.

The only nice thing about TS I can say is that she isn't totally batshit-crazy like Loren Culp. Unfortunately, if she's the best the WAGOP could scrape up, they can expect to continue to be frozen out of any statewide contests for the foreseeable future.


@11 Keep whistling past that graveyard.


We don’t want magats like Tiffany or Sawant. Extremist like either are destroying our country.


Charles is such a whiner! the summer was not that bad, as we had no 100+ temperatures or scary heat domes or massive smoke banks for weeks on end. The summer was ok. This could be the last of ok summers as trees dry out and become tinder for large scale wildfires like we have never seen before.


@4 is a delightful example of magnanimity so sorely deficient in our polarized society. One can be gracious with a political adversary and invite them to enjoy an espresso in our community. Tiffany should also, if she hasn't already, sample some of fine cuisine on Broadway and even stop by one of its trendy boutiques for a now blouse or fashion accessory.


Starbucks also closed the store in the lobby of the Seattle Municipal tower and (I think) the one on the 40th floor of the Columbia Tower. Was that also because of "crime"?

I think the closer-to-the-truth story is union busting and the fact that the Olive Way land is worth more than the store. Watch that space.

And watch 23rd and Jackson, while you're at it. That shopping center is going to go the way of the Promenade within the next few years.


wouldn't it be funny if Starbucks Coughee
turns out to be little more than
a massive Real Estate

whilst also providing
Convenient Scapegoating*
or is good ole Howie on the up n' up?

*Schultzy was even
Almost a Contender!

it's GOOD to
be a Billionaire.


@15, yes, charles is a well known whiner when it comes to the sun. this summer turned out to be pretty great after a rough start, and it looks like we might be back in the 80s again next week for a few days. not too shabby.

but you need not worry about "trees drying out" and flames everywhere. here in the PNW the rains will come. they always do. the rise in acres consumed by wildfires is often attributed solely to climate change by the lazy media, but it's a much more complex issue.


Weird how new cafe’s and restaurants, filled to the gills every night, are opening up all over the Hill during this invisible crime wave.


Good God, auntie- of course iI’m not voting for the GOP- even if I had a stoke, I would have too many brain cells left to do that!
I’m just tired of right wing loonies whining about Seattle and King County, when we are the biggest economic engine in WA state!


@20: As if there is such a correlation.


@11 LouChe and @17 Catalina Vel-DuRay: That's my observation, too. The real "crime" with Starbucks is the union busting. What would profiteering billionaire corporations DO if they had to pay their employees living wages, retirement benefits, and decent company healthcare?
@17 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Agreed, too, on the properties on Olive Way being hot real estate.
A good reminder to stay alert on the neighborhoods.

@21 pat L: I hear you. After a reread, you have my sincerest apologies for missing your sarcasm in @4 (although I consider Tiffany Smiley anything but dear). You're absolutely right about Seattle and King County being the biggest economic engine in WA state.


Will somebody beam up Scottie? He gave trolling all he bloody well could, Cap'n, and now his empty widdle head hurts.

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