Stack ranking and performance improvement plans have been part of most tech companies for decades, and just like now, have been used to arbitrarily create plausibility for layoffs whenever necessary. I’ve seen whole divisions at some companies find themselves retroactively downgraded and decimated by targeted shifts in performance metrics. Tech workers are as victimized by the ruling classes as anybody.


there was a brief golden sun blast on phinney ridge just before sunset today.
mind remained mush.


The rain felt good today. And we were in 50+ degree Fahrenheit temperatures. The sunshine was nice, but I can do well without below 32 degree F temperatures and icy street surfaces.
Stop griping about the rain, people!


@1 is correct and well stated. Charles, you could have easily asked one of your tech friends to get the facts right. Having a feeling about something is not the same as actual knowledge.

Gosh, only one article between Tuesday's AM and PM Slogs. That's a first.


@1 YES, that's one reason why Microsoft stagnated under Steve Ballmer's leadership, because everyone was graded on a curve. No matter how good they were, some people had to be at the failing end of the curve and were fired.


@4 will just cry yourself to sleep into a cold bowl of oatmeal tomorrow or will you have actual living humans to annoy in real life as they barely tolerate your toxic fuckery around a large table?


Oh dear...heaven forfend... Tech workers are being ranked and graded on performance. Will this hellish nightmare of judgement and performance never end.

We should all be like socialist, each according to their ability and each according to their needs.... how did that end again.... oh yes, the complete collapse of communism and a ruined economy with a crazy ass dictator making war in the Ukraine.


@6: You're welcome to join us, and your daughters too!


Japan has been told to all wear turtlenecks this winter, to save energy (they use oil and coal).

Could have bought renewables much cheaper, but no ...

And those tech cuts you're talking about are not much tech unemployment is maybe 4.5% at most. It's mostly just H1-Bs.

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