Murray gets the purse: According to the Seattle Times, Sen. Chuck Schumer will nominate our very own Sen. Patty Murray to serve as president pro tempore of the world's greatest deliberative body (lol) and also chair of the Appropriations Committee. The former distinction puts her third in the line of succession for the presidency, and the latter gives her a powerful role in doling out the pork. She told the Times she'll focus on securing money to reduce childcare costs. 

Sticking with Mitch: On the other side of the aisle, Mitch McConnell swiftly crushed a challenge to his leadership posed by Floridian senator and albino snake Rick Scott, the Washington Post reports. Only 10 of the 47 GOP senators backed Scott in the contest. Complaints about McConnell's leadership reportedly revolved around his secrecy and backroom dealings. 

GOP officially clinches House: Thanks to Republican wins in California and New York, the most dangerous political party on the planet will take control of the lower chamber, according to the New York Times. Good luck with your slim majority of backstabbing orcs, Kevin McCarthy! 

Thirty-seven Senate Republicans voted against a federal law to protect gay and interracial marriage: This afternoon, 62 Senators voted to end debate on the Respect for Marriage Act. That filibuster-proof majority means the bill earned enough support to beat a clear path to the President's desk, where it will be "promptly" signed, according to Axios. Though some progressives quibble over its strength, Slate legal reporter Mark Joseph Stern thinks the bill is "worthy of not just support but celebration" because it "repeals a bigoted federal statute while creating a crucial backstop for marriage equality in the states if the Supreme Court overturns Obergefell v. Hodges." If it's good enough for Stern, then it's good enough for us. 

Iran sentences four more protesters to death: Their crime? "Enmity against God," according to the BBC. The Human Rights Activists News Agency claims that "at least 348 protesters have been killed and 15,900 others arrested in a crackdown by security forces on what Iran's leaders have portrayed as foreign-backed 'riots.'" If those 37 GOP senators had their way, we'd be doing the same shit here. 

Karen Bass wins the LA mayoral race: She beat out tough-on-crime real estate dummy Rick Caruso to become the first woman to lead the city of angels, a local NBC affiliate reports.

Probably much to the chagrin of his lawyers, Sam Bankman-Fried slid into a reporter's DMs last night and dished about "went wrong, why he did what he did, and what lies he told along the way" as his crypto exchange collapsed. Read the duplicitous crypto dude's tell-all over at Vox.

WWIII averted for at least the next few hours: NATO and the president of Poland think a Ukrainian anti-missile defense system triggered by a Russian barrage accidentally killed two Polish farmers, which eases "fears that [Poland] and its NATO allies could be drawn into a direct conflict with Russia," the New York Times reports. 

Moscow, ID police to community: No suspect? No info? No problem! Conflicting information regarding the deaths of four students in a house near the University of Idaho campus caused teachers to cancel class and prompted students to skip town, according to the Idaho Statesman. Despite the lack of new information, police "have continued to emphasize there is no ongoing threat to the community." 

SDOT to pedestrians: Drop dead:  

Mayor Bruce Harrell wants to exempt affordable housing from design review for a year: If the council passes the proposed bill, the year-long buffer would give local lawmakers time to work on a package that would cut some other permitting requirements to speed along desperately needed affordable housing projects, too, the Puget Sound Business Journal reports. Why didn't we do this seven years ago, when former Mayor Ed Murray (disgraced) declared homelessness a crisis? Ah yes, NIMBYs. 

Better keep those trousers rolled: The "king tides" will roll in on Thanksgiving and reach their highest point (13 feet) at the end of January, the West Seattle Blog reports. As the blog explains, "the high tides themselves aren’t always problematic unless weather conditions compound them." 

Oh great, Fox 13 named the kid in the Ingraham High School shooting: Normally, journalists don't name people accused of crimes until prosecutors officially levy charges. And when it's a kid, naming them at all raises serious ethical issues—even if the kid is accused of murder. But even then, normally we don't name them until prosecutors officially charge the kid as an adult. Why? Because the internet is forever, and reducing someone's name to the worst thing he ever did makes it that much harder for him to ever reenter society in a productive way. But these considerations apparently did not weigh heavily on the heads of our local Fox affiliate. Even though prosecutors haven't charged the Ingraham shooting suspect as an adult yet, they signaled that they would, which was apparently reason enough for Fox to name him. Great job, guys. What a wonderful public service. 

I'll leave you with a little Gillian Welch: