King County Elections will continue to count the remaining votes through the weekend. Charles Mudede



"If you can't drive like me, then use Metro and stay away from Link."

This is actually kind of funny. Anyone drive like Charles?


The Onion: "Mainstream media at it again, bloggers report"

The New York Slimes, along with the rest of the oligarch-owned mass media, has totally immolated its legitimacy over the last two decades at the alter of institutionalized kleptocracy and white trash supremacy.

They're all shameless, soulless, lying Republinazi whores that'll say anything for a buck.

Also worth noting that the NYT and WaPo treat their columnists like infallible mini-popes with lifetime appointments even though they're one hundred percent wrong all of the time, and it's impossible to hold them accountable for their lies.


if Orey-gone Hitches
up with I-de-ho
it'll be E OR . &
E WA'll wan-
na get In on
the Action
too. they

a Nukular
Waste Dump
which they'll prolly
just dump into the Columbia
'cause it's Close and GONE immediately

and who tf Needs a
Stinkin' Biosphere

and we might even wanna join
W OR and Adopt British Columbia
and have Both ends of the Columbia
and see whether Alaska wants to Join

and we could just become Sovereign
although and it's a pretty Big one
there's some Natives here with
some old Paper with some
rather Embarrassing
Words on it -- or
maybe Expens-
vie's the Better
word -- may as
Well make a
Clean Break
and Enroll
them too
or vice-

I am in.

the nyt
pretty Enlightening
I'm a Chris Hedges fan

nyt fired his ass
for dissing Cheney\bush's
Nation-Building Exercises in the ME



Chas probably drives like
one of those Cabbys in
Jim Jarmesh's brilliant
'Night on Earth' tho
which one I cannot
say with certainty.


maybe Helmutt.
probably Helmutt.
yep. Helmut.


@5 Truly magnificent.


The pedestrian wasn't killed by a "car". It was a Metro bus. Best guess for Stranger spin on this would be "something something anti-pedestrian street design"?


@14: And Mayor Harrell should be tried for his murder. Just ask Solidarity Budget. They’ll be performing a twelve-act amateur play on that very topic in some abandoned alley downtown.

“It was RED WAVE this. RED WAVE that. RED WAVE everywhere. And it didn't happen. Nothing like it. Not even close. But the blasting of this nonsense certainly had an emotional impact. My feeling is that the advantage the American right has over the American left is you can only be the former if you are sensitive to the suffering of others. This means you are sensitive to your social surroundings. This means blasting about all manner of nonsense (CRT, caravans, red waves—in short, the harming of others) comes from a segment of society that has the sensitivity of an alligator and impacts (with considerable force) a segment that has the sensitivity of a human being.”

While none of us enjoyed the Stranger’s constant “help us stop the Red Wave” blegging, that’s a lot of words to make that point, Charles.

@15: You ran out of uppity working-class, immigrant Asians in the CID to abuse, I see.


I hope Clark County comes through for Perez. Joe Kent is nuts. Damaged from the military. He needs locked up someplace where he can't hurt himself.

And, again, I blame the WA state Democrats for abandoning the rest of the state.


Charles, I think you meant the latter. But that is a great insight.


@17 Unfortunately, the candidates, positions and compromises the Dems would likely need for the rest of the state tend to further upset those whose desired outcomes are muted by "small d" democratic majorities.


I'd really love to know what you have against billionaires giving their money to charity, Charles. Is it the fact that charities are beholden to a set of laws that forces them to be frugal with their money and actually use the donations they receive on the services they provide, and not a metric fuckton of unnecessary administrative overhead and waste? I'd sure as hell rather give my tax money to a charity because at least then I'd know it's not being wasted.


@2 STII and @17 Catalina Vel-DuRay: +2 Agreed on Maria Gluesenkamp Perez. I, three, hope she wins.
Indeed, Joe Kent really should be locked up.

OMG that image!! Did I actually call it in 2020? May this shitstorm truly spell the end of the GOP.
RepubliKKKans were dumb enough to worship the Orange Turd like a god, and willing to destroy our democracy and fair elections at the cost of the people. These traitors deserve what they get now. May their extinction come swiftly. It can't come fast enough.
Meanwhile, Griz adds this lyrical classic to the comment thread. Enjoy!

Trumpty Dumpty sat on his Wall.
Trumpty Dumpty had a Great Fall.
Now none of its lawyers or MAGA yes-men
Will help Trumpty elude the New York Post pen!


@22: Sorry--I meant @4 STII. It's too early for alcohol. Amazingly, Griz has less typos when Comfortably Numb (thanks and apologies to Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason of Pink Floyd).


Just one more about her and then I'll drop the subject: I'm grateful Tiffany Smiley didn't pull a Loren Culp and conceded to re-elected six-term incumbent U.S. Senator Patty Murray, and that it was resounding Murray win. I hope Smiley moves to Idaho. She could be a greeter at Wal*Mart or an anchor for FOX TeeVee over there. And good riddance.

Go Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, GO!!!!

@24 shoobop re @16: Tensy's just mad that the GOP couldn't piss out a red wave if they had 100 billion cans of
spray paint and Nerf SuperSoakers. RepubliKKKans are horrible people, and sore losers, too. That MAGAts hate their own neofascist Orange Turd now is icing on the cake.


Why do I now see a highly comical image of the Orange Turd in a gorilla suit as King Kong atop the Empire State Building, fighting off war planes shooting black ink until it finally topples off, crash landing down upon the New York City streets with a resounding sonic boom? Larger than life! Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson would be proud.
When there's a global threat to the world at large---who ya gonna call? TRUMP BUSTERS!!
Slayed by the very press and the media---the monster's biggest and most insatiable glut. Oh, the irony!


At least I am grateful as a U.S. veteran not to have served under the dictatorship of the Orange Turd. I feel genuinely sorry for those, especially female service members and veterans, who did.
Jesus--and I thought the Nixon, Reagan, and Bush regimes were bad!


@Auntie -- thanks!!!
Oodles for Your
Service auntie

wish we had a Mandatory 2 year Program
where at 18 or 19 the Citizenry'd be
Required to mix & mingle with avg
joes and Billionaire Heire$$es and
all that Provincialism'd be up for
Debate if not thoroughly Repud-
iated by our Country's maybe
last Best Hope for its fuck-
ing Future and* Re-build
this Treasure we have
just Lying beneath
our fucking Feet.

before the Fascists
Toll even the At-

just need
a few (Rs)


oh and when you get out
further Education is all
PAID FOR - be it Voca-
tional Veterinarial or
WETF or help with
a Biz Loan or the
Civlian Rebuild-
ing Corps plus
fucking CHILD
CARE so peeps
can afford to
and be Pro-

this shit
PAYS for
Itself. +.


gosh is that
the time?


@24: You might want to pause and wipe the spittle once in awhile.

Ronald Reagan had his black welfare queens; you have your subsidized old Asians. As we liberal democrats noted in the last century, you ideological extremists have more in common with those at the other end of the spectrum than with the liberal democrats you both oppose.

Thank you for being the public face of progressive racism here on Slog.


@29 kristofarian: You are most welcome. As of 11/11/ 2022 I am 29 years and 6 months a veteran of the U.S. Navy.


LouChe dear, I disagree about Democrats in Eastern WA. I think that a properly funded Democrat who was resolute on the “culture war” issues, but primarily engaged in the issues that are important to rural constituents (ag, timber, water rights) could do very well - particularly if the candidate took a Bernie Sanders type position on guns.

If you look at the vote totals from the elections, you’ll see that eastern WA has the potential to be purple, but right now they effectively have one-party rule, much more so than King County.

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