No downtown from Link train leaving Beacon Hill tunnel. Charles Mudede



Cherish each day. Cherish each life. We are bit of dust that looks up and wonders. And we may be very rare indeed. The next few hundred years will be grim but some of us will come out the other side (maybe).


I'm ready to do a little rain dance. I don't think I'm alone.
Those images of dense smoke are horrifying!


No mention of Commrade Bullhorn complaining about poo bags at her Leschi home? (Isn’t it nice that the “socialist” can afford a home in Leschi?)

Seems Councilmenber T-Shirt Slogan wants the cops to do something. Oh the irony. Not sure throwing a bag of poo on someone’s lawn is a crime. But if Commrade Bullhorn thinks it is, and that the cops should do something, does she realize a shit load of teenagers (pun intended) do that stuff all the time?

Shouldn’t she be advocating restorative justice for the poo slinger?


why is the 'right'
always so Fixated
on pooh-pooh - poor
potty training? did they
All have that contraption
that Locked them in Place
til the dirty Deed was Done?

that's One way to
Teach Regularity.

moving on

"is the mountain out?"

oh it's Out all right

if it Aint it's comin'
atchya like a Run-
away Train and
it's Vastly too
Late to Save
your Ass

oh and when that Rain
Cleanses the Air all
that Smoke gonna

head to the Storm Drains
the ones with the Whales
on the lids that say Dump
No Waste -- Empties into
Puget Sound gotta Wond-
er if Whales like Smoked
Salmon. I prefer mine

how tF they gonna do
Sports if Kids can't
Play OUT-side?

so GLAD they're Suing
EXXON et al for Denying
Catasrtophic Climate Up-
Heaval. Nationalize
those Basterds
Planet Earth
for the Pro-

and Adios
Maggie Thatcher
Wannabee. mayhaps
Liz's a harbinger of Oct 8.

the 'right'
HAS No Plan
other than Tax Cuts for
the peeps who don't even Need 'em.

oh and MORE
fucking Smoke.


crap -- November Eighth.
October 8th is when
Republicans vote.

sorry for the mix-up!


The new normal. Days of choking toxic smoke became weeks of choking toxic smoke soon to be months of choking toxic smoke.

Ah. But are we not wistful for the yesteryear when slog dipshits like Scottie would start every comment on a climate catastrophe with “it’s just a little smoke..” or “it’s just a little heat…”

Seems even dipshits maybe grow up a little.


Channelling Andy Dufresne and his Shawshank Redemption rain dance!
Tim Robbins---are you there?


@6 Those assholes just yesterday were trying to say that because different cultures have different standards of morality there is no such thing as good and by extension no such thing as truth. We are all going to choke and starve to death, or at least those under 30, and all they can do is emit their fascist nonsense and spout off gotchas. Im glad Charles is sad about the death of any hope of progress, he is old enough to have remembered when we had a chance to fight this doom off in the 70s to 90s but young enough to worry if his end will be natural or apocalyptic.

I love my daughters but I worry so much about how terribly shit their reality is likely to be that I wish I could go back in time in a way and stop us from breeding. Because I cant go back in time I strive to fill their childhood with joy and train them to be tough, kind, fierce, and competent while try to not choke out their joy. My version of Sades message.

I take my anger out on the fools in this forum but know they are just misled and improperly informed and doomed to the same fate as all of us common folk. Its odd that they are all crickets tonight when last night there were down to pounce. In case you asshats are reading these posts either reform your tortured souls into something useful, and if not that at the least just shut up.


@8: So sorry you're dwelling in anger, pity, and feeling sorry about yourself. Here's a little something that always helps me in dark times, and maybe it will lift your spirits just in time for the season. God Bless.


@4: “why is the 'right'
always so Fixated
on pooh-pooh - poor
potty training?”

Why do you assume
the ‘right’ had anything
to do with this poo-fling?

Thanks in part to CM Sawant,
Seattle has plenty of crazy persons
Literally leaving shit lying all over town

Why so surprised
Some of it finally returned
To the person most responsible?


I know it's supposed to be an image of outer space but...why does the constellation The Pillars of Creation look more like bacon grease dissolving in soapy dishwater to me? Hey,'s the Dawn Star!
(auntie grizelda needed SOMEthing to laugh about).

@8 shoobop: I feel your pain and frustration. I'm over 50 but honestly don't know who to feel sorrier for, women and girls ages 15-45 who are currently in their reproductive years, or little girls from birth to their preteens who have yet to experience their first menstrual period.

@9: Try not to fall in when you flush, Elmer, you clueless old MAGA fart.

@10: I KNEW it! You're Elmer's latest roomie, aren't you, tensy? Why else would your comments be posted so closely together? You're username bros! Elmer's mom's basement must be pretty full of MAGAt refugees by now.
Do you guys roast weenies in the backyard?


Please, someone, beam Scottie (@3) up to the Dawn Star already. Like the usual trolling MAGAts he shows no sign of intelligence. Maybe with a little scouring he could get the grease out from between his ears.


@10 -- to Bezos?
cool - no one
Deserves it


@13 kristofarian: I think the poop distribution should go evenly to the Orange Turd, its pet turtle Mitch McConnell, and Jeff Bezos. All three are gluttonous orange Happy Meals worthy of flesh-eating bacteria.


@14: Let's throw in Ron De Santis in among poop recipients, while we're at it.
Florida is practically all sewage infested swampland at this point. Let the punishment fit the crime.

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