"The Supreme Court has rejected a challenge to a Seattle law that requires hotels to provide low-wage workers with health care coverage. This could prompt other cities to implement similar rules.

time to get
Businesses OUTta
the Healthcare Biz:

for ALL bitches.
Join the Civiized World

or Bust.


Repressive Regimes
Hosting 'Football'
so's they can
their Atro-

fuck That.


You need a Seattle Times subscription to make any sense of this post. I know the SLOG am/pm is just a half-assed attempt to aggregate notable news stories, but the reliance on the Times is pretty laughable.


Why on earth did the City Council decide to require health insurance just for hotel workers? Do they dislike other workers? Are hotel employees big Kshama donors? Enquiring minds want to know.


I love the implication that an organization as corruptly self-serving as FIFA would ever do jack to protect players’ rights to anything from anyone with money and/or power.



medicare for all indeed!


@1 and @2 kristofarian: +2 WORD!

@4 dvs99: I was wondering the exact same thing. And is it my misinterpretation or does Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell only like bad cops and insanely rich people? What next, all charges are dropped and suddenly fired ex-King County Sheriff's deputy Patrick Saulet gets promoted to SPD Chief, complete with a seven figure annual bonus? Just because the SPOG said he's big and badass?

WTF is up with Aurora Avenue? Is it an official NRA-approved hunting ground for pedestrians now?
Does anyone remember Aurora Village? The Yesteryear Restaurant on Old Hwy 99 (north of 205th NE, and the King County / Snohomish County lines)? That whole area is just strip malls and outlets now. Once thriving neighborhoods are dying. I just don't know Seattle, anymore, and I'm a Northwest Hospital baby.
The family beach house my parents bought for $16,500 in '66 isn't on the market, but appraised at over $1.3 million now. Mom and Dad would shit their pants if they were still alive and knew. I guess I can't be too surprised. You really can't go home again. I was just lucky enough to live and grow up there, and during a good era.


@4 Mosqueda sponsored this legislation in 2019 as another of her labor initiatives. If you peruse her campaign website there is an endorsement from Unite Here! local 8

I couldn’t find how they used their money in 2021 but they dropped big coin on Lewis in 2019 so I’d imagine St Theresa got some love thrown her way last year too.


@8 Yes, that's how the working class ultimately gets its fair share of the pie. The lowest worker in Seattle should be able to house, feed, clothe, and provide healthcare to their family on 40 hours of labor a week.

You seem to think a worker should kiss his boss's arse for three hot, a clean cot, and a uniform.


"Yes, queer people can face the death penalty in Qatar, but won’t someone think of the poor soccer players... "

fucking Bravo.

@9 -- sure.
as long as they*
Warsh their own Unis.

who damn Better
NOT be Disgruntled.


9001 internet points for Ralhp Wiggum reference


Auntie dear, indeed I do remember Aurora Village, with its tiny Frederick & Nelson and Nordstrom anchors, and its suburban style Woolworth’s. Didn’t it also have a movie theatre?

As far as Aurora is concerned, the real problem is not people wandering onto a state highway, but the open air sex market that exists on Aurora from just north of Evergreen Washelli to 145th st. I’m all for non-coerced prostitution, but that is not a healthy environment for sex workers on the stroll or the John’s who are hiring them. If The Stranger wants a cause to advocate for on Aurora, it should be that.


Has anyone thought of putting up a sign counting how many jaywalkers run into traffic and are killed when they attempt to jump over a jersey barrier? I'm sorry for the woman in a wheelchair who was killed by a hit-and-run, but two of the links you provide showed that someone ran into traffic mid-block, and in one case there was a marked crosswalk just one block south.


Vision Zero?

More like Vision Nero ...

Seattle citizens die whilst Mayor Harrell fiddles with the budget.



@9 that wasn't my point. @4 asked why only hotel workers and not everyone in the city and I pointed out the money trail from the hotel workers union. To your point then why not everyone? I guess Mosqueda's thinks you should kiss the boss' ass as well.


@12 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Yes, it sure did! I remember all that, Woolworth's too, and the candy counter at Frederick & Nelson. Thinly sliced pastel fudge and Frangos. I remember a carp pond and a little bridge, too. This was reminiscent of polite society of the '60s, when people dressed up a lot more often. The Bill Blume Volkswagen dealership across the street, adjacent to 205th NE offered a rainbow of VW Beetles in every color of the spectrum.
I agree with your views on non-coerced prostitution. What is happening out there is truly unhealthy and unsafe. Really good idea about The Stranger advocating for public safety and against sex-trafficking on Aurora Avenue and elsewhere.


@12 Catalina Vel-DuRay: And Nordstrom was and is still the place to get shoes and school clothes.
I wish there was a Nordstrom where I live. Bellis Fair Mall isn't what it used to be. COVID concerns emptied out a lot of would-be shoppers down from British Columbia. I haven't been to a Nordie's--not even a Nordstrom Rack--in years. Ah, memories of French dips and Frango mint shakes at Frederick & Nelson, too, at least at the big department store downtown!

Despite so much turbulence during that era--economic, environmental, women's and civil rights issues, and the intensity of the Vietnam War (the very first U.S. involved war to have televised coverage!)---there were good things to be thankful for.

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