As I mentioned on a thread a day or so ago, I think killing Nikolas Cruz, would be letting him off easy. It's far more appropriate to have him stare at the walls of a tiny cell for the next 50 years.

That being said, why does whether he is crazy or not matter when it comes to sentencing him? And if it matters wouldn't it be more humane, if he is crazy, to put him out of his misery?


and who will put You
out of Our Misery?

"Uh, according to the law you could have pursued. The bill passed because police chases kill more ppl every year than hurricanes, tornados, floods, and lightening combined.

Police make everything political, and when they run out of things to complain about, they make stuff up."

telling the Truth
about the Po-po's
the same as LYING
because it Hurts their
damn R E P U T A T I O N
and makes them Feel Badly.*

and they Can NOT
Protect and Swerve
under These Kinda
Conditions. so Un-

*or is it


@2 You don't answer why the craziness level of a killer (or any criminal) should factor into their sentencing.


'Donald Trump
Has a Terrible, Horrible
No Good, Very Bad Day'


you just made
October a Better
Place to Live. kudos


sorry pal I no longer
negotiate w/terrorists

you ready for the
Youth in Asia


Wow — the Stranger admits NTK has a Twitter account! Too bad they didn’t run more of her posting’s during last year’s election season. ;-)


@5 At least my posts are mostly grammatically correct and not written in doggerel.

And yet you can't answer why the craziness level of a killer (or any criminal) should factor into their sentencing.

It's not a rhetorical question. I don't see why it should make a difference.


more Doggerel
if ya can Take it:

Nazis too* were quite Fond
of putting peeps outta
their Misery. it's likely
what made them
so Beloved.*

*Stalin was a
Big Fan too

No Misery
in the

was Perfect

or they Paid
the Price:


you remind me
of the Tailgater
10' off my ass
Seventy MPH
lips firmly on
my Tailpipe*
and when
it's EXIT

your Blinker.

Euphemisms here


now quit


"Kroger wants to merge with its rival, Albertsons, to make one giant grocery chain."

I'm so glad capitalism is here to save us from monopolization.


It must really chafe Trump's ass that SCOTUS won't do his bidding. Meanwhile, I would give just about anything to have a complete media blackout about him until he's pronounced dead.


@7 The legal theory is, of course, that an insane person is not responsible for the acts that they may have committed. They must be incarcerated because they might kill again but it would be inhumane to execute them.

Personally, I'm opposed to the death penalty under any circumstances.


I believe in
the Death Penalty
solely for souless Corporations

and when did we
Decide Monopolies
or just a Few was ok?

was it when Walmart
came to town and
shut down Down-
towns all across
America? our



Man, I don't even know how to feel about his dumb ass getting subpeonaed. Like, if I thought there was any chance whatsoever of it resulting in him facing any sort of consequence for his actions, then I'd be all for it. But we've all learned our lesson here repeatedly. He's far more likely to make a mockery of the entire ordeal and come out of it emboldened for his efforts, than he is to face anything resembling justice or even accountability. He'll probably be instructed to just plea 5th to literally every single question, which would be fine I suppose, and I guess good to get him on record for the official transcript, for whatever that's even worth.


@13 I'm neutral on the death penalty now.

I used to be opposed just because the possibility of executing an innocent is not 0.

But reading about people like Benjamin Cole on Oklahoma's death row makes me wonder if in some cases it is better for everyone, including the condemned.


@15, the subpoena expires at the end of this congress, so including holiday time that's like a month it's in effect. Given Trumps ability to use the courts to delay everything there is no way he shows up. Or he just ignores it. Plenty of others in his circle have done so without consequence.


@16 A sentence of life without parole essentially IS the death penalty, in slow motion (and cheaper for the taxpayers than execution, believe it or not).

But I will wholeheartedly support capital punishment -- whatever the cost! -- when some quantum physicist someday invents an execution chamber that brings the victim(s) back to life when the killer is put to death.



Good to know. Ridiculous as it may be to acknowledge, his skirting could easily be the best outcome.

Moral and ethical arguments against death penalty aside, it's FAR more expensive than simply locking them away for the rest of their lives. And given everything going on with budgets these days, that alone should make for a pretty compelling argument against it.


@18 "A sentence of life without parole essentially IS the death penalty, in slow motion"

As I have pointed out in the past, as a vindictive atheist this is a powerful reason to oppose capital punishment. Why give them a peaceful transition into oblivion when they can suffer in ADX Florence for decades?


Anyone who is dumb enough to support the death penalty under any circumstance is to be ignored completely. It is so much the simplest ethical dilemma to sort out that an amalgam of rhesus monkey brain cells the size of a cockroach brain in a petri dish could get it right just after mastering pong.

Also why root for suffering? Even of the evil. Of course I do not mean put people who have committed socially unacceptable acts up at the 4 Seasons, but why root for suffering?

Poor old Toby is able to sniff at the truest punishment of all terrible, pathetic people. A punishment he is doomed to himself: to be stuck between your own ears.


@4 kristofarian and @12 xina for the fucking WIN, baybeeee!! Yes yes YESSS!!!

@15, & @19 mike blob and @17 Brent Gumbo: True justice would have live coverage of the Orange Turd facing a firing squad at close range, with no blindfold or last cigarette. The Pigfucker-in-Chief's ugly, corrupt life of white collar crime would finally be OVER. The world would cheer.


Capitalism is the great equalizer.
Now all of our grocery stores can suck equally!


Teflon Don wins again. Just a subpoena that will be skirted as @17 says. This pathetic committee didn't have the guts to do a criminal referral.

Sir Toby II: Ignore shoobop's nasty insulting.


yeah ya Both could
probably Learn a
little or a Lot
from it

and this 'pathetic
committee' Learned
US a LOT about the Horror
cum Terror your 'Heroes' on the
far far FAR so-called 'right' have in
store for their Brave new Fascist World

your Status Quo whorshipping
is Complicity writ Large
and don't forget how
they 'treat' lgbtqs
you'e just not
That special.


@24 Actually I’m wryly flattered by it.


Far-left fascists wannabes under delusions their terrorism is saving the planet:

Even Greta would be appalled.


NTK lost to a Republican. In Seattle. Her political clout/opinion is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of zero.

NTK is a "lawyer" like Dr. Nick Riviera is a "doctor."


If Dems still hold the majority in either chamber come January, they could renew the subpoena (and presumably will). But like Seth Meyers said, at this point it's like one more ticket on a van that's been parked on your block for a year.


@29 CKathes: The Orange Turd needs to DIE if our otherwise doomed divided country ever wants to see democracy restored again.

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