This picture is honestly inaccurate to the vote for changing our ballot system. "No" and "Yes" should be in the most intense staring contest of all time. MIKEY BURTON



Mark Kelly
Wins Arizona Senate Race
Putting Democrats a Seat From Control

Mr. Kelly, who ran as a bipartisan legislator devoted to the needs of Arizona, defeated Blake Masters, a Republican newcomer whose ideological fervor failed to win over enough independent voters.

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WTF Whatcom voters?? Postage paid mail-in ballots! Just mark everything Democrat and we're good to go.
I voted two weeks ago. It's not rocket science. Don't fuck us up because Senator Patty Murray rightfully got re-elected her sixth term in the U.S. Senate (Lynden voters, I'm looking at you).

@3 STII: Oh please oh please oh please---let the win go to Marie Gluesenkamp Perez!!


Holy crap. I had no idea Gallagher was such a piece of shit. I can't believe TFG never had him play (defile?) the White House.

And pretty much every Congressional District had to choose between a MAGA conspiracy theoist and a Democrat this year.


"theorist." dammit.



perhaps they'll hire gallygaggler
for the '24 Election\Insurrection
& with trumpfy lead the Charge

who'll they try to assassinate this time
KkKonnell* their strategist par
excellence? C.J. Roberts?
randoms at Large?

*MINORITY fucking leader


In Eastern WA, they are now running ads by some PAC saying “progressives” are discriminating against white people. At least it’s a change from Tiffany standing in front of a green screen of that closed Starbucks.


"King County Progressives Continue to Dominate"

Yes, but will they ever be credible and effective?


Well, rockyboy dear, King County is the economic powerhouse of the state, so the progressives must be doing something right.


Raindrop dear, the police are not known for their progressiveness. If you are hiding under the bed because of lack of police, may I suggest Moses Lake?


nyt: Here’s the latest on the election results.

Democrats retained control of the Senate on Saturday with the victory of Senator Catherine Cortez Masto in Nevada, accomplishing what had once appeared to be a heavy lift because of high inflation, fear of crime and President Biden’s weak job approval ratings.

Ms. Cortez Masto, the first Latina elected to the Senate, pulled ahead of Adam Laxalt, the Trump-endorsed former Nevada attorney general, as mail ballots, many from Clark County, broke in her favor.

at Last.


“Washington’s 3rd Congressional District is the last congressional district in the state up for grabs and it may turn blue this election if Democrat Marie Gluesenkamp Perez can hold onto her initial 10,000 vote lead over conspiracy theorist and MAGA head, Joe Kent.” You don’t need a lead by 10,000 votes to win, just a one lead vote would suffice! And it was called in her favor <3


@14 kristofarian: Hooray for more good news! It's encouraging to see people out voting and not just blowing off the midterms, realizing what we all have to lose under RepubliKKKan dictatorship and neofascism.

@15 Totoman: So it's official? Did Marie Gluesenkamp Perez beat batshit crazy pro-Trumpist sock puppet, Joe Kent? If so, it's refreshing to see that enough 3rd District voters in Southwest Washington have finally caught on to fear mongering and MAGA propagandic bullshit. I wonder if the same can be said of Grays Harbor County voters this midterm cycle. They REALLY got screwed by going from true Democratic blue to Trump-blindsided red in 2016. They found out as early as January 2017 that Trump's campaign was just a big lie.
Best of all, Doug The Thug Ericksen isn't around to fuck anything up anymore. Here's to clinking a glass or two that Douggie's rightfully getting cornholed in Hell alongside Rush Limbaugh, both screaming, "You can't mean ME!!!!"


Hopefully Joe Kent won't pull a Trump and its sock puppet, Loren Culp and just concedes to Marie Gluesenkamp Perez if she wins the 3rd District. Kent is deeply disturbed and it wouldn't surprise me if he tried to pull some post election shenanigans.


Among my Christmas wishes for 2022: Moscow Mitch "Mr. Turtle" McConnell gets SO angry about the outcome of the midterm elections, that he stamps his foot---and rips in two like Rumplestiltskin. And then his Coke bottle glasses fall off and the lenses shatter on the floor.
Suddenly U.S. democracy and the rest of the world have Time Enough at Last.


@11: Dear, King County and Seattle have been run exclusively by Democrats for pretty much forever, while “progressives” and their failed policies are relatively new to town. Seattle pretty clearly decided the progressive vs. Democrat debate last election, much to the impotent rage of progressives.

@8: I don’t know exactly what those un-named PACs are saying, but last year, the Seattle Human Rights Commission explicitly approved a blatantly racist event at Seattle’s official Pride celebration. We know,right-wingers and Republicans are not sources of truth, but there was no need for Seattle progressives to give them any factual basis for their lies.


tensorna dear, It's much more sinister than some silly pride event (which they would never mention anyway). It says that Kamela doesn't want to give disaster aid to white people and somebody else wants to withhold covid treatments to whites. It's really pretty in-your-face.


@21: While I’m sorry these still-unnamed PACs are pushing lies and hate, I’m glad Seattle’s progressive failures are not directly feeding those lies. Propaganda always works better when it starts with half-truths, or is otherwise based in some reality. Fortunately, what you’re paraphrasing from these unidentified sources can’t be mistaken for reality by any sane person.


tensorna, I did some googling on it, and it's connected to an organization run by uber creepy trump fetishist Stephen Miller. (I won't link to it, because I don't want to give it more eyeballs). So you can dab at your fevered brow with eau de cologne, and turn that frown upside-down. This is all about Republican/trumpian hate and division, not the failures of Seattle's progressives.


Slog writers: Rent and home costs are too damn high!
Also Slog writers: We haven't met a property tax hike we didn't like!

We bought a house way out in unincorporated King County because we couldn't afford fuck-all that wasn't an absolute turd anywhere closer to Seattle. I just looked it up, and unless the assessor's website is incorrect (Jesus god please be wrong), they've "reevaluated" the value of our land, which increases our 2023 taxes by $1,600. So I don't want to hear any of you bitching about getting an absurd rent increase when you're voting for the very things that are costing you more money.


Yep. Genius editorial cartoonist David Horsey strikes again. Senator Patty Murray's tennis shoes are indeed, running just fine.


@18: I called it on rabid pro-Trumpist nut job, Joe Kent not being man enough to concede to newly elected Marie Gluesenkamp Perez in the 3rd District. If he needs to be dragged away kicking and screaming like his fellow RepubliKKKan white men, so be it. The voters have aptly demonstrated support of democracy, not neofascism.
In brighter news, heartfelt congratulations to Marie Gluesenkamp Perez!!

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