Charles, even for you, that was a lot of complaining about Jason Rantz.


I dunno Chas
being surrounded by Maples
towering overhead shutting out the sky

and then cascading down in
autumnal torrents to
make slippery
the Descent
into Winter

they Refuse to
Acquiesce to
the Ever-

arms blocking
Sunlight NoNoNO

also Whoa
"What kind of patriot misses the opportunity to celebrate the extermination of millions of Native Americans?"

moscow mcmitch kkkonnell types?
were Someone to utter the word
Reparations they'd Never be
able to remove the Turkey
Legs stuck in their
Gullets (or is it



The conservative movement has its core foundation in holding onto the past. That’s why the motto has been Make America Great Again, remember?

Perhaps the old white guy is getting a little mixed up? Try some fish oil, it will help improve cognitive functioning.


you keep asking that question
mr thing. I think no one
else can Hear you

are the Future
olde white guy


speaking of Regression
kicking & screaming
and Progress:

The U.S. Senate passed the Respect for Marriage Act, repealing the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act and codifying federal recognition of states’ same-sex and interracial marriages.



God I love that song, it's how I christen the season every year. Also hilarious that Greta is apparently still living rent free in Rantz's head.


Agreed, Charles. The brilliance of Vince Guaraldi is a gift for jazz pianists and all of us fellow musicians everywhere (I play piccolo, C and alto flute, and piano, perform, and compose). Sadly, Guaraldi went too soon at 47. His music for Charles M. Schulz's Peanuts animated TV specials--including A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965), A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973), and It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966) among others are loved by so many. It's a holiday DVD tradition for Griz.

@11 Rightwingnutjobasusual: Brrrr! It's cold outside, lil MAGAt. Time to crawl back up inside the Orange Turd's fetid, cavernous buttcrack with the rest of its batshit crazy loyalists and go sleepy-bye. Trumpty Dumpty will be laughing its ugly ass off in Hell, loving it when misinformed idiots like you will be screaming out your last words before the GOP-induced Holocaust as the world burns: "Wait!......WHAAAAAT??? You can't mean ME!!!!!!"

@12 kristofarian: Isn't it interesting how RWNJs like @11 always keep hearing strange voices....while most likely being among those always voting RepubliKKKan, and cheering about shooting themselves in the foot, fahtin' fer their Free Dumbs---Oooouch!---every time. Like Southern-Fried Diabetes Chef Paula Deen sez, y'all: "Oh, well-so what if you're missin' a foot? You don't need one if you're sittin' at the table!" {MAD Magazine's Dumbest Things about 2013, Issue #525}. MAGAt's are too busy eatin' to see the truth in front of their faces.


Agreed Charles. The brilliance of the late jazz pianist Vince Guaraldi is a gift to all, especially among us fellow musicians. Guaraldi's music for Charles M. Schulz's Peanuts animated TV holiday specials remains a beloved annual DVD tradition for Griz.


@19: Sorry. I didn't think my @17 posted. Sorry for repeated commentary.


Jason Rantz. What a perfect name for a typical MAGA RWNJ.


'Jussome Kramps'?
what the Hell kinda
name is That for a

auntie Gee
I'm afraid you've
misread @11's satirical
response to the Geezer

he's actually
on Our side.


The new international terminal at SeaTac is indeed really bad.


Gotta be on 'our' side:

@9 --"Progressives live
in the past because their ar-
guments don't make sense in the present.'

it's just Common Sense
and Fealty to the
Status Quo.

good one dewey.


Progressive radio?
try Thom Hartmann's

and for Uncoporate actual News

best Buckle Up.


even better?
96.9. On-
line too.


Ballard? You take the D or E express or the 40 or 44.



@11 Rightwingtrollspreferthestranger and @22 kristofarian: Sorry. Every time I see the words "right wing" I go on the defensive, expecting a knock down, drag out fight with some batshit crazy misogynist gun nut. Again, I missed the sarcasm. My apologies. It flew past me initially.

@24 DOUG: I'm grateful I was able to recently fly directly to and from Los Angeles from my local airport. With luck I can hopefully avoid Sea-Tac altogether. It sounds like a really bad scene from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

@25 re @9: Um, no, raindrop. Your buddy, oldwhiteguy really isn't on our side. I see where @11 was getting at.

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