Some community members in the Chinatown-International District protested a shelter expansion because they felt the County hadn't done adequate outreach beforehand. The County says it met with “more than a dozen” community organizations before the lease was approved, and then held a couple public meetings afterward. RANDY WO-ENG



Pretty sure it was the minority community members who actually live in the CID who forced Dow to scrap his plans and not Republicans and right wing think tanks.


Yeah, with the occasional shootings in the ID at 12th and Jackson, 8th and King, 13th and Lane, etc, no wonder the business owners don’t want additional services there.


But what if the minority community members living in subsidized housing are also Republicans and used the support of right wing think tanks to put the kibosh on the resource center? What if old Asian people are overwhelmingly right wing and just as hateful, bigoted, and reactionary as poor white MAGAs? What if all three things are one and the same? The biggest irony is that many of the old timey folks protesting at the bum encampments recently live in supportive housing and are on food stamps. They just dont do drugs and wear slacks so its ok. Its almost like poor people arent each others enemies or something and the problem isnt a resource center in a place where the bums are but a stupidly low tax rate on the wealthy, while we all fight each other over scraps.


@2: The Stranger spent over two months late last year screeching at Seattle’s voters about how voting for a Republican was doubleplus unallowed, only to get City Attorney Davison anyway. The Stranger still has learned neither why Seattle elected a Republican for the first time in decades, nor that screaming “REPUBLICAN!1!” simply doesn’t work anymore.

As @4 unintentionally revealed, saying “equity” and “justice” a lot and talking about racist discrimination are acceptable ways to advance your own agenda, but when your pet minorities have the unmitigated gall to think for themselves and defend their own interests and neighborhoods, they’re being uppity, and are just begging for your hate-filled smackdown.

(Bonus points for the Stranger’s apparently straight-faced claim the proposed facility would have done jack “…to alleviate visible homelessness in the CID,” When the policies you advocate for years have all failed miserably on their own terms, your credibility on that topic has disappeared. Oh look over there — REPUBLICANS!!)


"Its almost like poor people arent each others enemies or something and the problem isnt a resource center in a place where the bums are but a stupidly low tax rate on the wealthy, while we all fight each other over scraps."

dude -- what the Fuck
you got against fucking
Apostrophe's? they're
Your Friend.

oh wait-- Brilliant Comment
Income Inequality IS the
USOFA's biggest Threat

regardless of Tentsore's 'well-
reasoned' protestations to
the contrary.

oh and don't
Worry about those
little apostrophes. they
can be tricksy & no one
Knows for sure where they


I wonder will the city of Seattle be able to manage the little park next to the court house?

This will be a test of the new mayor and the silly council.
Are they ready to act like leaders?
Will they make the tough decisions.... or will they bow to he far left and the flavor of the month?
Can they manage a little park without messing it up?

So far the plans seems to be ... add a food truck, removable seating and sprinkle a few guards around the place...... ground breaking.... and only $3 million to do all of that. Such a deal?

Let's stay tuned for the next episode ... of Seattle is Dying.


@5 you are a hateful racist idiot yourself, just like those ‘pet’ minorities. Old Asians have never been part of the democratic base, you just think if it’s brown it must vote Dem because you are, again, a hateful racist idiot.

Implying that old Asians just now started thinking for themselves is absurd and fucked up. That block of humans have been dickbags for a long long time.


Uppity is for the blacks, not the Asians Calling people pets and implying they were mindless automatons is fucked up. Get help or at least get your dog whistle tuned up.


"you are a hateful racist idiot yourself"

"That block of humans have been dickbags for a long long time."


@4,8,9 Your argument is so incoherent that it borders on performance art. Well done. Keep twisting yourself into knots!


@4 politics has little or nothing to do with this issue however I really did laugh when you proposed there was a secret community Of Rebublicans embedded in the CID. No, what this is really about is a long ignored community that has borne the brunt of the drug epidemic around here and is simply tired of being the SCCs and KC dumping ground. They want to enjoy their neighborhood without their businesses being ransacked or fear of being accosted (let’s not forget the racial violence they have absorbed that the progressives care nothing about because Asian communities don’t fit their narratives). As @5 alluded too the labels the progressives love to fling around just don’t work anymore so continue along while ignoring the real issue.


@8: "Old Asians have never been part of the democratic base,"

Now's a great time for shoobop to learn about Ruby Chow, her daughter Cheryl Chow, and her son Mark Chow - all passionate about their community, dedicated to public service, and committed democrats.

"Her political career started in 1973 when she decided to run for King County Council as a Democrat. She had an encounter with Ted Bundy (later known to be a serial killer) who, as a GOP campaign worker, tried to convince Chow, unsuccessfully, to go Republican. Chow stayed with the Democratic Party and served three terms as a King County councilwoman in Washington. She was the first Asian American elected to King County Council.
The county council named Ruby Chow Park, at the corner of S. Albro Place and 13th Avenue S. near Boeing Field, after Chow in 1985."


@8 “That block of humans have been dickbags for a long long time.”

Holy shit shoobop are you planning on joining Nury Martinez in the Progressive racist hall of fame?


From the linked article, one of the “old Asian people” who simply Did Not Know Her Place.

So very, very old…


Its not any wonder that Dow backed off as per the article posted @15.

"King County initiated their Equity and Social Justice Strategic Plan in 2016. This plan says it leads with racial justice and confronts the historical and racial inequities that continue to exist in the county. In 2009, Seattle directed all city departments to use the Racial Equity Toolkit. This toolkit lays out a process and a set of questions to guide the development, implementation, and evaluation of policies, initiatives, programs, and budget issues to address the impacts on racial equity.

It does not appear that this plan, nor city created toolkit were applied to this project nor many past projects that have impacted the CID. The fact that the community did not know about this complex is another example of the government’s disregard and disrespect for the neighborhood. Both the county and city are working together without recognition of the harms continuously perpetrated on CID."

Dow just needs to take the time to let the process play out, just how that will change the outcome remains to be seen.


It is the Republican Party that sponsored a coup attempt to overthrow a free and fair election on January 6th 2021. This is literally the worst crime possible to commit in a democracy.

It’s the official Republican Party position to defend that illegal action and the former president that refused to leave office, and it’s the Republican Party currently funding and fueling the effort to defend that president and extend that immoral effort into 2024.

Republicans do not want law and order. They want power. So of course slog trolls gravitate to fascist power like flies to shit.


@18: Seattle progressives are not shocked that “a neighborhood” would resist a Homeless Megaplex; such resistance would be expected from Magnolia, Queen Anne, Montlake, West Seattle, or any neighborhood north of the Ship Canal. As Woo noted in her article (which I referenced @15), progressives expected submissive behavior from the CID:

“As a community of mostly immigrants, the people of the CID do not want to be confrontational and attract undue attention upon themselves. It seems like King County is taking advantage of this polite Asian culture and leveraging the racist concept of the model minority. This struggling community has had to deal with an abundance of pandemic-related racism, increasing anti-Asian violence, and rising crime. With already five shelters, the CID is the center for much of Seattle’s forgotten people. The county and the city are expecting a residential community to take on the burden of the city’s homeless crisis without any help and yet, to still rise above it all.”

It should be noted that homeless services might be less controversial if anyone in Seattle could still have reasonable expectations of success. Many long years of expensive failure have convinced Seattle’s citizens this will not happen, that all the money spent has just made things worse for everyone, just to profit a few (as @16 mentioned). So why should any neighborhood in Seattle play along?


Dow Constantine and Tammy Morales need to be voted out. They ignore residents and believe they are superior. Their elitism has no place in Seattle--move to Bellevue.


@20, Professor what does that have to do with the price of doing business in the CID.

Most of Rich's SLOG today was about local issues, most of the comments in this thread are about issues in the CID in Seattle.

That has nothing to do with Trump's attempted coup.

Believe it or not it is possible for a person to be both appalled by Donald Trump and opposed to dumping all of Seattle's vagrants on the Chinatown/International District.


@20 Stoogis: We know you're new here. You don't have to be so obvious. Stop listening to STII and Elmer fer Chrissake! Don't tell me, let me guess----you just came in from Branson, Missouri on last night's Greyhound bus, you're one of Elmer's newest roomies, and you got the bottom bunk. Trolling beggars can't be choosers.

@23 STII: Roger's telling it like it is, Toby. The GOP is the Party of Orange Turd. It's an organized crime syndicate. Any remaining RINOs have either been voted out (i.e., Jaime Herrera-Beutler) to neofascist MAGAt pro-Trumpists (i.e., Joe Kent) or running for the exits(does the name Kim Wyman, former Washington Secretary of State ring a bell?), fearing retribution from Trump's goon squad. And they're all too batshit crazily happy to start WWIII and a second Civil War.


@20: I stopped taking you seriously ever since your previous comment in a previous SLOG about supporting Trump ho Tiffany Smiley.


@23, @24: Our oft-banned Prof’ simply can’t deal with the naked racism displayed by Seattle’s progressives toward the Asian CID activists (e.g. @4 and @8), so he’s trying something I already kindly informed him (@5) wouldn’t work: screaming “REPUBLICANS!!!1!” in a feeble attempt at distraction. He’s basically sticking with his old idea (which, when he tried it last year, failed to prevent City Attorney Davison) because it’s too hard for him to think of a new one.

(The only known connection between immigrant activists of color in the CID and Republicans comes to us by way of assertions such as @4, from persons who oppose the activists, but have nothing to contribute to civic dialog — other than guilt-by-imaginary-association smears.)

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