Mutual aid fair tomorrow. Organizers will have clothing, food, reading material, and more at Cal Anderson Park tomorrow evening. With the weather dropping below freezing, it’s a good time to extend a helping hand to those in need.

Nothing Else Matters. Metallica’s returning to Seattle for a concert at Lumen Field, and they’re giving us plenty of notice: They’ll be here in late summer of 2024. Tickets go on sale this week, which is great news for fans of both Metallica and long-term planning.

Well, that’s gruesome. Organ donations increase slightly after motorcycle rallies, a new study has found, due to the… how to put this tastefully… temporary increase in bodies that no longer have a use for their organs.

Let’s get ready to rake. While the city struggles to keep bike lanes and sidewalks clear of leaves, citizens are once again taking matters into their own hands with cleanups planned this weekend. The last time neighbors tried to tame hazardous road conditions by painting a previously-unmarked crosswalk, SDOT removed it the next day. Hopefully they won’t come out and dump additional leaves onto the road.

Arizona: the Florida of the Southwest. A handful of Republican-controlled counties are refusing to certify election results, not because of any irregularities (there’s been no evidence of wrongdoing) but as a protest. Against what? Voters themselves, it would seem.

How is this still up? Last week, malevolent Republican Senator John Cornyn tweeted warm Thanksgiving wishes from “Heidi and Ted.” Who? Presumably this refers to Heidi and Ted Cruz, and whichever digital firm manages their social accounts must've crossed some wires and posted the wrong message to the wrong account. Oh well, at least they didn’t like a porn tweet.

The heist of the century. If I’m following the situation correctly here, this man saw a half-wheel of parmesan with the wrong price sticker on it, and managed to obtain about $500 worth of cheese for about $10. I can’t decide if my favorite part is the laugh at the end, or the poster that just says “VIBES.” Anyway, enjoy the fifteen years of risotto ahead of you.

Shops shops shops shops. Look, I know this isn’t exactly some secret insider tip, but for holiday shopping you really can’t beat Pike Place Market. I swear it’s not just for tourists, I’ve been doing most of my gift-getting there for years and there are always neat Seattley items to discover for family and friends. The U District is handy for non-chain shopping as well, as is Pioneer Square (there’s a great chocolate shop that's a bit pricey, but if you’re living high on the hog you might as well indulge). If you’ve got any advice for shopping locally and supporting independent stores, let me know and I’ll drop ‘em in a future roundup. Do not, obviously, give your money to union-busters.

Don’t let your kids anywhere near Florida. Here’s a truly horrifying investigation into Florida’s child welfare system. Among the findings: when the state takes over care for a kid, their chances of being a victim of sex trafficking actually increase

SDOT is directing bikes into oncoming traffic. Keep your wits about you at Second Avenue and Pine Street, where road construction is creating a fun little game: earlier today, the signs and traffic cones directed bikes to “merge with traffic,” but that meant riding your bike or scooter head-on into oncoming cars. They later added a little arrow, sending bikes off to another side of the construction.

What is Frasier without Niles? David Hyde Pierce will not return to the Frasier revival coming to Paramount+ sometime around the end of next year. From the sound of things, they’re taking the show in a very different direction, including the setting: Seattle is out! So where will it be set instead? Hard to say, but I’ve got a guess: back in the '90s, the show was going to be set in Denver until Colorado passed some anti-gay legislation and there was a brief nationwide boycott of the state by progressives, including the very queer team that was preparing to spin the show off from Cheers. So maybe it’s finally time for Frasier to land in the mountains.

Broadway’s good to Jinkx. Sometimes-Seattle performer Jinkx Monsoon will be hitting the Great White Way as Matron Mama Morton in Chicago in January, and I can already hear her flawlessly belting those notes. Also in the cast, surprisingly, was Isaac Mizrahi as Amos Hart, but he departed the production last week.

Here is a nice thing. Recently, productions of The Music Man on Broadway have been auctioning off bits of costume to raise money for charitable causes. Last night they were taking bids for Hugh Jackman’s hat when a surprise guest showed up to steal the show. I’m so glad to see that she does the AMC strut as her normal way of walking.