Only a half an inch of ice, once it freezes, can cause a 30-car collision on I-5. Good luck anyone getting anywhere on the surface of a skating rink.
Some tips: The safest way to drive through snow? Don't, unless you really want to deal with a bunch of idiots who have no clue how to safely handle inclement weather conditions, and you're fine with having your banged up car in the shop for the next four months. Too many road ragers think they own the road, and are crazy enough to tailgate the unfortunate motorists in front of them. Then they wonder why their car insurance premiums just shot up again after rear-ending someone.
Allow enough space between cars, and especially big trucks. A good way to know is how far you can see the next car in your rear view window. Reminder that the brake pedal works all too well. Visibility is compromised.
Drive defensively--you never know what the next driver is going to do, or if there will be a pedestrian or a deer crossing the road (don't laugh--this happens on mountain roads--and especially on SR 20 and US Route 2!). If you start to skid, cautiously turn in the direction of the skid. That should straighten you back out.
Griz has been a licensed Washington State driver for over 40 years. You're welcome.
Merry Christmas (your celebrated holiday here), Happy 2023, and play nice in the snow.


"Another politics would make the construction of public housing or the expansion of the health services remove capital that's always threatening to clog the reproduction of the system."

Yes, and then Putin's Russia, or if not Putin's Russia, fill in the _, would knock it down with missiles and artillery. Look at all those residential apartment towers in Ukraine that are burned out, collapsing, uninhabited hulks.

That is what happens when you don't spend on defense. At worst 6 million Jews, and 40 million others get wiped from existence.


PrincessAngeline Dear, Seattle calls it quits at N 145th St on the north (from there until the county line it's Shoreline) and on the south end it gives up the ghost generally around S Roxbury St.

City Light, on the other hand, goes all the way up to N 205th street (aka the King/Snohomish line) and down to generally S 160th St in Burien.

I had to explain that to one of my bosses once. It was an experience that left us both deeply ashamed.


@Catalina -- and yet you
(unsurprisingly) Endeav-
ored to Persevere.

well done!


here's the Chief (Dan George)
and the Outlaw (Josey Wales)
and How it's Done:


@1: Accuracy takes a back seat to being well metaphysically lubricated in order to enjoy Charles's Slog posts.


@1 "Any idiot can just blather on and on, just guessing about facts."

So you're saying the SLOG writers are really no better than us SLOG commenters?


Oh, come on. Everyone who's read the Stranger for any length of time knows that the Seattle that matters stops as you descend from the pedestrian-only heights of Capitol Hill. Everything north of that is just populated by nefarious suburbanites who live to enforce exclusionary zoning and run down pedestrians on Aurora (who are very certainly not at fault in any way for darting into traffic in the dark).


Wakes up to Anatole France, guess back to sleep.


Most of the buses, ambulances and fire apparatus in Seattle were chained-up - for the snow as well as the ice.


@5 - Catalina, I think I know of whom you speak...

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