"Scott in Armchair" from Betty Bowen Award finalist Klara Glosova. Courtesy of SAM



Yes, Go Mariners!
No, I am not putting a shoe on my head!
It should be evident by now that humans are superstitious as hell!


@1 pat L: I second it. Go, Mariners!! I, too, will decline on putting a shoe on my head.
Humans are indeed, superstitious as hell.

Congratulations, SAM's Betty Bowen Award finalists!

May the poachers guilty of poisoning timber wolves be held accountable.

Sad that our whale and Southern resident orca populations are down to tragically historic lows.
I blame profiteering corporate RepubliKKKans and the insatiably gluttonous fossil fuel industry
for the mass demise of so many species of marine life. The human race is next.


Maybe if we got rid of the idea that every square inch of the national forests need to be predator-free sanctuaries for freeloading welfare cows, we could stop trying to keep the wolf (and cougar, and grizzly) populations down.


@5 shoobop: "At least Dewey knows who he is and where he stands...."
Dewey (a.k.a. Elmer / a.k.a. Raindrop) is definitively the dumbest commenter on SLOG. If anything, he takes pride in being a typically clueless trolling MAGAt. Don't fuel Elmer's fire---his brainfarts alone could blow up the White House. For someone who routinely spews 24/7 Elmer has nothing substantial to say.

Please wait...

and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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