this lying
ass: A Democrat
named Clyde Shavers… '

call these Fucks
Out regardless of partay

and "Security" Guard rapist
(Allegedly): you'll likely have
Your Turn soon enough. which is
Totally Fucked Up but here we are

re Musky's Sewer
let's Hope he doesn't
hand the Midterms over
to the Fascists but if he does-
n't he probably likely Will soon

having this Much
CONTROL over the
Planet is TOO Much.

Murdoch paved the Horific Way
& now one person's Insanity
trumpfs Life itself.

and BB Nutnyahoo's
BACK? WILL that oft
Indicted Fascist be
coming Back to


Thank you for the "Atmospheric River" warning, Rich. Dully noted. Hopefully Whatcom and Skagit Counties don't get as devastated as they did last year. I can't unsee that horrific image of the blown over semi in the northbound lane of the Deception Pass Bridge. When wind gusts are severe enough to throw a 160,000 lb. truck on its side like a dead elephant there's not much longer for this world. Human made climate change is real.

The GOP brainwashing of MAGAts has reached batshit crazy septic tidal wave proportions! Vote Democrat as if your life and future depend on it, folks---because they do.


@2: Make that: "Duly noted". Damn--another glaring typo and griz hasn't consumed a drop of alcohol yet!
For some reason I make fewer typographical errors after a few glasses of red wine.


“…net $4.5 million decrease in revenues from the sweetened beverage tax,"

Said tax exists, apparently, to confirm every last right-wing talking point about liberals (especially Seattle liberals) and taxes:

It began as then-CM Mike O’Brien’s social-engineering experiment to lower consumption of sweetened beverages. Whatever the merits of such an idea, the tax has failed to meet that goal, whilst other politicians (Durkan? Durkan? Anyone? DURKAN?!?) raided the revenue stream for their pet projects. Meanwhile, local purveyors of the sweetened beverages covered by the tax (Starbuck’s was exempt, because their huge pile of money talks louder than cavities, or whatever) still whine about it.

As complete (and completely self-inflicted) failures go, it’s no homelessness policy, but just because it’s a total failure on its own terms doesn’t mean anyone on the Council will consider a repeal. Free money for pet projects tastes better than the most sweetened of (non-Starbuck’s) beverages.


has the Decrease
in soda (sugar H20) tax
come from a Decrease in
Consumption? if so, Good!

that Shit's too Expensive
(long-term) to be anything
But a now and again beverage

irregardless of Massive Campaigns
to have sugar sodas replace
good ole Water.


Can't wait to see what bullshit taxes SCC comes up with to cover the gap, instead of doing what the rest of us would have to do if we didn't have enough money to cover everything we wanted - cut the budget.

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