From Angela Garbes's excellent 2016 review of Kedai Makan. JENNIFER RICHARD



I once had a suss package left on my doorstep, I was relieved to be able to call the police to assist. Defusing bombs and whatnot is a little used skill set but it sure does come in handy.


I’m guessing since Sawant knew this vote was coming she came prepared with legislation proposing a tax structure and plan to pay for this by taxing the rich and big biz. No? It must still be in the works with her rent control legislation which I’m sure is forthcoming any day. Lol. What a clown.


I suggest Jas, Hannah, Matt, Will, and Rich* form a union. I’m sure the Communication Workers of America would welcome the five of them in their struggle to force Index Newspapers LLC, to pay a livable wage that would allow them to pay off their student debts.

*Leaving Charles out of the union as he is obviously smarter than the 45th President of the United States, and invested his inheritance in an index fund and is doing just fine.


(not) "require borrowers to upload any documents or give their federal student identification number."

Excuse me?

Isn't this 'Rush to throw money at people' mentality how we got into trouble with COVID relief and ended up hurling million$ at Nigerian princes?

Jeezus, Dems! Can you at least try a little harder to not shovel sticks to the GOP to beat you with?

The GOP buys votes with tax cuts and subsidies to the rich, while the Dems do the same with shoveling newly-printed money to the 'have-nots', whether they need it or not.

A pox on both your houses!



Who would eat a fish served like that? If you like them with the head still on, gross but to each their own. It's that the plate is way too small. Presentation is everything.


Sometimes there is just too much news. Something distasteful in the Baldwin/Hutchins settlement. OK. A check with maybe seven zeroes and an executive producer credit is all it takes, eh?

Sort of reminds me of when the police “accidently” kill someone and there’s such outrage (and rightfully so) from the family of the victim. But once the lawyers get paid and Mama gets her Coupe de Ville, you never hear another word. That instead of some type of memorial? I dunno. Distasteful and I’d be better off just not knowing about settlements.


@7 -- I feel the same way, but my guess is that it is how it is done in Malaysia. As far as presentation goes, that is a beautiful plate. I've never been to that restaurant, but it looks really good (and there are plenty of vegetarian option). I can see why people will miss it.


@8: Yeah, it is distasteful. It's like it's an effort to project Halyna Hutchin would have loved the "art" to be completed in her memory.

But it's Baldwin's effort to appease his cold-blooded guilty conscious.

@9: You're probably vegan then. So sorry.


About the fish thing: Almost worldwide, fish are sold with heads attached. It's one of the leading indicators (along with smell) of how fresh the fish is. They go bad rather quickly even under refrigeration (you have to freeze fish if they are to be around for more than two days - freezing makes them lose their "fresh" label, becoming "freshly frozen"). Fish eyes start getting cloudy hours after being caught. Vendors leave the head on to show how fresh the fish is, Some people prefer serving the whole fish - some species' cheeks are delicacies. You see it a lot in France and Italy unless it's a species too big for a plate (swordfish, for instance), Another reason they don't do fillets is because, again, it demonstrates the health of the catch. I was once warned off buying fish fillets because processors can use fish that are ill or have tumors, etc. You'd never know because all of that is cut away.

And, of course, some Far Eastern countries serve fish whole - sometimes still struggling for oxygen. I heard tell of a Beijing restaurant that deep fries only the tail end half of a live fish, and they serve it with the poor fish just barely hanging on. Cruel, perhaps, but fresh.


I guess some people have more delicate sensibilities and are more refined when it comes to fine dining than you are.

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