President Joe Biden demonstrating just how close we were to a government shutdown before the House finally passed a funding package. GETTY POOL



when you cannot tell whether
it's too warm or too cool
and the nights are Sharp
& hey you need a Blank-
et now if you keep the
window open and it's
Dark at 7:30 and old
Sol's headed South
for the Winter but
The Rains are not
yet Here: THIS is
thee Best time
of the Year
in Wash-

George'd be
if you were to
Waste any of it.



Our PNW region could use some rain, but if Mr. Sunshine wants to hang around a little longer--however crisp the air (it IS officially autumn, after all)--I say let him, and with open arms. This bit of good fall weather is a welcome change from last year's unusually prolonged seasonal nastiness. Vitamin D, come get us! Let's enjoy it while it lasts.

So sad about the dwindling of Southern resident orca populations, particularly the L pod. I blame the insatiable greed and corruption of corporate RepubliKKKans and the gluttonous fossil fuel industry for this tragic loss of our noble iconic species of marine life. Wild about the showdown between the transient orcas and humpbacks. It has come down to the survival of the fittest.

What a shame the Orange Turd and its sock puppets, Ron De Santis and Aileen Cannon couldn't be among the death toll in Florida. How typical that RepubliKKKans actually have to start losing some of their own to finally start to see that climate change is human made and real. Just like Texas lawmakers bitched to the federal government to do something ASAP in regards to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and deadly freeze of February 2021.


Warm weather = open roof = Mariner home runs = Mariner wins!
Go Mariners!


@3 pat L: Gorgeous fall weather; I washed and waxed my VW for one more seasonal road trip; the Seattle Mariners made the playoffs!! Go, Mariners! Win-Win!!! :)


good Point Lucy
if you're not Suffering
you're totally fucking Complicit.

tell Us:
How do
You Tithe?

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