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I thought you were the Russian sausage tycoon, Charles.


There is only one sausage king and his name is Abe Froman.


I don't get the Long Island nuance you expect us to understand, Charles.


I’m not a fan of where Cliff Mass has gone, but he is objectively not as far right as you can get.


"Want to know why Republicans now run the House"


Progressives cost the Democrats at least one seat in Oregon and four seats in New York.

From the NYTimes:
"Democrats Fight to Hold Oregon House Seat After Defeat of Centrist Incumbent
Representative Kurt Schrader, a seven-term Democrat, lost his primary to a more liberal opponent. Now the competitive seat is up for grabs, with a Republican favored to win."

From the New York Times.
Why the Democrats Just Lost the House

Progressives have been helping Republicans win elections 2016 (actually since 2000.)


@5: The articles you cite from the NY Times are only one reporting journalist's opinion, whose name interestingly you have omitted in your citations.
Meanwhile, RepubliKKKans are now about to ruin the House, destroy democracy, and run the US and the rest of us into the ground with their unchecked Draconian self interests. RepubliKKKans have been helping their fellow RepubliKKKans steal elections since 2000. Incumbent Vice President Al Gore won by the popular vote and should have been sworn into the White House on January 20, 2001, but instead got multiply screwed by the electoral vote, Ralph Nader's independent candidacy, and the questionable ruling over votes in Florida, when Jeb Bush, Dubya's little brother, was Governor. It's called aiding and abetting. RepubliKKKans love rigged games only if they're ones doing the rigging. When they lose they wrongly accuse Democrats of stealing elections. When they clearly lost the 2020 election, the Party of Orange Turd's most reliably batshit stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, threatening lives, violently disrupting the transfer of executive power, and putting our democracy in jeopardy. That is nothing other than HIGH TREASON. Many of those insurrectionists--at the Orange Turd's own commanding--and it is now evidence on tape--are in prison. The Orange Turd must be held fully accountable, convicted, and cornholed raw in federal prison as well. It should be incarcerated among the general population for its heinous crimes against our democracy, humanity, Constitutional rights, and the environment.
Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has since stepped down--largely because an unhinged RepubliKKKan RWNJ broke into her home, attacked her husband, angrily demanding, 'Where's Nancy?' That's not leadership--it's DOMESTIC TERRORISM!
Truthfully, if election rigging ever became an Olympic sport, RepubliKKKans would monopolize the world's gold supply until the end of time. The GOP is nothing but an unscrupulous profiteering crime syndicate.
Catalina Vel-DuRay has it right: RepubliKKKans are horrible, shameful excuses for people, complete with their own neofascist Extreme Court.


@6: How about that, folks? Griz hasn't had a drop of alcohol yet and still no typos!


I considered myself a liberal until I moved to Seattle. The far left has ruined the democratic party, but not like the far right has ruined the republican party. It seems like the prerequisite for Republicans is to be an admitted liar and a psychopath, deny the truth. There are definitely more lunatics on the right and in office who are determined to destroy democracy. 2024 could very well swing republican again, as I do not have faith in the democratic party.


You know, Charles, if you really WANT to post videos of French music there are some actual “tunes” you could try… How about some Gabriel Fauré, Reynaldo Hahn, Erik Satie…? Hell, I’d take a recording of Edith Piaf over that tuneless thing you posted! (Pro tip: Actual “tunes” usually have more than two chord changes.)


The far right and the far left are two sides of the same evil coin.


i really don't understand how a gay man could be a about self loathing.


Remember when Elon was trolling Bill gates about shorting tesla? I hope Bill makes a windfall, not that he needs it, but the blow to Elon's fragile ego would be great.
Have not seen my neighbor pull his red tesla out of the garage in like 2 weeks LOL.


@11: Why do you assume political dispositions and sexual orientation should always be parallel? Clearly the current Republican party is in the toilet and isn't conservative or libertarian by their classic definitions, but I don't think you'd be begrudge a gay person from having different economics and political philosophies than present day "woke" "progressive" "liberalism".

Diversity includes diversity of philosophy.


@11- why are you assuming Santos is actually gay? Nothing else he’s said was true. I won’t buy it until I see the tape of him blowing a certain Southern Senator.


Charles....why I am still in your head? Most of what you write is simply untrue, ill-informed, or outright nasty.
First, why do you call me a climate denier? This is a despicable play on the Holocaust by the way. I am mainstream scientist who has published extensively on climate topics in the peer-reviewed literature. Global warming is happening...I talk about it all the time in my blog. You and I already had a climate debate and even folks at the Stranger thought you did very poorly. Please stop.
Second, I am not far right as you suggest. Just a mainstream old-school liberal democrat... the kind that votes for Maria Cantwell and our current mayor. Is this far right? Perhaps from the perspective of someone on the extreme left.
Finally, you seem to think the Seattle Weather Blog is a source of good information. Keep in mind that it is run by an amateur with no academic background in meteorology. None. No professional experience. It is full of problematic statements, errors, and mistakes. And the forecast you quote from it was very wrong. Doesn't the truth matter to you? I suspect


Re @13 - Written out of the Santos context. Agree with @14.


@8: So you have more faith in RepubliKKKans? Spoken like a truly GOP blindsided MAGAt.
If you're a dissatisfied transplant to the PNW you can always pack up and go elsewhere--preferably back to your original place of origin. Let me guess--is that an unfunded red state of white supremacist confusion?

@9 YoungbloodG: NOW, you're talkin'! +1

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