Boeing is very happy to announce that United Airlines made a big order for its planes, 100 of which are, you guessed it, none other than the 737 Max. I flew on this plane for the first time not too long ago and can tell you with great confidence that its problems do not end with its recent history of falling out of the sky. It is a terrible plane to sit in. The plane's seats were not made for humans, but for as much money as possible. Also, parts of the plane were clearly put together with staple guns. KIRO 7 reports that the purchase is "the shot in the arm that Boeing has needed to pull out of the pandemic and the two deadly Max crashes." 

This should not be just for kids. It should be for everyone who is in this world; meaning, who is alive; meaning, who is not dead; meaning, who might be a grown person supporting the very children cars are always quick to kill. KOMO: "Dozens more Seattle school zones will be getting cameras to slow traffic. The city's recently adopted budget expands the school zone camera program over two years." Two years? You would do this in two days if you really fucking cared, Seattle. 

Say it ain't so, Joe Kent? You done robbed your gullibilious people worse than blind. Don't act like you don't know. But we all sure know that an empty wagon sure makes a lot of noise. What did Lauren Boebert, your right-hand woman, lose in an automatic recount in Colorado? Just three votes. And she was fighting for her political life. Down to the nick of 500 votes. You come around here saying being beaten by nearly 3000 votes is not enough for you. But we all know that, at this point, you can't stop the sun in the middle of the sky, but can only make the day's dying just a little bit longer. 

The great Jane Goodall on Joe Kent's lord and master, Trump: “I see the same sort of behavior as a male chimpanzee will show when he is competing for dominance with another… they project themselves as being more aggressive than they actually may be… to intimidate their rivals.”

You got to know when to hold them... know when to walk away... know when to run. True, this is a serious matter. But it's hard for me not to hear "The Gambler" when I read something like this: "A man at a poker table went on a sudden, unprovoked attack at a casino in Washington state Monday night, stabbing or slashing four people before being arrested after a high-speed car chase, authorities said."

So, what was the booing about the other night? Clearly, the battle in heaven, the battle between billionaires and tech workers. This is the latest level of class confrontation, and Elon Musk is the general of the billionaires. This is why he got booed in the tech capital of the world. Those attending Dave Chappelle's Bay Area show cannot be categorized as woke, which is why it was even considered a safe place for Musk to make a surprise appearance. But Chappelle was, apparently, completely in the dark about the thunder rolling in heaven, about the war between capital and some of its highest-paid servants. A truce between the two really began with Bill Gates and his generation. Today, Elon is sending this 30-year truce (which even survived the burst of the dot-com bubble) into the shredder. In the story, "Chappelle audience members explain why they booed Elon Musk," NBC reports: "Two audience members said they booed Musk because of the widespread firings and layoffs at Twitter."

If I was on Elon Musk's team, I would also advise that he not make a surprise appearance at a comedy show in Seattle. My Northwest reports that "[l]ocal tech layoffs nearing levels of 2008 recession." This is happening during a period of economic expansion. Indeed, November's job report beat expectations. But this business of deleting tech jobs has nothing to do with the everyday. It is instead a war happening in the highest clouds of capital. "Fiery the angels fell..." 

And there is this:

I want those who live with me or near me or see me a lot to ignore experts who say this sort of thing: "Do you really need deodorant?" Yes, you do. Indeed you do.

Another racist statue bites the dust: "Richmond [,VA] removed the last major city-owned Confederate statue on Monday morning. The joyous moment unfolded with little fanfare in a majority-Black city that was once the capital of the Confederacy." Always remember this: The past does not haunt the future. The past can only be dead, and the dead do nothing. It is instead the other way around: The future haunts the past. What this means is that the present, a now, is haunted by those who are not yet born, the living future.

But what do girls really want? Cyndi Lauper, of course, has the answer: 

Because I mentioned ghosts in this PM, I will end it with Röyksopp's wonderfully haunting "Forsaken Cowboy":