Remember that time the Supreme Court stripped people with uteruses of their rights? HK



"but did the team [GO Hawks!]
make the right choice [losing
MVP Rus]?"

his team'll likely get around him
if they've got good Coaches but
by that time for how long will his
well-chisled bod hold Out? Brady's
149, still going strong, will Russel
prove to be of the same Mettle?

but I've been
Wrong before [I know!].

besides the sooner
they're Out* the
More Time I
Have to
on Sc-

*of the



not get
who 'Edits' this tripe?


I miss Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman (now a Tampa Bay Buccaneer). I guess time will tell on how the Seahawks and Broncos fare this season. I'd love to see the Seahawks win another Superbowl. XLVIII kicked serious ass---43-8! I was in a bar just down the street from my apartment building, yelling and screaming my ass off on February 2, 2014. I'll never forget the 2013 NFL season. GO, SEAHAWKS!!!

While we're at it, let's abort Orange Turd misled RepubliKKKans, RWNJs, and their Extreme Court.
Keep democracy as well as women's healthcare safe and legal.


My body. My life. My choice. That sums it up.
Batshit crazy anti-abortionists--especially MEN--shut the fuck up!
There is no "God's will". It's neither your body nor your choice!
End of discussion.


I saw an eye-opening editorial cartoon in this week's edition of RealChange.
There was a cleverly drawn image of Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell done up as Warner Bros.' inept sports hunter, Elmer Fudd:
"Be vewy vewy quiet------I'm hunting cwime!!"
It appears Harrell is willing to offer $30,000.00 per cop in sign up bonuses for SPD new hires, but is hesitant on providing livable wages for human services workers, and with no consideration of cost of living adjustments or inflation. Dr. Wes Browning, an opinion page columnist for RealChange estimated that if the SPD hired one less new police officer and redistributed that $30,000.00 it would go a long way towards paying 20 human services workers livable wages in Seattle. It makes one think.


Let us know when the Democratic Socialists will finally recognize that Democrats have fought to keep reproductive freedom for fifty years, and start working with the Democrats to retain reproductive freedoms. Until then, the Democratic Socialists can march loudly around in circles all they want; the rest of us have work to do.

“It appears Harrell is willing to offer $30,000.00 per cop in sign up bonuses for SPD new hires…”

That’s because the SPD is desperately understaffed, and now that Seattle has a REPUBLICAN City Attorney, who is actually prosecuting misdemeanors, Seattle needs a fully-staffed police force. (The hostile and toxic work environment the Stranger and the City Council created for the police did not help. At all.)

“…but is hesitant on providing livable wages for human services workers,”

The same ones who work at places like Real Change*? The same ones who’ve watched uselessly, as year after year after year of Homelessness Crisis has brought more and more misery, crime, suffering, and death to Seattle’s streets, parks, and green spaces? Those folks? Maybe they need to get new jobs, where they can actually accomplish something?

*Must be nice — not only do the folks at Real Change get money from the city, they have a platform to demand more anytime they want. Over the decades of Real Change’s existence, how many badged vendors of Real Change have EVER transitioned to stable housing?


really? the middle-class who can afford a jet ski that, used, costs as much as a decent bike are the enemy now? who hurt you?
I also think jet ski/waverunners are dumb, but that's some take...


"... where
most of you fuck-
ers read The Stranger."

so we're
now. is

can Incels
be Fuckers too?

for a Friend

(gleefully) Moving On:

"... [Who??] don’t know how
roads work and apparently
a lyft driver can’t drop me
off on the middle of
a bridge"

--@the dewey

sorely lacking Context:
Fail. please Try your
Over. good


Screw Russell Wilson. Seahawks should sign Luis Castillo to play quarterback, that guys a freakin' monster.


Jet skiers are mostly lower middle class, not upper middle class. Strong overlap with big pickup trucks and Coors Light drinking.


"If you think you might have come in contact with a rabid bat, please call Public Health at 206-296-4774 or go to the hospital right away."

how 'bout
if I happened to
come in contact with
either a rabid NeoLib or Con?

there were Several
down at the Healthfood
Store rioting* because there
weren't enough Pesticides and
Herbicides in their Ground Round

is there a Cure?

*and foaming at the mouth
when I offered them a little
pure water they slunk away
terrified so yeah def Rabies.


Kristo -
how about a rabid Mariners fan?
a few are foaming at the mouth after the M’s amazing win!


"You don’t have to do this."

I believe when it's Pathological
they DO gotta do it and Damn
the Fallout. nothing'd give them
'Pleasure' like seeing another tS
Writer hounded away so's they
could sink their Claws into the
Next One. whom they'll deligh-
tedly torment into Early Retire-
ment or the Loony Bin.

the Miserables doth
LOVE Company
don't they.


oh and the Fucking
Stranger oughtta
that & help
them Out
with the

I Recommend
two weeks PTO
Minimum and
Equine Therapy
ever six Months
at. a. Minimum.

these are Actual
Human Beings
we're Talking
about here.


@8 tensorna re @5: I think that was Dr. Wes Browning's point in his RealChange column. As Doc Browning says, oh, the irony.

@18 pat L: Yeah!! How about those Mariners? As you so aptly predicted in a previous SLOG, a little extra sunshine, however unseasonal for the PNW, goes a long way. GO, Mariners!!!


@8 tensorna: RepubliKKKans aren't the answer to solving crime. They're an organized crime syndicate! They're self-serving white collar criminals stacking the deck so that struggling members of the working class--service workers and yes, RealChange vendors among many of us---will be left fighting even harder to have a stable home. Why do you think crime has skyrocketed over the last six years? I'll give you one word: Poverty. Two words: Income Inequality. Having a Republican in charge is like putting a fox in charge of a henhouse. There--I fixed it for you. You're welcome.


@13 shoobop re @10: Elmer's brainfarts alone could blow up the White House. That's why he should be filed under Lost Cause.

Speaking of whom:

@20 & @22: That's awfully big talk for someone with nothing to say, Elmer. Running out of senseless tripe to spew? Stop when it starts to hurt.


@26: Dr. Browning’s point was that Seattle should continue underfunding the police, and continue throwing money at Seattle’s failed homeless-industrial complex. This approach has been tried for many years, and the voters in Seattle have deemed it a failure. Maybe someone could tell Dr. Wes Browning about all of this, so that he may have the chance to avoid humiliating himself with more such stupid editorials?

@27: The voters in Seattle chose a Republican for City Attorney, so you can take all of that to them. Why did crime rise over the same period in which Seattle tolerated huge encampments everywhere? Yes, that must be a huge mystery to folks such as Wes Browning and yourself. Voters in Seattle seem to have figured it out already, though. Again, you might want to ask them.


@29 tensorna: Did you read Gene Balk's latest FYI Guy article in the Seattle Times about Seattle's median annual income jumping from $63,000 ten years ago to ~ $101,000.00 now? The spike in unaffordable housing has led to record homelessness. You might want to talk to all the people responsible for why Seattle has become so unlivable for so many. Ask them why tech giants are paid in six figures, but essential workers, like teachers, firefighters, and healthcare workers can't live in the same city that employs them. I'll wait.
You like to argue for the sake of arguing, don't you? Did you just move in with Elmer? He's always looking for new equally clueless roommates.

@30: ....said the MAGAt on record for praising Hitler. Take some Pepto Bismal, Elmer, FFS, before your brainfarts really do threaten to blow up the White House.


@32-@34: JEEZUS--three lame comments in eleven minutes! SO much spewing for nothing to say, as usual. Whatsa matter, Elmer---so excited about the Orange Turd's latest overblown hate rally you can't sleep?
Didja OD on Cocoa Puffs and now your motorized wheelchair is threatening to collapse under your bulk?
Give it up, you pathetically desperate old, fetid MAGAfart.

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