Yes, this is the time of the year for rats. Take a walk around Pioneer Square at sundown, and watch the little furry creatures scurry around.
Remember, they are mammals too, and will survive us!


Nothing fast about Red Robin, as the wait staff buses their own tables.


such a Bizarre concept:
put the Citizenry ahead
of the Capitalists. whoa!
them japanese commies
know a Good Thing truly

but this is Ameria
and We don't Do
that kinda Shite
Here no Sir. it's
what a Shame


Wildcat strike time. Shut this mother fucker down.


sickos vote against sick pay—
what a world!


@1 We rented an apartment on 63rd and Alki when we returned to the region mid 2020 to look for our home we found in West Seattle in mid 2021. One of my favorite memories from living down there was being by the boathouse at twilight in the late summer and with multitudes of people still milling about and noticing the hundreds of rats emerging from who knows where to frolic in the tall grass to the north of the beach. It was crazy because you had to really look to see them but when you did you noticed they were a rat horde. When I pointed out to my wife how it wasnt the wind making the grass move it took her a moment to see it and then she could not unsee it. It was beautiful and nightmarish all at once.


Extreme snow ahead? I'm glad I stocked up while there was sun and dry pavement.
Get ready for what Alaska and Canada don't want, folks!

@1 pat L: Strange how the corrupt .000000000001%ers are hellbent on making sure that rats and cockroaches outlive us all.

@3 kristofarian: It truly is.

@5 fluxum: Agreed.


@6 shoobop: Wow. That sounds like something out of Willard!


Aah the good old days, when the weirdest thing Michael Jackson did was having a rat - Ben - as a pet!


Charles must be saving his hot take on Ye for a real page turner lol


I think I’m getting old, as lowland snow holds little intrigue for me, and increasingly just seems like a pain in the ass.


@9 pat L: Did that officially make Michael the Rat King of Pop? I even vaguely remember the title song, Ben, from the 1971 sequel that immediately followed Willard (1970). The 70s became famous for disaster films, offering supernatural, and OMG, Animals Are Taking Over the Planet--we're all DOOMED!--themes. And movie theater going audiences ate it up (another good example: the 1975 release of Jaws, based on Peter Benchley's novel).
Didn't Michael Jackson also have a chimpanzee named Bubbles?


@11: I feel your pain, schmacky. Every time I get the forecast for snow this time of year, with evening and early morning temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, I cringe. I won't even drive in this weather anymore. I just don't want my beloved and myself to become someone else's hood ornament. We both go into hibernation mode instead.

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