I say put down the bong.


@5 - China is putting in renewable energy faster than we are. Sure, they're doing it with forced labor, but that's just how they roll. India is making a solid effort too. The canard that "it doesn't matter what we do because China . . . " is just a bullshit nihilistic excuse for giving up.


There is no such thing as "independents." There are, however, plenty of idiots in denial about their boot-licking fetish.


The very mention of the name John Maynard Keynes puts a smile on my face, Sir Charles. As does John Kenneth Galbraith. I used to try to get friends to read "The Affluent Society" with limited success. It changed my whole notion of economics.

Mr. Sim won his race for mayor because of general discontent in Vancouver over much - including the prohibitive cost of housing and transportation, but he really hit with the Asian community because he went to Chinatown to commiserate with its citizens and business owners. Shops that have existed for decades there have closed up because very few come to Chinatown anymore, It's become a dangerous area for tourists and for people who live there. Daily random and unprovoked attacks and other street crime. As you know, the downtown eastside has had its problems for a long time. The crime, caused in no small part by the homeless and mentally ill living on the streets in that area, has gotten out of hand, and no one is quite sure what to do.

But Mr. Sim came and sang them a love song, and the Asian community in Vancouver appreciated that - and much of the other parts of the city were so very ready for a change.


the worse Johnny Carson's
'the Tonight Show' was*
the Better Johnny was.

Dystopiating with Chas
gonna be a Fun ride.

Buckle up.

*crew not 100%
guests lackluster
sidekick Ed drunk or
maybe lightly buzzed


right and wrong's in
the gottdam Bible fax4
God the Punisher's innit
for a little Retribution &
His Kid's a fucking Liberal

whom His Disciples've
dubbed Prosperity Jesus
'cause if He ain't a fucking
Capitalist WHY HAVE GOD
on Your Side in the 1st place?

we get all our morals
from the Moralizers
who (Obviously)
Know Best

it's kinda weird
how their Gawd
the same peeps
they do
and yet Convenient.


@1 & @3: You two clowns are roomies, aren't you? And you're just here posting out of sheer boredom until your usual Fox TeeVee lineup, right? Crawl back into your manholes, the both of you.

@6 dvs99: Excellent point. China and India are making solid efforts on renewable energy because they have to, largely because of their population densities. In order to conserve fossil fuel use, I only drive seasonally in good weather. The VW that has blessed the majority of my life will be my last car ever. New models just don't hold a candle.

@7: Brent--THERE you are! It's so good to have you back! You were greatly missed.

@11: Brent wasn't talking about Bernie Sanders, Elmer, ya MAGAt ultra maroon. I think you need a lancet, an enema, and a 12 hour fast. Your blood sugar must be running dangerously high again. I warned you about high fructose corn syrup. You might want to check the ingredients of your breakfast cereal and Halloween candy before your motorized wheelchair collapses under your bulk.


The Stranger hates cars and escalators.

Although with that said, Westlake could be possibly be improved by abandoning the "arcade entrances" to Frederick & Nelson and The Bon Marche, and puttting in long ramps. where the escalators between the street and the mezzanine are. The Bon was killed by Macy's incompetence, and I'm sure Nordstrom wouldn't mind losing that entrance.


@11, touche! Although it's no mystery what that man stands for and why.


I had a feeling this was Charles before I hit the mention of Ecclesiastes, but the misleading $11k/year car ownership figure was what was the nail in the coffin. That $11k number is the average cost per annul for NEW vehicle ownership. How many brand new vehicles do you see on the road right now? I've been waiting 4 months to take delivery on my new car, and even used car inventory is at an all time low. My 14 year old car costs me ~$2,500/year, including maintenance. It would actually cost me MORE per year to take transit only from where I live because the closest bus stop is three miles from my house, which means I still would need to drive to a park & ride. Lest I even calculate the value of my time in taking the bus vs. just driving myself.

Funny how people can be so shortsighted in their daily personal vehicle hate rant.


Is it really that surprising that people focus on more immediate issues rather than existential threats? Whether you agree or not that the current administration is responsible for the rampant inflation we are facing today it has become pretty clear that they are woefully out of touch with the economic reality facing most Americans and have no answers to tame it other than forcing us into a recession that will undoubtedly cause even more economic hardship. Given the concerns about housing, fuel and food costs wondering why American's aren't concerned about the "facist" threat is almost comical. The progressives have used the term facism so often it barely even raises an eyebrow anymore (remember Bruce Harrell is a facist according to our local progressives). Their answer to climate change at this point is so draconian it will literally kill as many if not more people than climate change itself. I don't believe progressives are actually serious about fixing climate change, if they were then nuclear energy would be a large part of the conversation. There is no solution to climate change today that doesn't involve an embrace of nuclear power.


@1: :where did this moral absolute that we evaluate right and wrong by come from?"



@17 Catalina Vel-DuRay: One of my saddest days was the closing of Frederick & Nelson back in 1993, and when Trader Vic's closed at the Westin downtown, maintaining only its Vancouver, B.C. and San Fransisco Polynesian restaurant locations. How equally disheartening that the Macy's takeover of the glory that was the Bon Marche turned to shit. I don't know Seattle anymore. I blame Amazon, unregulated developers, and high tech for making Seattle a desolate wasteland combo of two extremes----insanely wealthy and an escalating homeless population.


@20 Brent Gumbo: Basically I like Bernie Sanders' and Elizabeth Warren's thinking. I think the real problem with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders lies with his political base, the Bernie Bros, particularly in 2016. If they couldn't get Sanders into the White House and because they hated Hillary Clinton, they did our country no favors by doing an about face voting for the global disaster that is Trump!


Rest in peace, Tako. I'm sure you would have been much happier in your native Pacific Northwestern waters of Puget Sound.

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