Shame on all scumbag Republinazi voters for supporting these abusive, sadistic, crazy, lying psychopaths.


@2 Original Andrew: Thank you for beating me to it. At this point, the Orange Turd will have to die before the endless cycle of batshit crazy RepubliKKKanism ends.


Kevin McCarthy couldn't be bothered with all the hoopla. It was time for his daily insertion. Oh, how he loves those Anusol HC suppositories! Looks forward to that exquisite moment at the same time every day. He greatly prefers to get one right out of the freezer. That way, he feels that hard burn before the eventual warm melt...and just like that, it goes right up. He's tried to quit them, but he can't. "When you hold your asshole this tight all day long, well, you just have to grease 'er up!"


and then there's this
Warnock Beats Walker
Giving Democrats 51st Senate Seat

In the last battle of the 2022 midterms, Senator Raphael Warnock dealt another blow to former President Donald J. Trump, whose handpicked candidate, Herschel Walker, was outspent and outmatched.

El trumpfo Cost them the senate
final straw? yeah prolly not Likely

but: Cheers!


"What this sad scene perfectly captured is the great distance this society has to go before it comes anywhere near close to the kind of social system that's no longer imprisoned by the madness of an economic reason…"

Life as we know it
is a frantic search
for some dollar$
be such a Shame
to re-think that.
ditch it for some-
thing Much better

be damned


At least those leaves are out of the bike lane.


blow them Elsewhere
they're Someone Else's Problem
externalize the Costs privatize the profiteerings

it's the American Way.


1) Will Dan Savage ever cop to the fact that it doesn't get better? I mean, here we are, fifty-some years after Stonewall, and the Supreme Court is poised to decide that queer people can be discriminated against in marriage. As a 70s-born gay man I'm fucking sick of shit, and of fucking rich opportunists who got lucky; most of us didn't. The fact of the matter is that 2/3 of lgbt people live paycheck to paycheck (, despite the fact that gay men have the highest rate of college graduation, and lesbians have a college completion rate in double digits above straight women. The likes of elite queers, built in Savage's case on his own anti-gay bias and terror (hey, f*ggot, after all), are destroying the prospects of lgbtq people. If he wants to claim that queer people are free, he should donate his entire f*cking net worth to his own community, and go away.

2) Charles Mudede is a f*cking pretentious leftist troll who has nothing of consequence to say about Seattle, its politics, its culture. Why does he still have a byline?

3) Why did the Stranger hire a young woman who doesn't even know that "assault rifles" shouldn't ever be referred to in quotation marks?

Here's a thought: fire all these people, and now.


@6 Bauhaus I: lol RepubliKKKan gavel buster Kevin McCarthy does his own cornholing just to save time! I LOVE it!
RepubliKKKans--may they all burn.

@7 kristofarian: Hooray for the Rev. Raphael Warnock's re-election and 51st seat in the U.S. Senate! We'll take it.
A big shout out, too, to fellow slogger Ugurtha Forka for helping set voters straight down in Georgia.
I understand they had a record turnout for the runoff election. Herschel Walker, like Kanye West, is a sick joke and I'm glad the Orange Turd has already lost a shitload in campaign funds on Walker as well as on Tiffany Smiley and Joe Kent.
May the end of Joe Manchin's & Krysten Sinema's Senate blockages also spell the end of the Orange Turd and its turtle boy, Mitch McConnell. Here's hoping re-elected sixth term U.S. Senator Patty Murray makes Mitch's life sheer hell.

@12: Here's a thought: why do you bother to read The Stranger at all if you profess to hate it so much?


"... here we are, fifty-some years after Stonewall, and the Supreme Court is poised to decide that queer people can be discriminated against in marriage."

oh don't worry they shan't stop there
Putin just Outlawed gay peeps in Russia
like any good Authoritarian'd do and trumpf
or DeSatanist'll likely do the same should they
get the opportunity. Neanderthals by any other
name taking us back to the Dark Ages with their
Dark Money and Happy to take down Democracy


@15 Putin also outlawed Ukrainian cruise missiles blowing up Russian air bases next to Moscow, and we can see how that turned out ...


I was on the tarmac, aged 10, when the first 747 rolled out of the building. I had never been on a plane, let alone a jumbo, and I really couldn't get my mind around how big they are. I've been a fan ever since; they are the most beautiful aircraft ever built. I did get a chance many years later to fly in one a few times, Australia and back, but my most memorable experience in one was at Heathrow, when a big bird (not the one I was sitting in) was performing a particularly difficult turnaround maneuver outside of one of that airport's many cramped terminal areas, and had to swing around, causing the leading edge of the wing to approach our plane at a high rate of speed. They stopped in time, backed up, and tried again, and we were out of danger. Of course, we then had to exit our plane from the jetway to a narrow hallway that hadn't been cleaned in fifty years, down a flight of stairs, out on the tarmac itself, around a corner, and into another narrow hallway that eventually took us to something resembling a terminal. But that wasn't the 747's fault.

I'll bet some of them will still be in service in 2050, if there is a 2050.



“Hello, Fellow kids. I too am gay…”

Hahaha. This fucking guy. It wasn’t believable the last ten sock puppets and it not believable now.


There's another one!

Oof. These dipshits that comment obsessively at an outlet they hate, and feel constantly compelled to tell everyone they hate, is the sign of a bitter disordered mind and a life devoid of worthwhile alternatives.

So of course people like that never think "it get's better."

Because for them clearly it has not.


@16 -- outlawing enemy cruise missles:
Good Luck!

outlawing the entire LGTBQ community:
very Doable if YOU are their Dictator
and They make even the Slightest
Move to suggest they're Not
'straight arrows' and you've
plenty enough police and
Secret Police to do what-
Ever the Fuck YOU say.

see the Difference?

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