Voting on polygamy: a good use of everyone's time. photographer/getty images



In fairness, religious cults forcing girls and young women into exploitive polygynous relationships in all likelihood causes more social harm than is caused by not allowing marriage between consenting poycules. Admittedly a difficult situation, the same legal framework that facilitates the protection of one group (coerced wives) discriminates against another (polys).


when Everyone is Armed
and Dangerous only
Then will we ALL
be Safe

it just Simple math
and Uncanny Logic

and an un-Dying
Love for the nra
who're only
Here to


@4 it would have prevented this shooting. Maybe make some helpful suggestions instead of tearing apart ideas floated by a grieving community. My kids are pretty freaked out that someone was shot eight times in a school hallway.


I just knew pro-Trumpist neofascist MAGAt and RWNJ Joe Kent would pull a deranged Loren Culp-like stunt like this. I'm estimating that his next move will be an insurrectionist attack on the government somewhere, either in Olympia or in D.C. RepubliKKKans are horrible excuses for people, and they're sore losers.
Eat my shit, Joe, choke on it, and drop dead already. It's over. You LOST. Get the fuck OVER it already.


@7 right? It’s creepy the vested interest some folks have in letting gun violence in schools continue. A metal detector isn’t trying to repeal the second amendment, I honestly don’t get the mental gymnastics in favor of maintaining the grisly status quo. Denial is a coping mechanism I guess.


"But I’d very much like to find that National Enquirer article"

Many years ago, when our family would go through tons of newspapers, we would occasionally take the old newspapers to a collection shed on the other side of town. It was a place to drop of papers for free and I'm sure the owner then made a little money by selling them to the next place in the recycling chain.

One of the best parts was being able to briefly go through the papers that had been dumped there by others (they were all in piles, not just thrown in). It was always great to encounter copies of National Enquirer or Star, as that was crazy stupid stuff that my parents would never have in the house. I would grab a bunch of them, take them home, be amused by all the content, and then eventually take them back on our next trip to the shed. Nowadays I wish I had saved some of those issues.


@12 thank god someone is looking out for the insurance companies!


@14 Scottie Soft and Brown: Rabid former Green Beret, RWNJ, and shit-spewing pro-Trumpist sock puppet Joe Kent is the one who is seriously unhinged, you pathetically clueless MAGA turd. Crawl back into the Orange Turd's buttcrack and rot there, Little Mr. Sore Loser. And try not to fall in when you flush. Puget Sound has more than enough toxic waste already.


Hooray for the death of Cooke Aqua Net Pens! "Aquaculture" from Day One was nothing but profiteering outsider propagandic bullshit, out to destroy the environment and native species of local salmon for "record profits". I grew up five miles outside of La Conner where pens in Skagit Bay have been an eyesore for over 35 years. They weren't securely installed, either. One good windstorm and the pens would come loose, drifting halfway out toward Puget Sound. I know a lot of Swinomish tribal members who must be clicking heels that those floating monstrosities are to be permanently removed by order of State Commissioner of Public Lands, Hilary Franz.
Thank you and bless you, Commissioner Franz, for making the wise choice, especially when our native salmon populations are near extinction.

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