“The city of Seattle was offered the chance to buy and protect these tiny units from the blood-sucking fangs of the market, but apparently it preferred sweeping homeless camps over addressing the affordability crisis.”

You might want to have a word with the good folks at Solidarity Budget, who proposed allocating less money to housing than does Mayor Harrell’s proposed budget. Sounds like they have even less interest in addressing the affordability crisis than Seattle does.


Actually I'd say the meth and heroin addicts about whom I posted in today's AM Slog are making some fairly poor life choices. It's more a case of them imposing themselves on our neighborhood. They're doing a pretty good job of keeping themselves "in the lower depths" without any outside help.


Fuck you, Trump ho Tiffany Smiley! Crawl back into the Orange Turd's cavernous buttcrack and rot there, and take Joe Kent with you.

I agree, too, with Danny Westneat after reading his commentary in The Seattle Times, citing former Washington Governor, Dan Evans, himself a Republican, and presently still alive and kicking at 96. Evans must be a RINO at this point (MY, how the GOP has changed exponentially for the WORST since Evans' two gubernatorial terms from 1965 - 1977 and years in the U.S. Senate from 1983 - 1989!). Let's indeed welcome refugees---and ship the RepubliKKKans and their MAGAt stooges out.


Chas you Shouldda
been here when I was
growing up on the Wet Side
of Warshington. it rained till the
5th of July - June was Always iffy and in
Spring wetness typically reigned Supreme

but I lived for the Fall
with the Promise of Dark
at four o'clock riding on every
beautiful Crisp evening and chilly AM
and daytime temps absolutely PERFECT.

perhaps in Search of the utterly
Dismal you may need to become
Migratory -- check out Forks it gets
socked-in and Dumped on & if it's Still
too cheerful the RAIN FOREST is only Min-
utes away! there's always Ketchikan but it's
Tiny. lotta Eagles though. and Boats. Seaplanes

could jet you down
to Vancouver town
in a Jiffy and you'd
be Back Home be-
fore you Knew it


or take the Ferry
you'll be out in the shit
or Cozy sipping whatever
you brought while the Workers
make you Glad you're not one of them



Wait…is Herschel Walker’s son, the one who is ultra-Christian conservation and misses no opportunity to run his wet tongue up T-Man’s butt crack, and who is already arch-tweezing his eyebrows, just a spa treatment away from a drag name (Baptista Lament, maybe), gold lame capri pants, and cha-cha heels?


"What will you answer? 'We all dwell together to make money from each other?' or 'This is a community?'": For most values of "you", especially values with incomes above that ballyhooed median, I think we both know the answer, Tom (Thomas Stearns Eliot, that is).

Sadly excellent snark from Mr. Mudede today.



It's so bizarre. I saw that video of him deriding his father and thought he HAD to be gay. But then saw that he was a devout Christian and so figured he must've been either straight & highly effeminate, or more likely, just a closeted gay. But it turns out he's actually an openly gay, black, devout Christian and ardent Trump supporter. I honestly can't imagine there's more than a few hundred such people on earth.


@7 kristofarian: Yep. Those were the days. I was born in Seattle and grew up in Skagit County. Not nearly as rainy as Forks (home of the hit TV series Twilight), but still lush green forests and farmland for miles. White winters--you should have seen the heavy annual snowpack on Mount Baker!--and spring runoff (people in the North Cascades communities such as Mount Vernon, Burlington, Sedro-Woolley, Concrete, Lyman, Hamilton, Marblemount and Rockport weren't--and still aren't--fond of flooding of the Skagit and Sauk rivers), would guarantee no drought or water rationing. There was plenty of water in the reservoirs.

@9 Bauhaus I and @11 mike blob: Can either or both of you explain why Herschel Walker is so ecstatically pro-Trump? The Orange Turd is laughing its elephant-butt ugly ass off at Walker being anything but a pawn in the RepubliKKKan Neofascist Nutzi Regime. Is Walker supposed to be the New Herman Cain?


@ Mike and Auntie:

There’s something very circus-like here. I read the article about him in Thursday’s NYT. Very troubled (in my opinion), very conflicted young man who seems to enjoy blowing people’s minds with dichotomy.

It’s nothing all that new. Not all gay people follow the progressive line. Look at ol’ Peter Thiel – jerking his husband off with one hand while writing a big check of support to an organization that would put all gay people on a small desert island somewhere in the mid-Atlantic with the other.

So, Christian Walker mocks Pride, calls gay activists the “rainbow cult,” made himself an obnoxious presence in his classes at UCLA, is attracted to men, but does not identify as gay.

If you say so, girl.

And that’s where I draw the line. You can’t come home from cheerleading practice, gleefully chow down on a someone’s dick and say with a cock in your mouth, “I’mmmmph nosmm-gggayphff.”

It’s carnival time.


yep dewey
them damn Socialists
gonna ram their FREE Health-
Care down your sick dying throat

or let the patent leathered Jackbooted bois
stuff their dicks in the same place --
NO, they're NOT Gay but
thank God you are?

yeah the Left's
nothing but Dicktators

well except for Scandinavia
Canada New Zealand formerly-
Great Britian Germany well Europe
well you Know the List but you love the


which they'll mete out
injudiciously and yet Gleefully

Yes. you're on
the Right Tack.


@17 Yep, exactly. If spending billions on homelessness over the past two decades didn't solve the problem, then surely doubling down and throwing money to same nonprofits over the next few decades will work.

I will never understand why Seattle is so unwilling to address the mental health and addiction problems within our homeless community. I guess I can see that it sort of sounds good to pretend most of our homeless community is just down on their luck good hard working people who had the misfortune to get priced out of the local housing market, but that's simply not reality.


Until the city government undergoes a full audit of how they're spending ALL OF OUR GODDAMN TAX MONEY, I'm not voting for new taxes. Charles, you can't deny there is rampant waste going on, but I guess you're ok with denying that some people are poor and homeless by choice (hint: they are), so we'll have to agree to disagree.


@13 Bauhaus I: Thank you for your clarifying feedback. I can see that. Anyone and anything having to do with the Orange Turd is a three-ring circus of hate propaganda, misogyny, homophobia, racism, smoke, and mirrors, regardless of sexual identity---closeted or otherwise.

All the more reason not to ever vote RepubliKKKan.


@20: “ I will never understand why Seattle is so unwilling to address the mental health and addiction problems within our homeless community. I guess I can see that it sort of sounds good to pretend most of our homeless community is just down on their luck good hard working people who had the misfortune to get priced out of the local housing market, but that's simply not reality.”

The “eeeebil Amazon drove your friends and neighbors out into the street,” line served several purposes: it justified imposition of the “encampments everywhere” policy voters had rejected; it facilitated blaming of local capitalists for visible suffering and misery on Seattle’s streets; it helped in the creation of a homeless-industrial complex which owed their jobs to political patronage.

Now, a majority on the Council tacitly agrees the actual problem, widespread mental disorders amongst the homeless population, is too expensive to solve, but they cynically keep the current game going as homeless persons die.

Voters have begun dismantling the problem by replacing the elected officials responsible, but completing that job will take another election cycle at least.

Please wait...

and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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