Kind of abstract, but imagine the bunny is Iowa trying to tussle with Biden to keep its constitutionally enshrined early primary. DREW ANGERER / GETTY IMAGES STAFF



a "… shitty deal that didn’t even include additional sick time, not even the seven day compromise proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders."

well it would Never have
been 'additional':
they've Never

Bernie asked for two weeks sickpay
how Robust was Joseph Biden in
his support for the RR Union?

very Disappointed in
Smokin' Joe.

do all Centrist Dems
not Support Unions?

*plus they get Reprimanded for taking ANY time off and the Threat of Unemployment is always a hair's breadth away. these guys have Families. sayonara Healthcare? that's Not Freedom. that's Slavery. and they $pent BILLION$ on stock buy-backs and Shareholder $atisfactions. how much did they Invest in Safety and Employee satisfaction you ask? sorry. they had Other Priorities.


Hannah says, "Also, a kid got shot over this election."

The Savanah newspaper reports, "At this point, there is no indication the shooting was politically motivated."

So in what way was he shot, "over those election?"

Hannah's rush to judgement, which contradicts the available information, precludes it being racism. E.g. Old white guy assumes the only reason a black teen is knocking on the door, is to commit a burglary.


The separate 7 sick days bill didn't pass alongside the one forcing the workers to work without them. Are we allowed to say they chose profit over workers' well being now?




Hannah, girlie, most Seattle-ites support sweeps baby!


did they poll
the Sweepees?
they're in the Minority
currently but don't get Too sick! or
they'll put YOUR ass on the Street but quick.

it's like Whack-a-Mole
only with Human

didja bring
your Stick?

thank God we're a
Christian Nation.
just Think if we


@1: I share your outrage, kris. WTF Smokin' Joe, indeed--?!?!?!!--and just in time for Chri$tma$!
Ebaneezer Scrooge: "Have they no workhouses? Have they no prisons?"
-----------Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, first published on December 19, 1843
It's a tad under 179 years later, and too many employers are still in The Industrial Dark Ages.

@3 Dale Horseman: Profit lu$ting KKKorporation$ are hellbent on replacing human employees with robots so that they don't have to train, much less pay anybody anywhere near a livable hourly wage anymore.


@6 kristofarian: BINGO. That's why I have become an atheist. Megachurches have run so rampantly all I see is profiteering hypocrisy, shaming, fear-mongering, lies, deceit, scandal, and those in charge militantly ensuring that women and girls remain voiceless baby machines.
Additionally, my brother is an atheist. He hasn't been struck by lightning yet.


Get your flu shots as well as COVID boosters, people! Who wants to be sick over the holidays?


If auntie grizelda can do something she thought she'd never be able to ever do again---fly in a commercial jet for the first time in 19 years---safely to and from a big indoor event in Los Angeles without getting sick, and testing negative---again---for COVID (after getting an annual flu shot and Omicron booster prior to the trip, of course), you can, too.


Speaking of Los Angeles.....

Are President Joe and First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden at Disneyland? That looks like Alice's White Rabbit in the picture.


“The Seattle Human Rights Commission shall study, advise, and make recommendations for legislation on policies, procedures, and practices which would further the purposes of this chapter.”

So, presumably, even if the dwindling number of putative adults who sit on this Commission were somehow able to actually pass a resolution against sweeping encampments, how would that support their mission, as described above in SMC 14.04.070? The Commission is clearly an advisory board, with no independent powers, so why would the Mayor pay any mind to any resolution which contradicts his policy?


"So sad that criminals keep running amuck in our beautiful City. For example, the Northgate Red Robin stole $400,000 from its employees, and thanks to the Office of Labor Standards, the criminal corporation will have to pay those workers back and shell out $200,000 to the City of Seattle. "

I'm not sure I follow.

Red Robin broke the law.

Red Robin was confronted with their law breaking, and as a consequence of their law breaking have to compensate their victims, and pay a fine to the city of Seattle.

I agree with you Hannah that prosecuting criminals is good. I would even go as far as saying prosecuting criminals is a duty for the government.


When can we start prosecuting the criminals who steal TVs from Target?


Good to see Red Robin getting their comeuppance.

How about the Target large-screen TV guy, Hannah? You celebrated his nonchalance in wheeling out a TV as large as himself. You celebrated the judge letting him go despite his noting that the defendant had dozens of such arrests.

Why the double standard?


Holy shit the controversy at The Seattle Human Rights Commission is over whether homeless people are actually human. Of course they aren't, and if the Sara Nelson types were even half way competent we would be looking at the power of sweeping those cancerous tumors the fuck off our streets being written into the city charter (It was a must! The Seattle way! Go boringly awkward yet well off white people!)

And stealing TVs from target?! Try diapers from Safeway. That's such a hot commodity in my corner of the city they built a store within the store where you can't purchase such a "luxury good" without leaving the heavily fortified compound nestled along aisle three. Maybe the Seattle do-gooders will "sweep" the low income folks out next!


"Hannah, girlie, most Seattle-ites support sweeps baby!"

Oh, that must mean it's a good idea. /s

But really, you don't have to say it because we all know the Seattle way: if the majority of the boringly awkward yet well off white people say so then everyone else must agree! And that's an order, because if not, then you must not discuss it, write about, or even think about it anywhere! I know it's true because the Mayor says so!


"Are we allowed to say they chose profit over workers' well being now?"

Of course not, didn't you see what the Mayor said?! You see how well we protect workers by speaking from both sides of our mouth simultaneously?

To be blunt, the majority of boringly awkward yet well off white people have spoken and they are the majority "baby," so you better shut up right now!


@15: The ‘controversy’ at the Seattle Human Rights Commission is over whether a small group of putative adults can stop bickering, squabbling, and self-important speechifying long enough to pass an actual resolution. The answer, to date, is a resounding “No!”

There’s apparently a ‘controversy’ over whether the laws should apply to everyone, or whether declaring oneself “homeless” means laws against stealing private property, and against long-term appropriation of public property for private use, no longer apply to these “homeless.” As noted, this ‘controversy’ was settled in last year’s elections. Sweeps and prosecutions will continue until all public property can be used by everyone, and blatant thievery has ended.

Luckily, we do have some common ground: everyone here agrees Red Robin should not steal property (wages) from workers. It’s a start!


@9: And smoke lots of weed and enjoy cbd tinctures and edibles. Pot helps prevent covid.


My favorite-to date - is the locked up toothpaste at Target!
Are the homeless snorting Crest ultra-white? Our glorious little downtown is now Trash City!


@21: Type "cannabis" and "covid" into a search engine and peruse the results. Here are a couple of several:


Aw, HanHan used the edgy “ACAB.” You’re so authentic, baby. (Were you simultaneously taking a drag of a Virginia Slim?) And then in your next Slog you’ll complain that the police didn’t stop theft from a pot store or a POC-owned business, you half-brained hypocrite. But we all know the Sloggers think the laws don’t apply to whomever they deem to be “marginalized.”


yep. Sloggers DO Know
the Laws needn't Apply to
whomever they deem Margarinized.

no duh.

you Suffer so to
comment here I
Hope it isn't Too
much for your
Scooter per-
haps they
can Beam
you back
Up? she
'll be
your next
yet Juvenile
and ugly Pro-
as shall we All.


Everyone in Seattle is equally marginalized in regards to emergencies that require 911:

"By the end of the year, Seattle Police Department is expected to be down to only 962 in-service officers, compared to 1,290 at the beginning of 2020.

SPD will not hire the number of cops it once forecast, and more are leaving than expected.

So far this year, the North, South and Southwest precincts have utterly missed the department’s goal of median response times of 7 minutes or faster for Priority 1 calls such as robberies or gun shots. In 2019, four precincts met that goal. Only the North precinct failed that standard."


@19: No, raindrop. I don't smoke pot, nor do I have any interest in "cbd tinctures", whatever those are. But your usual rambling suggests that you do.

@20 pat L: Toothpaste at Target is locked up?? We really are living in crazy times!

@21 PrincessAngeline#2 re @19: Apparently raindrop likes his weed bright and early before his usual 24/7 trolling binge.

@23: Scottie Soft 'n' Brown: Oh, I see. You're really that idiot formerly known as David in Shoreline, aren't you?
Changing your screen name more frequently than most people change their undies must be tiresome.

@24 kristofarian: @23's empty brain isn't about to get transduced by aliens any time soon. There's nothing there but senseless gray matter.

I find it very unsettling that the San Fransisco PD has okayed the use of Robocops programmed to use lethal force, and cut back on hiring personnel. With historic record LE hiring lows and so many good cops fleeing en masse for the exits, is Seattle next?

That's a shame about the Northgate Red Robin (wasn't that location formerly known as The Big Top restaurant, years ago, owned by the same restauranteur who owned The Twin Teepees?). Not cool. I'm glad the employers are paying back the stolen $400,000.00 in wages, and shelling out $200,000.00 back to the city.


@26: You're entitled to your opinions auntie, but you're opinions will never be interesting to anyone but you if you remain disinterested in the subject. If you don't find it interesting that THC and CBD somehow blunt the affects of the virus, then your commentary won't be interesting.

And in case you didn't know, consuming CBD doesn't make one high, as opposed to THC.


@27 raindrop: You're rambling again. Get a nap.


@28: No, I'm being quite precise. No excess verbiage.

Keep warm auntie. Enjoy the snow.


@29: your consistency in responding to auntie in such a gracious manner is really something to behold. Can I hire you for 'diplomacy coaching'? (countdown to obnoxious auntie response to my compliment in 3...2...1...)


and in Other
damn Good news:

Iran [likely]
Shutting Down
Morality Police Af-
ter Months of Protests

The move appeared to be a concession to the protest movement that erupted after the death of Mahsa Amini, a young woman who was being held by the morality police for supposedly violating Islamic dress rules.

now if we might just
Shut Down OUR
American Tali-


A martini has gin and vermouth, NOT espresso. GROSS!


@30: Thx. It ain't easy. As the saying goes "she's a force to be reckoned with", can't parse nuance or satire - paradoxically - she's probably a hoot to watch a movie with.


@30 and @33: Bored already, trolling man-cavers? It's not even the Winter solstice yet.
Want a heated fight? Go watch some NHL and add to your goatees.
Now run along and get some cocoa. You'll both sleep longer.

@30: Chill out, Heebie-Jeebies. You want obnoxious? Go look in your bathroom mirror.

@33 raindrop: Can't sleep? You can always put some ganja in your cocoa, as weed for you---by your own declaring---is considered medicinal. That should do it.

@31 kristofarian: Agreed. Well said. We can only continue to speak out, vote, and hope.
I continue to support Democrats because the people I seek to elect and re-elect most often share my views, needs, and concerns. Also, too many idiots in red communities, counties, and states stubbornly believe that self-serving KKKorporate neofascist RepubliKKKans are going to actually save their working class asses, which they clearly won't. And the MAGAt crowd usually has the most to lose. I've noticed that coal miners in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia have been rather quiet, lately, six years and almost a week after the most disastrous of election results.


That was pretty funny.


@33 - Indeed it was.


@35 mike blob: I know, right? They must be a hoot at parties and in bars--especially on Open Mic nights, before they get thrown out.

@36 raindrop: Ask me no questions,
I'll tell you no lies.
If you get hit with a bag of shit
Then you'd better close your eyes!


@34: not gonna lie, - that was tame and a little disappointing. I know you can do better. Dig deep


@38: Yeah, her schtick has lost its edge


@38 & @39: Nothing on FOX TeeVee, boys? Maybe if you twist the antennae a little over to the left, the static will clear and you'll finally get it.


@40: Much better. Auntie gets the last word!


Oh, listen.....crickets!
They must have gotten called in for wienies and tater tots.
Either that, or the weed finally set in.


@41 raindrop: Nighty night.


@43: Sweet dreams auntie.


Wear your mask.
Get your flu shot.
Get your COVID bivalent booster (if you got one when they weren't bivalent, you didn't get one)

And stop letting cars drive themselves, or robot dogs carry bombs.


I thought misgendering was no-no these days? Should I report auntie for calling me a boy when I was born with a vagina? Further - while I do have excess facial hair as a woman of Italian ancestry, it isn't so bad that I have a goatee to stroke.

Naw I'll give auntie a pass due to the general confusion and feebleness evident from their post history.


@46: Now you have nothing left but to make idle threats? For a cis female you sure do act like a trolling bro. Trying to impress raindrop? I notice the two of you often comment at the same time. And what does your Italian ancestry have to do with anything? Everybody has facial hair. What are the three nines for in your screen name supposed to represent? An upside down 666? Do you levitate and projectile-vomit green bile, too, for demonic shits and giggles? You're a real piece of work.
First you accuse me of misgendering, then unfairly brand me as feeble and generally confused. I am none of the above. At least I'm not fetid, like you. Cross your legs, Heebie-Jeebies. Your breath stinks.
And get a nap fer chrissakes. Then maybe you wouldn't be so MAGA-confused and flatulent.


@46: Oh--okay. 999 is your octane level. Congratulations on being the world's best source of natural gas.


@48: Okay, you got it out of your system, now we can all be chummy.


@45: +1 Will in Seattle for the WIN! WORD.


@45 Will in Seattle: Right spot on with what I said in @9.
Get your shots and boosters. And yes, too, on publicly wearing masks.
COVID isn't done with us yet, and this year's particularly virulent strain
of the flu virus is showing no mercy.

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