It's Indigenous Peoples' Day: Learn about whose land you live on using this Native Land Digital tool and pay your real rent while you're at it. 

Also of note: Late last month, the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe accused Forterra—a Seattle-based land conservancy group—of "misleading the tribe and the federal government in obtaining a grant worth up to $20 million to help fund a regional sustainable timber and housing project," the Seattle Times reported. Today, 78 former Forterra staff members released an open letter in solidarity with the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe, and their misconduct allegations. More from the letter: 

"Simply put, we believe the Tribe. Even those of us who do not have specific knowledge of this situation believe the Tribe’s allegations to be credible because they are consistent with our own concerns regarding long-standing detrimental conduct by the organization’s leadership. It is our opinion that Forterra’s executive leadership team has created a toxic, volatile, and retaliatory workplace under the guise of becoming a “best place to work”. This leadership’s recent actions do not represent our values, nor do they represent the values Forterra as an institution has stood for when it has been at its best. We believe that executive leadership should be held accountable for failing to properly engage the Tribe throughout its grant application process, and these other similar harms. "

It's on: The 2022 Betty Bowen Award finalists, that is. Every year, the Seattle Art Museum and the Betty Bowen board give $15,000 and a solo show to one Northwest artist. And on Friday, SAM announced the finalists—Seattle-based artists Klara Glosova, Rafael Soldi, and Ric'kisha Taylor; Portland-based artists Elizabeth Malaska and Sam Hamilton; and Beaverton, OR-based artist Tim Hutchings. But there are no real losers in this process, as the museum and board also give two $2,500 Special Recognition Awards and three $1,250 Special Commendation Awards. The winner will be officially announced on November 1, so keep your eyes peeled...

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L.A. City Council president resigned from her leadership post after vile, anti-Black comments leaked: Nury Martinez resigned as council president effective immediately, but still hasn't stepped down from her seat entirely, reports CNN. As Will mentioned this morning, Martinez made several racist comments about the Black child of her coworker, CM Mike Bonin, during a redistricting meeting. Martinez said she takes responsibility for what she said and "there are no excuses for those comments." Bonin and his husband Sean Arian made a statement today defending their child and calling for CMs Kevin de León and Ron Herrera to resign as well:

Who poisoned these wolves? Back in February, six gray wolves were found dead in Stevens County and this week state wildlife officials announced that the cause of death was poisoning, reports The Spokesman-Review. An ecological murder mystery! So far, eight "regional and national conservation groups offered reward money totaling $51,100 for the conviction of the poachers" while others are calling for "statewide anti-poaching campaign." 

In other depressing gray animal news: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries released an assessment last week that determined gray whale populations off western North America are down 38 percent from their peak in 2015-16, reports KING 5. We're now down to 16,650 whales as scientists have counted the fewest calves since they started recording births in 1994. 

Beware the foam pit: At least four people got severely injured in the Lenovo and Intel-sponsored gladiator game and foam pit at TwitchCon in San Diego over the weekend, reports Mashable. Apparently the "foam pit" was nothing more than some foam cubes scattered over concrete flooring and people jumped into it not realizing how shallow it really was. Twitch streamer Adriana Chechik broke her back in two places and needs surgery, while streamer LochVaness dislocated a knee and sprained an ankle after jumping into the pit. Jesus. 

Thoughts and prayers going out to all my Dunkin' homies: The beloved coffee chain recently switched up its rewards system by devaluing points, and Dunkers are literally boycotting the corporation. I lived in the Boston area for four years (no need to applaud) and never understood Dunkin' culture. Still sucks though. 

The air quality is still shit: But the smoke is going to linger until the rains come. 

Watching Mariners baseball involves putting a shoe on your head? Had no idea America's pastime involved... so much superstition

It's baaaack (the threat of a freight railroad strike): In a vote, the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes Division rejected a tentative agreement with freight carriers and brought on the murmurs of a possible strike, reports CNN Business. The BMWE will "now enter negotiations with the association that represents management at the nation’s major freight railroads in an effort to reach a new deal," but the union said there are no plans to strike until at least November 19. 

Long read to dig into later: It's the one-year anniversary of Facebook's brand shift to Meta (yuck), and New York Times reporters Ryan Mac, Sheera Frenkel, and Kevin Roose dug into the company's "rocky start" in the metaverse space. 

This video has been following me around all weekend and calling me "GAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!": Every five swipes on Instagram or Twitter or TikTok gets me to this video of House of the Dragon actor Emma D'Arcy telling colleague Olivia Cooke their bitter-ass drink of choice. It's transfixing. 

For your listening pleasure: Ex-Florist's latest release, "ARTIFICIAL LIGHT."