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Bussi is my new kink


I know that the caliber of writers at The Stranger has declined in recent years, but the only people on the internet that I could find who thought that Biden had a "gaffe" with Elton John was the cited "Seeking Derangements" podcast (never heard of it, but I am old), and some "conservative" political commentators named Michael Knowles.

The clip probably didn't mean much to Our Dear Matt because it wasn't about how evil cars are.


I've known several otherwise delightful people throughout my life who've sworn by Kevin Smith movies and I've never understood it. I've never seen Clerks, which I guess is his comedic masterpiece, but I just couldn't even be bothered after randomly landing in front of Chasing Amy and Dogma, both of which were chock full of cliches and utterly forgettable, if not outright bad. Am I missing something?


I wouldn't mind a breaking news story of Hurricane Ian sinking Mar-a-Lunatic and its occupants into the Atlantic.
Good riddance. Finally.

Wow. The closest Jupiter has ever gotten to Earth will be tonight. I hope to catch a glimpse.


@3: it's likely known how extensive the contamination is, so the mitigation costs are already in the budget, no doubt.

typically, it can be taken care of during excavation, though the lack of underground parking may mean they have to dig somewhat deeper to get it all out.


we Spend
on making* this Planet
'Safe' -- for Capitalism every.
single. Year. Educating the Citizenry
may SAVE us Trillion$ and Millions of Lives

as long as Hoarding Wealth
is Not what. they're. Teaching.

*Pentagon: nearly a Trillion
off-the-Books shit:
probably only
like 3-400

oh and I believe they Don't
Audit the Pentagon
it's just a Black
fucking Hole
we Throw

let's get


@13: ....said the trolling MAGAt incel on record for praising Hitler.
Try not to fall in when you flush, Elmer.

@14: Mar-a-Lago is not a historical monument, you ultra-maroon.
Still struggling with 5th grade reading comprehension? You can always
stop when it starts to hurt.

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