"What will last longer: support for Prime Minister Liz Truss or a head of lettuce from Tesco?": Somewhere, BoJo the Clown is giggling uncontrollably.

Keir Starmer would be giggling too, if empty suits could giggle.


Tormenting the police officers for enforcing laws that voters made is madness, cheering the tormentors on is dangerous. That moment when we need them to uphold your election outcome? I’m scared of that.


I’d be curious to know what she thinks should happen to the poo-petrator should the police find them? Will she paticipate in restorative justice and help wipe the slate clean? Lol

Seriously according to the CHS story officers have met with her several time and even took fingerprints (!?) eww gross. She is such a clown and a typical socialist clamoring against the police until the anarchy her ilk has unleashed on the rest of us comes to her own door. But, but, but I didn’t mean me. On a plus note if we are now going to prioritize crimes from people defecating there is a long line of business owners and residents in this city who can’t wait to file.


@3 I'm a pretty big Sawant supporter and even I read that she expected a police response for this and had a laugh and wondered how the hell she could say it with a straight face. C'mon lady.

In other news, the sky is death. :( Be on the lookout for me doing my best Andy Dufresne in the rain impression on Friday.


Where’s our legally binding slog poll to determine who is throwing their poo in Sawant’s yard? My suggestions:

A. Uncle Ike
B. Mike Solan
C. Jenny Durkan
D. That flash mob guy
E. It’s the collective output of all the tight-asses in Broadmoor


Kudos to Jas for being the only SLOGer to mention the shitty Sawant story.

Sawant not only has people throwing shit at her, she’s also full of shit. And full of hypocrisy.

She should lead by example and go out and engage the shit throwers. Surely they only want to engage in dialogue and feeling marginalized have resorted to this unpleasant tactic only as a last resort.

They need hugs not handcuffs*

*Actually I think any attack on any elected official is an attack on democratic governance and should be investigated with the full force of government and that the perpetrators need to be prosecuted, aggressively.
But Sawant seriously needs to Shtup herself



Too lazy to go looking for it, but the story has been reported on slog already. I guess it's possible it was just a commenter, but I know this isn't the first I've read of it here. What boggles my mind is who's a big enough degenerate to go to the disgusting trouble of handling human excrement in order to voice their opinion in this manner. I loathe Trump, Ted Cruz, MTG and plenty of others, but I can't imagine whatever joy or satisfaction I'd take from throwing shit at them would justify the effort required to do so. People are odd.


No one should be throwing poop about, of course. But here on the Southend, people regularly throw dog poop in other people's yards if they don't clean up after their dogs. Our dogs do their business in our yard (and we pick up right away) so we've never been the victim of a poo flinging, but we've seen it.

As for the smoke - we had such a beautiful summer, and then this had to happen. It really is dreadful.


I find it so interesting that Comrade Sawant discerns the subtle, aromatic, textural, dare I say gustatory differences between human and canine excrement.
Personally, I find in my front and back yard, on average, one bag of shit per day.
I never thought that a human would bag their shit. I always considered that it was an inconsiderate pet owner, at least it’s bagged. Paper? NO, plastic. So I think Our Comrade’s claims are unfounded, maybe unfunded, please donate.
Not to say that I’ve haven’t seen the homeless drop trouser and pinch a loaf in my shrubs (It wii put you off your oatmeal), so I don’t want to claim that she is a lying sack of ……. I’m just saying



This should not be happening to Sawant or anyone, but Karma's a bitch. She is the person who named a law after a landlord, exposing him to public threats and more. She is the person who showed up at the prior Mayor's home to protest, exposing that Mayor to threats and insecurity for herself and family. She is the person who talks about moral relativism with respect to criminal behavior, victim blames and clearly is disinterested in prosecuting many crimes, depending on the socio-economics of the criminal and the type of target. She is the person who is reportedly essentially absent and non-responsive to her constituents, but expects that her call to the cops gets priority attention. Oh, and she is one of the persons on the council who have vocally hated on the cops, and sought to defund them and certainly demoralize those who serve on the police force. She is a person who has shown no response to the many victims of crime, personal and business, in her district. She basically shows a callous indifference to the concerns and suffering of others, if they do not suit her agenda and ideology.

Actually the SPD have behaved to date with far more class than she deserves in terms of their rhetoric and action. I wonder how many of us could get them to show up if we were targeted with shit bombs. Karma's a bitch.


Can a pedant nitpick even in the presence of a(nother) breathtaking image from the JWST? Yes: whence = from where.


Well, well.... Sawant is getting a taste of what happens when you defund the police. Ironic isn't it?

It would appear due to the complete lack of support from the Seattle Silly Counsel and defunding, the police have to prioritize.... responding to burglaries, assaults, rape, shootings, drug dealing etc. which is ravaging her constituency ....or make a trip to investigate poop at Sawant's house.

Maybe CSI can come out and do finger printing, DNA testing and solve this horrific, but strangely ironic crime.


This Sawant story is literally the Leopards Eating Peoples Faces tweet come to life.


Honestly right on par for the level of discourse I'd expect from the anti-sawant screechers. David Lewis Rice they are not but the blind red scare spirit is there.


Noted already in this thread, but worth repeating: first, no one should ever harass government officials (or anyone else), but second, CM Sawant should not have LITERALLY LED BY EXAMPLE by so harassing a government official (then-Mayor Durkan).

@17: You’re correct, any substantiative criticism of CM Sawant can only be doubleplus unpossible, so this is all just the howlings of the running dogs of revanchist capitalism. Enjoy your chocolate ration!


@8 mike blob: Agreed.

@9 Catalina Vel-DuRay: We really did have a nice summer, and the extension of sunny weather into the first half of October was welcome. But oh, this! Agreed--the current air quality really is dreadful and why I put my beloved VW into seasonal hibernation. Hopefully the forecasted rain will help clear the toxic air and provide needed ground saturation (but not flooding!). I haven't been outdoors much these past two days.

The world is just getting crazier by the day. Stay healthy and safe, everyone.


On of those stung cops ended up in the hospital.


Several prime suspects among the shitposters chiming in here.

I suggest Ms. Sawant invest in some security cameras.


@21 -- &/or
one of Bezos'
Rottweiler robots

his German Pincher
robots are to Die for but
$pendy for someone who
gives to Charity part of her $alary


@21 according to the linked CHS article she does have video and images of the poo-petrator and has given them to police. They also came out and tried to take fingerprints (I really don't want to know how they did that). Anyway she has gotten more response than 99% of the city due to her position but of course that is still not good enough. You can be sure she'll bring this up on the campaign trail next year as an example of the right wing conspiracy against her from the secret band of Republicans (that only make their presence felt during election cycles) living on Capital Hill


Sawant getting shit thrown at her was the best news I’ve heard all year! The difference between Sawants cult followers and Sawants critics is that sawants minions threaten others with violence or death, while her opponents toss poop at her.


We should note that as yet, we have no evidence to indicate the person(s) doing this are intentionally targeting CM Sawant, or anyone else who resides on the property. It could be just another crazy homeless person; as noted above, Seattle has no shortage of persons who literally leave human waste lying around town.

Years ago, a homeless couple parked their run-down RV in front of CM Herbold’s house. After she publicly indulged in a paranoid conspiracy theory, claiming certain of her political opponents had put it there, it turned out to be just a homeless couple who had no idea who she was.


@22 kristofarian: This is further glaring evidence that Jeff Bezos, even after his divorce settlement with MacKenzie Scott has WAAAAAAY too much money. Besides, if I wanted a canine companion, I'd adopt a living, breathing dog (but I'm more of a cat person). Is Bezos mass-producing robotic canine terminators for additional insane profit?


@5 Brent Gumbo: I think a lot of us are going to be doing an Andy Dufresne rain dance when precipitation finally reaches the wildfire scorched PNW. I will be, too.

@7 STII: You'd hug a poop thrower? You must be a riot at parties.


@28: If you read carefully, Sir Toby was mocking CM Sawant’s general anti-police stance, which disappeared the moment SHE felt she needed protection. Then, suddenly, more police presence and action became the only route for her to pursue.


@29 tensorna re @7: "They need hugs not handcuffs"......
I see the irony. But I'm not about to hug a poop thrower, regardless of the circumstances.


@30: “…I'm not about to hug a poop thrower, regardless of the circumstances.”

Of course not, dear. Neither is anyone else, which was kind of Sir Toby’s overarching point.


There's a bet that acting UK Prime Minister Liz Truss (after Boris Johnson stepped down) can't last longer than a head of lettuce? Seriously? Is it just me, or is the UK's problem with retaining a long term Prime Minister having anything to do with the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II and the crowning of King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla? I can't help but wonder how many Brits would prefer having King William VI and Queen Kate on the throne instead. Or is it that UK is just as deeply divided as we Yanks are in the States?


@31: I get it, tensy honey. There's no need to condescend.


Imagine how furious she’s going to be on Halloween! She’s going to terrorize the kids in costumes thinking they’re all out to throw poop at her.


Dear Flesh Eating Bacteria,
There is a supersized Orange happy meal at Maralago.


@35: Thank you, Charles. You just made my day. What a fitting end of the Orange Turd and its reign of terror! If someone can capture that image I hope it goes globally viral and takes ALL RepubliKKKans and their loyalists, too. Film at 11!

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