This man haunts my nightmares. Chip Somodevilla / Getty



a pensive Pence
grinding his Molars
wishing he'd Known what
the fuck he was Signing up for
and Knowing he already Knew

the former
talk show host
headed home a Hero or goat

boss trumpfy's like ol' Midas
everything his teensie
lil handsies touch is
soon laid Waste
Will VP Mikey
flip and Turn
on trumpfy?

why the Fuck not?
this trumpfster
Fire is soon to
get Toasty,


Oh please, Mike Pence, sing like a bird!
Lead to the end of the fetid Orange Turd!
You knew going in 'twas a poisoned well.
'Tis time for Donny to roast in Hell.

Insurrectionists threatened you with a noose,
While the Orange Turd's still out running loose!
May the world rejoice when Trump is no more.
It CANNOT run for prez again in 2024!

When the Orange Turd lost he turned on you.
Mr. Pence, you know the right thing to do.
Now's not the time to run like a frightened youth,
Even though Trumpty can't handle the truth.

No matter how violent its goon squad may be,
Bringing true justice is your responsibility.
A reminder that NOBODY is above the law.
May Trumpty Dumpty get cornholed raw.


@1 kristofarian: Trumpster fire. Ain't THAT the truth!
It's time to put it out before the entire world burns.


is it sad that I immediately recognized the Colorado shooter's father from an old episode of "intervention"?
he's a tweaker who jerks off all day to his old scenes. oh, he used to be in pornos.


Bravo Auntie!
Yes, cornholed raw!
Happy T-day to all the sloggers.


@5 pat L: Many thanks. Every so often I can hit a grand slam out of the park.
Happy Thanksgiving!


While I have never tried it, and thus may be missing out on its charms, I have no interest in fried Turkey. You don’t fry a whole chicken, why would you fry a whole Turkey?

Put the Turkey in your (preferably) electric oven or roaster, enjoy the aroma while it cooks. That’s the best part.


@7 - yes, and even worse - no pan drippings for gravy!


Hey, so I went and drove across the country for the holidays and haven't been onto the slog much at all for a couple weeks. Random question.... Anyone know what happened to blip? Haven't seen any comments from him in the couple days since I arrived w/ the fam and his slog profile looks a little odd too (it just doesn't display his comment history, like everyone else's does.) And then I went and found this thread, which seems to indicate a comment of his was deleted, which seems real odd.

(the thread seems to suggest he was @25.)

Would be pretty freaking bummed if he were banned, as his commentary here is/was a valuable source of interesting and informed (and quite often pretty freaking funny) discourse.



Had a friend deep fry one a long time ago and I remember being wholly unimpressed. I recall the skin maybe being a little crispier or something, which I actually appreciated, but other than that I'd have had no idea it was even prepared any differently. Doesn't seem it could possibly be worth the trouble, other than as a novelty to impress random dumb-fuck dude-bro types. Now maybe if you were to cover the whole thing in a KFC-like breading....


8: Yes, that's the biggest drawback. Gravy is a must.


mike blob @9, I don't believe blip is banned. What I've seen when commenters get banned is that, when you search for their profiles and click the link, you get a "404 not found" error. And I have seen current commenters whose comment histories are not available in their profiles. Might be something else going on.


@11 - for sure. I’m assuming people that fry the bird and still have gravy are using some powdered mix gross-ness. It’s one of those “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it” things…


Yes, by all means, let's de-stigmatize a deadly virus. That is a sensible use of time and resources.



Thanks, makes me feel better. I know he'll occasionally get pretty testy with that seventiesrocker dumbell and I'd thought maybe he could've finally gotten annoyed and crossed some line, but hopefully he's also just on vacation or whatever. Happy thanksgiving everybody! Guessing there won't be much/any content tomorrow, here's an enjoyable music interlude you all might enjoy and if nothing else that'll help pass some time.


Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Griz is chilling to music, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (when Peppermint Patty invites herself, Marcie, and Franklin over to Charlie Brown's house for Thanksgiving dinner, from 1973), and from 1983, The Big Chill (there is a roast turkey , mashed potatoes, apple pie dinner at Dr. Sarah and Harold Coopers' house). Bring on the red wine, pumpkin pie and kickass classic rock from the '60s!


@7 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Agreed. The only thing grosser than fried turkey is the insane invention called "Tofurkey". That and any attempt at vegan meatloaf. I understand dietary restrictions and preferences; I have some myself, but otherwise, what's the point?


@10 mike blob and @12 cressona: I'm glad, too, to hear that blip is okay. I can't understand why anything blip posts would be deleted. He's so consistently spot on. Maybe he's traveling, too, for the holidays?



I actually think the profile is banned, which would be a serious bummer and detriment to the community that still exists here. I found another recent thread where he'd posted a bunch of comments and they're now all gone/deleted (you can tell it was him posting because of the way you specifically address people by name/#, interestingly.) I've also seen what cressona mentioned with banned profiles typically displaying a 404 message, but am thinking maybe admin staff might have made some change recently that affected this. Hopefully I'm wrong, or if not, maybe he'll just create a new profile the way the 70's rock dumbell repeatedly does.


blip's Loss'd
be a Blow
to Schlog
& NOT in
a Good


@19 mike blob and @20 kristofarian: blip's profile got banned? Why? That truly is sad! He's not a troll.
Are SLOG comments becoming censored? Are we next?
I really have a weird feeling about this.


@19 mike blob: Oh, jeez! I'd hate to think that my addressing commenters directly contributed in any way to blip's banned profile. This does not bode well.


well we dont Know
auntie Gee but
here's one for
derr Schlog:

Black Friday Special:
Howard Zinn & Voices of
a People's History of the United States


auntie grizelda @18: "@10 mike blob and @12 cressona: I'm glad, too, to hear that blip is okay."

At no point in my comment @12 did I say that I was glad that blip was not banned, as I so believed. I was merely responding to blip's query about blip's profile without expressing any subjective judgment.

There is one subjective judgment I'm happy to make. I love Tofurkey.


@23 kristofarian: Thank for sharing another DemocracyNow link.

@24 cressona: Oh, dear. I think we have a misunderstanding. Mike Blob (@9) sounded concerned in his comment regarding blip's mysterious absence from the SLOG comment threads. I was in agreement there. Some of us were unsure of blip's whereabouts, and I was equally puzzled about blip, of all commenters, being banned.
For someone claiming to be "merely responding to blip's query without expressing judgment" you appear rather judgmental in this case at my comment (@18).
Enjoy your Tofurkey.


@24 cressona, re @12: So maybe it's not necessarily that blip got banned (which I just don't see, and you're saying you don't think that's what happened), but rather that blip's unexplained absence from SLOG could be something else (i.e.: a technological glitch). Okay. That's better.
One statement I'm happy to make: I'm omnivorous, but avoiding gluten and watching carbs, cholesterol, and avoiding sugar as best as possible. You eat what you like and I'll eat what I like.


@AG 26,

I think you're correct in that maybe there was perhaps a slight misunderstanding or whatever, and I think we're all generally on real good terms. Though I really do think blip's profile got banned. It's definitely highly unusual for him to be this conspicuously silent for going on a couple weeks now. But the thing that really leads me to believe it happened is that there's no record of him in any comments in any past thread at all that I could find. He's still got a profile that loads but if you, or anyone else, can find a posted comment of his (and he's posted several thousand over the years) that still displays, I'd be surprised.

Last I'll say on the matter, and it'd suck if my suspicion is accurate. Though there's still a pretty vibrant community here regardless, even if it does continue to shrink & show troubling signs of vulnerability.


@24 cressona Part III: Personally, I think your ire was misplaced. After rereading through the comment thread, I think you're really pissed at my expressed opinion in a comment to @7 Catalina Vel-DuRay and not directly to you at the time of posting, about my dislike for Tofurkey and vegan meatloaf. Vegan meatloaf is an oxymoronic term. Where's the meat if it's vegan?


@27 mike blob: I would hate for your suspicions on the abrupt removal of blip's account to be correct, too. And yet blip's profile still exists? But no comments found after all the years blip has posted on SLOG? That's strange. Someone--or a group of people--must be pressing a real-life History Eraser Button (not just on The Ren & Stimpy Show). Kristofarian is right---that's not good.


@24 cressona Part IV: That poor, innocent soybean gave up its life so you could enjoy a Thanksgiving feast, dammit! veggie killer!

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