A six-person jury found Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer NOT guilty in a case connected to a January 2021 incident where he allegedly claimed to a 911 dispatcher that Black newspaper carrier Sedrick Altheimer threatened to kill him, reports KING 5. Troyer was absolved of one count of false reporting and another count of making false or misleading statements to a public servant. I have nothing else to say but "Boooooooooooo."

I'm about to write a sentence I don't really get the impact of, but I know it's important: Today, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates by half a percentage point, reports the Washington Post. Sounds like a lot? Or not enough? Charles can explain when he does PM tomorrow. 

Good news: Contemporary dance group Whim W'Him bought the All Saints Church building on Upper Queen Anne for a cool $3.5 million, reports the Seattle Times. This is sick because dancing inside a former church space is objectively cool and also because it ensures that the group has a stable place for rehearsals and performances. Currently, Whim W'Him is renovating the space with Owen Richards Architects to make it more dance-friendly and they hope to finish it by summer. Exciting!

Bookmarking to read later: Nathan Fielder spoke to GQ about what it was like behind the scenes at his bonkers HBO show, The Rehearsal. 

Today in Twitter insanity: @ElonJet, which tracked Twitter owner Elon Musk's use of his private plane, and other accounts tracking Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos have all been suspended for violating the site's "doxxing" rules, reports NBC. This comes after last month when Musk said he'd keep it up because he just loves free speech that much. I guess it's a small love!

Weather alert: Team Snow could have their first major W of the season next week. 

"Bad Bunny, will you give us a free concert?" asks the literal president of Mexico: Ok, he has a pretty good reason. Ticketmaster epically fucked up the ticketing situation with the Puerto Rican reggaeton icon's concert in Mexico City, leaving thousands of fans without tickets. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador wants Bad Bunny to find it in his heart to perform again for free, but with the government covering stage, lights, and sound. Honestly, the best use of tax dollars (pesos?) imo. 

In Texas: The state's department of public safety received a request from Attorney General Ken Paxton's office to compile a list of all Texans who have changed their gender on their driver's licenses or other records in the past two years, reports Washington Post. This list comes as Texas is doing transphobic shit like banning trans kids from sports and investigating gender-affirming care as child abuse. Paxton nor his representatives would say exactly why and for what purpose this list was for, but we all know it's not good!

It's not just you: Seattle prices are whack. According to WalletHub, the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue area is number five in the country with the biggest inflation increase, reports KOMO.

The world is doing fine, thanks: The Department of Health put out a warning that certain fish caught in Lake Washington, Lake Sammamish, and Lake Meridian were unsafe to eat, reports KIRO. That's because the fish have elevated levels of perfluorooctane sulfonate, a chemical that could lead to a bunch of scary diseases. Just make sure you know where your common carp or cutthroat trout or largemouth bass came from before digging in! 

Morocco's out: The North African country lost to France in the World Cup semi-finals, which is a bummer, but it's an incredible trajectory for the underdog team. We love an underdog! Already, this World Cup has made history, as it's the first where no British fans have been arrested. I'm not a scientist, but that probably has to do with Qatar's no-alcohol policy, lol.  

More trouble for Meta: Amnesty is suing Facebook's parent company for $1.6 billion, alleging that they let posts that "inflamed the war in Tigray flourish on Facebook, after an Observer investigation in February revealed repeated inaction on posts that incited violence," reports The Guardian. What's insane is that this isn't the first time

I know you were worried, but now you can rest easy: "Scientists have finally found the snake clitoris," says CNET. Phew!

Okay all you Wayward heads: Looks like the new iteration of the beloved vegan cafe will officially reopen this weekend! Read my post about what's new here and if you go, let me know how it tastes?

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