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How does backing up the freeway for a conflict thousands of miles away which apparently no longer even exists help anything? What a bunch of a-holes.

The Seattle Human Rights commission is a waste of money right now. Is it any wonder no one untie city listens to them?


Hannah, if you'll print that CNBC story you linked to, and have someone read it to you, you may find that Justice Barrett rejected two emergency applications to stop the student loan forgiveness order. She didn't even bother to buck them up to the full court.


Such an overwhelmingly huge image of Donald.


I find Hannah's recaps pretty much unreadable. The fact that she totally got the Amy Covid Barrett story wrong erases the "pretty much" for me. Do better, Stranger. Time to cut this one loose.


yeah well most
of us can get it
Wrong at

remains an issue
for forgiveness challenges

The main obstacle for those hoping to foil the president’s action has been finding a plaintiff who can prove they’ve been harmed by the policy, experts say.

After the initial lawsuit, the Education Department said that borrowers can opt out if they do not want to have their loans forgiven."

gotta Wonder how
many Takers stood Up
and did the Right Thing and
fell on their Sword as it Were


gotta be few Wealthy Ones
Had to do it outta Priciple
and then likely took it
outta their Progeny's
Inheritance Monies


Permanent DST sucks. We already have proof because (did you even know this?) WE ALREADY TRIED IT in 1974, and everyone was so miserable from a lack of daylight in the mornings that it was abandoned after just a few months. But I guess stupid ideas bubble up again for those who don't bother looking into them.



Yeah people don’t understand the consequences of permanent DST. Science says standard time is more in line with our natural circadian rhythm.


"Good for them!"

Hannah probably wrote that blissfully unaware of the predictable ramifications, like the medic unit that gut stuck by the protesters on the way to Harborview.


I get so tired of people whining about the time change. They wring their hands and talk about car wrecks, heart attacks, and what-about-the-children? But as Our Dear Parah Salin noted, we already tried it and it was horrible. In 1974, my route to school involved a trail and a detour around a washout. I know, I sound like Grandmother Vel-DuRay here, complaining about "kids these days" but it was fun in the daylight. In the dark it was terrible. Once we got down to the main road, we were still walking in the dark, and we had to be doubly careful about cars.

Face the facts: The planet has an orbit. Winter is the time when we don't get much daylight, so we might as well make the most of it by adjusting the time. If one hour makes such a difference that it drives one to complete collapse, one should get their affairs in order, for life it too harsh for such a precious being.


I pity those
straddling Time Zones*
wearing two watches never
knowing What Time it Is in the
Real World but the sun just Burns
& the World (hopefully) still turns at
just over a THOUSAND MILES an Hour

how come
we don’t all
just Fly Off?

*Russia has a Dozen
no Wonder Pooty's
so Fucked Up


Sunset at 4:30 pm for 3 months-
ick, ick, yeech!
No, I’m not moving to Miami.
Oh well, that’s what I get for living at the 47th parallel.


@11: Catalina, you rock!


"China on the other hand
has kept it relatively simple
by abolishing all time zones and
uniformly running on Beijing Time"

WE Need
a Strong Daddy
who'll FIX this shit

and then the Trains'll
ALWAYS run on Time.


seeems like if it's
Too Dark for the chirrens
Schools could just Adjust but 'no'?


@18: So you take issue with me complimenting Catalina Vel-DurRay? Or, you took any comment to pounce on?


@16: Didn't know that. Wow - just one time zone. What a horrible thing to do to your people.



Does it really matter what time it is, when you’re jumping into the suicide net?


I heard from my cousin in Jamaica that the CEO of ShotSpotter is a pedo.


@20 -- "What
a horrible thing to
do to your people."

Yes. Republicans
and Autocrats
ARE horrible

like Toddlers
with WMDs.


"I just need to tell someone about this: Last night, the Seattle Human Rights Commission discussed legislation to condemn the City’s relentless sweeps and give the mutual aid group, Stop the Sweeps, thousands of dollars that the City Council gave the commission to throw a Human Rights Day celebration."

Thank You

there ARE


@25: There are indeed humane human beings. Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell (D) is one of them.


Sea's Head Schweepist
is 'Humane'? on what
fucking Planet?

sitting there
waiting to
and De-
fend the

remember this
when you're on the
Street wondering WTF
just happened. oh and
Mind your Shit . you're
likely Not gonna get to
Keep it for Long. sweep!
sweep AWAY I say! funny


@6: "the Education Department said that borrowers can opt out"

But why?

I don't understand how this loan forgiveness is supposed to work. Is it a one-time thing for current year graduates? Or an ongoing annual program? If it's the latter, perhaps we could streamline the application process. Those who apply for loans to attend expensive schools could be handed the forgiveness paperwork at that time and get it all out of the way. In effect, telling the lenders that, No, they will not be paying the loans back. I wonder what happens to loan availability at this point.

If it's an ongoing, federally funded forgiveness program, then why don't we just bite the bullet and make them all grants? Here's some money. Get a degree. Good luck with your life. And then the gov't would just step in and be the single payer for said grants. Giving them the ability to allocate funds to worthwhile degrees. Engineering, science and technology degrees? Great! Here's your tuition money. Liberal arts, working to become a columnist for the likes of The Stranger? Sorry. We're full up already.


"the Education Department said
that borrowers can opt out"

the plaintiffs Claimed
they'd be Harmed
if they had to pay
income taxes on
the Debt Relief

so the Ed. Dept
said well then
just pay it
ALL back

and Holmsey
if they taught
Nothing but STEM
would we even have
Authors Playwrights Film-
Makers the fucking Stranger?

now to Worry:
when the Fascists
take over it'll be all
the State-Run teevee
movies and radio sans

the innernet.
it's far too Dangerous.


Welcome back to the RepubliKKKan-induced Dark Ages. No wonder the life span of the average U.S. citizen is now in the toilet.


utter Despair's just
around the Corner
auntie Gee . but
one Never

sometimes Gawd
smotes and some-
times Gawd Smiles

I'm just here
pulling for
the Latter.


@31 kristofarian: I always get nervous at election time. Having to mass delete spam emails on a daily basis only exacerbates the problem. Here's hoping the GOP faces mass extinction from Tuesday's outcome, and soon.

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