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When Kirstie Alley replaced Shelley Long on "Cheers" she almost single-handedly turned a decent but unexceptional sitcom into one of the all-time greats. RIP.


"Chevron has given money to the National AIDS Memorial, but having the gall to insert themselves into the quilt is a shocking, shameful new low for a company with a decades-long history of environmentally catastrophic spills, explosions, and poisonings."

Jesus dude it's just
Capitalism. the Natural
Order of Things. they've
Bought 'our' Government.
it's Over. they WON. they OWN
the means of mass communication/
propaganda delivery vehicles* and they're
Not about to hand over the Reins any time


they ever SO Obnoxiously
it should have gas hoses sucking
the wealth out of everything Holy
to be Accurate. Corporations got NO
Soul, Friendo.


*not to Mention
nearly ALL the Lawmakers


RIP a long time ago (1989) composer Joe Raposo, who wrote the song "Sing," as well as the theme of Sesame Street and "It's Not Easy Being Green."


"... we [at Chevron] reflect on the strides we and our partners have made in health equity as we aim to continue the fight."

the War on the Environment
is what you Meant to say.
it's okay. we Understand.

why don't we Nationalize these
Bad Boys and save our oil
for Future Generations

oh and NOT


Good Lord, Matt Dear, your obsession with cars is tedious. That City Light spot in Belltown was going to be a public EV charging station, not a "disappointing parking lot". The article says that SCL is going to build a charging station elsewhere in Bellevue, probably because someone has designs on that land.

And yes, I suppose it's true that "we don't have to live this way", but many of us want to.

Personally, I'm glad they're finally standardizing and making permanent the healthy street signs. The smaller size makes them easier to drive around, and it doesn't look so trashy.


In the first paragraph, that should be "Belltown", not "Bellevue". City Light does not have Bellevue in its service territory.

Mrs. Vel-DuRay regrets the error.


The bike lane around Green Lake is terrific, unless you want to turn right at the golf course and go to Wallingford in which case it's a disaster. You see, the bike lane is on the wrong side, the inside. They spent a ton of money building a (rather unnecessary) slip lane for bikes there, but now you can't access it without crossing both directions of traffic, or navigating a zero-radius right turn, which is impossible on a bike. It worked great when cars were banned on the stretch of GLW, but now it's a death waiting to happen. I hope it's not mine.


It’s odd that you’re complaining about the Seattle Process, Matt, when it’s the touchy-feely, “everyones option matters” bullshit that the Stranger advocates for that causes it.

Oh, and the engineers can’t “just build it”… they have to make sure they consult the equity tool kit or some other absurd waste of time. Reap what you sow, homeslice.


@7 Fnarf
Welcome back!


@9 (am I doing it right? Where's the like button?) get ready, I'm back, and I'm ready to unload!

OK, why can't I stay logged in?


Also, fuck Chevron so incredibly hard, preferably with a chainsaw.


@8 -- "consult
the equity tool kit or
some other absurd waste of time"

Seatte getting so Woke
they're even gonna Include
You Scooter someday somewhere

and then where will you turn?


Rest in peace, Joe Raposo, Bob McGrath, and Kirstie Alley.

@1 CKathes: Kirstie Alley added spice to Cheers, balancing Rhea Perlman's salty Carla.

@2 and @4 kristofarian and @11 Fnarf: +3 Agreed.

@3 Musicbiker: Rest in peace, (1989) Joe Raposo. And thank you for composing some of Sesame Street's best ever songs!

@8 Scottie Soft 'n ' Brown: Arguing just for the sake of arguing, or are you just bored with nothing to do before your usual glut of FOX TeeVee?


@7: Hi Knarf, that seems picky to me. Having the lane on the inside seems enjoyable by being closer to the lake. You can easily cross Green Lake Way at marked crosswalks to enter adjacent neighborhoods.


@14: you don't understand. I am trying to get somewhere, not "be closer to the lake". Cycling is transport, not just recreation. And having both cycle lanes on the same side means that every turn has to cross both lanes of car traffic. Not every intersection has a light for this.

Specific to this one intersection: they spent a fortune building the cycle slip lane, which was tremendously convenient, but now there is literally no legal way to access it. Making that right turn is extremely difficult due to the way the two bike paths intersect at a hard right angle which is literally impossible for a cyclist to do without getting off the bike and scootching over. This is a problem everywhere in the city -- the bike lanes are relatively good, but the connections between them are utterly absent.

It is completely fucked and demonstrates the total lack of understanding of the needs of cyclists in this city. It's telling that the slip lane went in when Dongho Chang, who actually rides bikes, was at SDOT, but the re-rearrangement happened after he left.

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