"Election deniers have, after this election, pretty much gone the way of the dinosaurs. We will soon look at them with nothing but amazement in the museum of American political history."

You think? We did win a battle. A step back from the edge...


The pro murderer angle of The Stranger is appalling.


”As fake accounts multiplied on the site Thursday, Musk responded to a sexually explicit tweet from a fake President Biden with two cry-laughing emoji and tweeted that Twitter users had shared 'some epically funny tweets.'"

and all for the Low Low
Price of $7.99 a month

is Musky gonna Break it
or rule The World
with it?


Unfortunately for Kent his concession is not required. It's just an expression of basic human decency. Which we know not to expect from the GQP.


@6 More than passing a low bar for decency, a concession is an affirmation of our democracy and its systems, which is also something the GQP has more or less rejected.


@2 If you cant get the excellent point he was making then you are more lost than the kid going on trial.

Excellent write up today Charles.

That picture of the house leadership got my pussy wet.

Its never too late to union up, maybe for you but for the next folks. Get your shit together techies. Us nurses could teach you a thing or two about creating stability in an unstable time.


I'm so glad I never opened a Twitter account and never will. Jesus wept.

The Orange Turd, its rabid sock puppet and fellow sore loser, Joe Kent, and the rest of the GQP should all be locked up inside Jeff Bezos' space dildo and hurtled one-way into outer space.

@8 shoobop: You're turned on by a picture of three conspiracy theory plotting RepubliKKKan white men? I thought I knew you better!


Charles and Chris are right. Why the fuck should any Amazon worker give a fuck about the owners who…checks notes…continue to suck up to a regime who dismembered one of Jeff’s employees?

Also, fuck Joe Kent down to the 9th circle, you fucking fascist fuck.



@9. That was sarcasm silly. To be honest At first I thought it was 3 pictures of the same guy. Also the I don’t have a pussy. I have two: An old long haired black rescue named Kevin and a young short haired tuxedo named Charlotte, and boy do they hate getting wet.


Don't despair tech workers, these layoffs create opportunities for other companies to get the talent (you) that was bottled up in Amazon, Meta, DocuSign, Microsoft, and others.

It's only bleak if you're a defeatist, like Charles wants you to be.


If tech workers thought there jobs were secure forever they have no sense of (even recent) history. The Dot-Com implosion resulted in massive layoffs pretty much across the board. It wasn't just the of the world, but old-school, stodgy tech companies like IBM as well. It was a terrible time to be in software.

Things recovered, and then consolidated. That is the big lesson. Expect more monopolies, not fewer. By all means tech workers should unionize, because after the dust settles, you will have fewer opportunities. Many of the companies that would have hired you a few months ago simply won't exist. Like the members of SPEEA, you will need to have power to deal with the few large corporations that will hire you.


I've been in "tech" for around 20 years in California and for some time, Seattle. Here's a perspective - workers in this industry don't think that they are invincible, that they are irreplaceable, or even needed at all. Jobs can go up in smoke at any time, volatility is part of the contract. Anyone close to the margins knows the business is cutthroat and cold. Charles's hearsay from friends of friends and overheard bar convos are a little removed from reality, and I'd like to offer that some to many of us don't feel and think the way he suggests we do.


Amazonian checking in here, and it's really not a shock that an arm of the company that has consistently lost $5B per year is paring down employment. Do I feel for the people that are about to lose their job? Totally. But when you double your employment footprint in the span of three years, layoffs are bound to happen when they start to right the ship. That's just how it is in tech. There are also 3k+ openings in corporate that they can apply to for internal transfer.

Besides Charles, shouldn't you be happy that Amazon is shrinking its footprint instead of bringing more tech bros in to drive up rent/housing prices in the area?


@12 shoobop: Okay, I thought so. Personally, I wouldn't mind the GOP getting done in by an army of angry, wet cats.


Amazon Go Away

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and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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