In case of rain, be sure to poke drainage holes in your candy buckets. Onfokus/Getty Images



A couple of bollards would fix the plant-killing perpetrators' car. Sprinkle in a couple boulders and railroad ties for added fun.


some like Steak
others'll settle
for the Sizzle


Does anyone know who torched the Ozark Hotel?


@2 the trick is that one of those things actually works!

Happy Halloween y'all


Fuck you, David Wayne DePape. I hope your kneecaps get smashed in Hell.

Whoever burned down the Seattle Public Library can roast in Hell, too.

Happy Halloween, everybody--stay safe, trick-or-treaters and partygoers!
Griz has her DVD lineup ready and raring to go, plus popcorn, red wine, and
dark chocolate, almonds, and sea salt.


@4 Toe Tag: I don't know, but arsonists make me sick.

@6 Dale Horseman: Happy Halloween!



You can still be cited by parking enforcement agents, or ticketed by cops if pulled over for some other infraction. Though I suppose if you keep your car in a garage, never go downtown, never park anywhere else with regular enforcement, and maintain a perfect driving record, you might be OK. You could also simply abide by state and local laws out of some sort of general sense of human decency, but you gotta do you.


@2: That’s because one of those technologies works and the other doesn’t.

Mystery solved!

You’re welcome.


sizzle vs Steak.

mmmm. I
can Almost
Taste it now


@11 Perhaps, for whatever reason, some people are reluctant to go around planting cameras without permission in public places or on other people's property?


Who burned down the library in 1901? Probably an Olden Tymes MAGA shithead. They hate books that aren't the bible, and they hate everything in that except the mean shit (of which there's plenty). Hope everyone had a safe and fun 10/31


I am sure Pelosi's husband was drunk when it happened as per usual. I don't blame him.


I completely forgot to put my new tabs on my car, and got ticketed for it by parking enforcement. I just went ahead and paid it. It was my dumb mistake.

Cloverdale is a healthy street? I drive down that all the time and never noticed.


@16: TarZany? Is that you under another new screen name? Who among your imaginary demons is chasing you now?

@18 PrincessAngeline#2: The usual trolling MAGAt incels are typically 40 going on 4. Many of them consume insanely unhealthy amounts of sugar and highly processed carbs on a daily basis. Mosquitoes must adore them.


@12 kristofarian: You had me at steak, dammit! :)


Yes, we know that the one time that Matt Baume will side with affluent white home owners against actually marginalized people is when it is affluent home owners fighting against vehicular traffic. There are some of us who can't ride a bike at all, and physical disabilities make walking literally pain in every step. How about this, Seattle can not limit parking on ANY block that is not served by at least one metro stop withing two standard blocks. I actually love how you entitled assholes think that I should be excluded from city life because I'm not young and physically fit.

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