What me and the ducks are waiting for. Cold and rain. Charles Mudede



Angela Lansbury was a gift from the gods. Rest well, faire lady.

Sean Hannity always looks so constipated.


"we worked to create a unique delivery experience, but learned through feedback that there were aspects of the program that weren’t meeting customers’ needs"

Aspects such customers not getting their packages?


I'm calling bullshit on what Charles wrote (I know, join the club) "Just reminding readers that we are in the age where capital is so powerful that it's forcing us, its subjects, to adapt to its dangerous transformation of the biosphere. "

This is bullshit because the forests need to catch up on burning excess fuel buildup due to "successful" fire suppression over the last 100 or so years (ala Smokey The Bear - see the True Story of his cousin, Stumpy at https://issuu.com/conflictgypsy/docs/truestorystumpybear) .


4 what about Smackey the Frog?


The Onion article is probably close to the truth.


Are the Amazon robots the same Amazon robots that they were working on in the sub-basement of the old Downtown Bon Marche? I hope not. That had such a sci-fi/horror vibe.

As for the Republican reaction to the Biden voicemail: as we all know, Republicans are horrible people, and that makes them horrible parents. They’re also masters of projection. So it’s completely understandable that they wouldn’t be able to process a family moment in the way normal people do, and that they’d try to attach a sinister motive to it.

And speaking of Republican parenting, Our Dear Departed Angela Landsbury bought the ideal Republican Mother to the silver screen by delivering a flawless performance as Eleanor Shaw Iselin in “The Manchurian Candidate”


@1 Bauhaus I: +1 So well said. BINGO and BRAVO on Sean Hannity!! I know I'm not missing anything good by avoiding Fox TeeVee. Too much hot, toxic foul air.

Rest in peace, Angela Lansbury. I've loved every film and TV role you played, from the voice of Mrs. Potts (Beauty and the Beast) to crime solving Jessica Fletcher in Murder She Wrote.
Bless her heart--she almost made it to 97 (by only 5 days). Like the late Windsor royals Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II, London born Lansbury lived a long and illustrious life.

@7 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Angela Lansbury's role of Eleanor Shaw Iselin in "The Manchurian Candidate"--I missed that one from 1962. I'll look for it. Thanks! I was Google searching the 1962 cast and spotted John McGiver, who played religious zealot, Mr. O'Daniel in Midnight Cowboy (1969).
Agreed, too, that Republicans truly are horrible people.


The delivery bots like picnic coolers with wheels. With all the money in the world you’d think they’d come up with more sophisticated design/approach. The human delivery job has staying power!


@4 not forests. What are essentially not forests but Tree farms near housing developments. These are REPLANTED second or third growth. They are not “forests.” They are crops. It takes many decades if not centuries for actual diverse forests with balanced biome and plant life to develop.

Charles is still right. Because of over harvesting and planting a monocrop of trees all the same age. A by product of market economics.

Which all grow the same rate. Which means they cannot survive forest fires. Or controlled burns. Not like robust natural forests.

Do you not understand how replants work? Replants allow combustible undergrowth to develop because there is no canopy to shade the “forest” floor from the sun. That undergrowth dries out in the now hotter climate and becomes fuel for fires and monocrop young trees are less resistant to disease so there are more deadfalls.

There is nothing “natural” about that process.

And Weyerhaeuser wants conventional fire suppression because otherwise they loose the replant investment because they harvest their crop early before they ever become 150 year old forests. It was the wood products industry that created our forest management laws. Not environmentalists. And it was the wood products industry that sold cleared forest lands into housing developments adjacent to forest lands. Endangering lives.

There is no natural record for annual “fire seasons” with the scale and scope like we are seeing now. It is entirely human and industry caused and made much worse by climate change.

This is all well established scientific fact.


Relax, Charles and everyone complaining about some extra fall sunshine, of all things! The cold, dark, wet weather will return soon enough. When it does, I don't want to hear any bitching. Did you completely forget the unusually shitty weather we had from September 17, 2021 onward through June 2022? Why are you in such a desperate hurry to get that back? Human made climate change is real, and seasons are only getting more unpredictable. Be careful what you wish for!

@11 RogertheShrubber: I share your human made environmental and industrial concerns.

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