Oh, no! The teenagers are going to take over the ferries, with their malt shops and saddle shoes, and transformer radios!!! I hope the downtown drug stores stock up on Brylcreem and Mabelline, or there'll be a riot!


Charles, if FB fails it’s not because of capitalism. Only unicorns in growth mode can sustain without a profit because they are burning VC money tryijg to disrupt or whatever. There comes a reckoning at somepoint. In the case of Meta it’s the fact the customer is actually the product. If you don’t allow them to use your data or opt out as many have over their misuse of data they have nothing to sell because the reality is they are selling you.


a Heartfelt Thank You
to the Profiteers over at
Chevron proving Truth in Ad-
vertising Will heal both hearts And
minds but Planet Earth's totally FUCKED

for us
Human Beings &
most other Species

but at least They*
got to Make
a Killing.

*BIG Fossil
cough cough


@1 Catalina Vel-DuRay: lol for the WIN!

If the Orange Turd is let off scot-free after overwhelming criminal evidence it will be devastating proof that we have no democracy. If legal justice isn't served, hopefully environmental justice prevails in the form of Hurricane Ian, and Mar-a-Lunatic and its occupants become submerged forever in their own self-induced Hell. This would be fitting punishment for all the unwarranted deaths on the Orange Turd's hands. Payback's a motherfucker and Nature is mad as hell.
Here is my prediction of the Orange Turd's last words before going under:
"Charles isn't the King--HAH!--I AM!! Wait--WHAAAAAT?? Whaddya MEAN my Tesla SUV WON'T double as a yacht?? Who said so??"


can Teslas Swim?

when Ford Motor Co
or maybe it was GMC
had Adverts showing
its trucks jumping tall
Mtns and such & when
their Customers tried the
same Nonsense they were
Bitterly disappointed and so
sued FOMOCO 'cause they'd
been Lied to. when Musky's
Clientele cannot circumnavi-
gate Earth in their Cybertruck
there'll be Hell to Pay for Elon

or maybe he's
Beyond all that

perhaps Tesla'll replace
The Bus in all those try-not-to-
get-Hit-by-a-Bus sayings. at least
with The Bus one had a Sporting Chance
and could Hear it Coming from a Mile aways


I don't know about you, Seventiesrocked dear, but I dislike working from home. My home is my home, my work is my work. I don't like them mingling.


Charles, although we could indeed use some rain to balance all the sunshine and ease poor air quality and wildfire tensions, let those of us (myself included--and I'm a Western Washington native used to clear blue skies, pristine crystalline lakes, Mount Baker and Mount Rainier covered in snow, and an abundance of lush green old growth Douglas Firs, Cedars, and Pines) enjoy a brief extension on summer. Fall is here. The nights are cooler, and the days are getting shorter. At least our outdoor temperatures aren't in the 90s and triple digits. Be grateful!
Fall 2021 came too soon. By September 17th the weather turned to crap which continued for nine months of cold, wet, windy misery with some of the worst flooding in recorded history. Winter 2022 hung on like an obnoxious houseguest overstaying a visit by six months.


Thank you Charles, I always look forward to your day's roundup!


@2 "the reality is they are selling you"

smart people figured this out nearly 20 years ago and didn't allow their own narcissism to commodify them



Hi! Seattle native now living in Barcelona here...that bus mascot is NOT from Barcelona, it's from BADALONA, a town about 30 minutes up the coast. It's not nearly as cool as BCN, I'm just saying


OK Charles, we get it. You prefer 50’F drizzle to 80’F and sunny.
But 80’ and sunny means roof stays open for the Mariners, which means they hit more home runs, which results in more Mariner wins!


yeah sanctimonious oil corps KNEW
they were writing a Death Sentence
for sentinent Earthlings but decided
Profiteering outtrumped Life itself.

you're just as
right as usual

enjoy your
but don't
forget to
Weep for
the Survivors



My favorite bus ad:

Speaking of transit, it works for all trips, not just to get to work. Commuting trips are a mere subset. The jobs that can be done at home are a subset of that. The number of people that would rather work at home than at the office is an even smaller subset. Transit should not be geared around getting to work, nor should any other form of transportation. We should adapt our city to be more the international norm, which is not based on driving from suburban areas, like so many American cities. That means walking, biking and taking transit should be easier than driving.

Oh, and empty buses are not necessarily bad:


@6: I'll think about that 47% number when I'm standing on the Light Rail.


Seventiesrocked dear, we've been doing that for years. The old US Bank Building is now a hotel, and the Renaissance Hotel was built to be either an office building or a hotel (Spoiler alert: They chose hotel). The Westin Building (not the hotel) was once the headquarters for Westin Hotels on the first 15 floors, with private offices on the top fifteen floors. Now it's almost entirely server farms and such. In places where the real estate is extremely valuable, like downtown Seattle, the market will decide a property's "highest use".

Granted, I am old, but I like the cohesiveness of the office. In my work (I'm a traveling electrical hostess - I design electrical service entrances for new homes and commercial buildings) it's essential that I be able to go talk to the crew chiefs and people in the warehouse and substations, who cannot work from home.


Dearest Catalina, what on Earth is an 'electrical service entrance' for new homes and commercial buildings? seems like an undergound pipe'd keep those little Electrons plenty Happy -- are you the one who tells them Where to put it? do you know a Lotta foundational types? thanks for Everything, Catalina!


@19 - Charles apparently wants the weather here to be so dark and damp that the line to jump off the Aurora Bridge gets long enough to back up the cars he hates and stop people driving to work.


@19 pat L: Here's hoping that this little bonus of good fall weather can help put the Mariners in the playoffs.

@26 dvs99: Cars or no cars, Charles is the first person I have ever heard of to actually gripe about GOOD weather in Western Washington.


@24 Catalina Vel-DuRay: So you're a traveling electrical hostess. Wow. It's no wonder you know Seattle inside and out! Kudos for your expertise on utilities and technology. You must know the city's power grid by heart.
I do NOT believe, however, that you're old--you're established! From your previous comments, it sounds like we grew up in the same generation.


Kristofarian dear, you pretty much described it. Overhead, underground, single-phase, three-phase, sixty amps to 8,000 amps, 120v to 480v that’s me (and several other hostesses)

One thing remains unchanged: 60hz. You don’t want to get far from 60 hertz.

Auntie dear, I know many things about the city power grid, but I have forgotten much more, being old and all.


server farms and grow ops
I bet they eat up the Juice
like no one's Business

oh and cement* plants.

Thanks Catalina
You make Seattle Proud.

*the powder
they put in Concrete
that holds it all together.
and makes it Hard as Rock


@29 Catalina Vel-DuRay: If you're a Boomer, in my opinion, you're still a kid (I'm at the tail end of the Boomer generation, The Year of the Safety Belt). Bless you for helping keep the lights on.

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