Have you gotten your ballot in the mail? If not, not to fret. Ballots must be mailed to voters by Friday, giving us an 18-day voting period that ends on Tuesday, November 8. And tomorrow, we're dropping our Stranger Election Control Board endorsements, so be sure to vote the way we tell you. 

Really trying to be positive about things right now: But even looking out the window to the smoky and orange landscape is hella depressing. This afternoon, Seattle officially had the worst air quality in the world, with Portland and Vancouver, BC ranking not too far behind. Relief is coming on Thursday, but, boy, does everything feel fucked. 

Clouds of dust I have absolutely no problem with: NASA's James Webb Space Telescope captured this beautiful image of the Pillars of Creation, piercing through the layers of gas so that all the sparkly stars can peek through. From whence we came, shall we return (if we are lucky). 

Incredible, no notes: A Massachusetts woman and veteran beekeeper named Rorie S. Woods released bees on police serving an eviction notice, reports Penn Live. Multiple officers were stung as she rolled at least three hives of angry bees towards them. Woods, who has been fighting an eviction on her own house for several years, was eventually arrested and faces charges of felony assault, battery with a dangerous weapon (the bees, lol), and disorderly conduct. What a hero. 

In business news: Starbucks is pawning off Seattle's Best Coffee to Nestlé for an undisclosed amount, reports KING 5. Apparently, Starbucks is consolidating in order to focus on making their American stores "more efficient," they say. Wonder if that efficiency includes trying to kneecap unionization efforts within the company? 🤔

Light rail derailed in downtown Tacoma earlier this morning: There were no injuries and regular service restarted around 10 am, but officials are still unsure of what caused the derailment at South Seventh and Commerce streets, reports the Seattle Times. Sound Transit said they "will be examining what happened."

What's going on here? Someone keeps throwing bags of shit into Council Member Kshama Sawant's Central District yard—and the Seattle Police Department apparently doesn't give a fuck, reports CHS Blog. In an open letter, CM Sawant called on Mayor Harrell and SPD to look into the target threat. "As a socialist City Councilmember who has participated in Black Lives Matter protests, I am being told that my case of six threatening incidents involving human excrement doesn’t merit even a serious investigation, let alone protection," she wrote, comparing it to the stakeout outside Mayor Durkan's house during the 2020 protests. 

Update from the Mayor: Via CHS Blog as well: 

These incidents go against our core values as a city. Elected officials should not be harassed at their homes. While Mayor Harrell does not direct individual investigations, we have been assured that SPD will follow all standard protocols and practices regarding these incidents in the appropriate manner. The mayor has spoken directly to Councilmember Sawant to discuss and understand her concerns.

And in other City Council news: Council Member Dan Strauss released a statement attempting to clarify why he barred press from attending a public meeting on homelessness on Monday.

What's Ye up to today? "Kanye West's 'White Lives Matter' shirts given out to homeless people in Skid Row," says CBS. Gotcha.

Some Wisconsin taxpayers' group has asked the Supreme Court to block Biden's student loan debt relief program, reports CNBC. A Wisconsin judge has already dismissed the group's request saying they didn't have legal ground to stand on, but nevertheless, these assholes persisted. The White House has yet to comment on the suit. 

Also just an FYI: On October 21 from midnight to 6 am, the Fremont Bridge will be closed to traffic for "bridge deck maintenance," reports MyBallard. Though the bridge will be closed for cars, "they will lower it for 15-minute intervals at 1 a.m., 2 a.m., 3 a.m., and 4 a.m. to allow people to walk or bike across." If that will affect your party plans/late-night hookups, seek other routes. 

Just when you thought Florida couldn't get any worse: Flesh-eating bacteria is now another thing to fear when going to the Sunshine State. The destructive Hurricane Ian dredged up Vibrio vulnificus, a "bacteria that thrives in brackish floodwaters." There have so far been 65 infections and 11 deaths this year. Keep your head on a swivel, comrades. 

What will last longer: support for Prime Minister Liz Truss or a head of lettuce from Tesco? You can count on British tabloid The Daily Star to ask the hard questions. Since October 14, they've been running a livestream of an image of Truss next to the Tesco lettuce as a gag on which will wilt faster. The embattled PM has had a really terrible few months: a deeply unpopular tax cut plan, being forced to fire her ally, and the stepping down of the Home Secretary. 

For your listening pleasure: Kelela blessed us with a new track, "Happy Ending."