gosh Chas
you keep using
that Word: if you
Contine it'll just Lose
all Meaning and become

just like Socialism

and how 'Bout that MKkKarthy?
Witch Hunts as Far as
the Eye can See


Does Charles really believe the mayor of a city can structurally change capitalism?


No one believes thr surge in shoplifting downtown is driven by poverty anymore. Let me provide another data point


The GOP is in a neofascist state of confusion, George Santos couldn't get re-elected dogcatcher, Kevin McKKKarthy couldn't get the Speaker of the House position if he stole the gavel, and the GOP's #2 rapist (second only to the Orange Turd), Matt Gaetz, is on his ugly knees, begging Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for a Democratic sympathy vote? Not a chance! Hopefully now we can finally get things done after midterms, with the loss of Krysten Sinema's and Joe Manchin's Senate-blocking power gone.
The image I'D like to see is not of Jair Bolsonaro and the Orange Turd working forced slave labor at KFC---that would be too kind. Let's chain em up doggie style in the federal pigpen's general population where they belong! Speaking of Kentucky Fried Chicken--the RepubliKKKans can always deep fry Mitch McConnell to serve on toast to the .0000000000001%ers. He's nothing but 37 years too long of profiteering pork fat and gristle at the cost of the people. Now one last thing: Trump for Prison 2023!!

Methinks MAGAt hillbillies Matthew Greenwood and Jeremy Crahan got hired privately by Ed Troyer to inflict hurt on everyone in Pierce County who isn't a white supremacist.


What I'd like to know is how Santos go elected in the first place.

While few are naive enough in the 2020's to expect corporate media to suddenly revert back into some semblance of a 4th Estate- holding Republican candidates accountable, the question arises: where was the Democratic oppo research?

Most of Santos' bullshit -including past crimes, could have been uncovered with any of a dozen commerical search/promotion sites.


So Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell is patting himself on the back. His constituents, the profiteering .00000000001%ers who drove out the middle class, while homelessness, the cost of living, and crime skyrocketed must be very proud of him.


@5 Jexpat: I have wondering the exact same thing, too. I'm going at least partially with Santos getting bought in by the wealthiest and most corrupt of New York RepubliKKKans, pushing the MAGA agenda at all costs. I'm guessing that Santos' Democratic opponent Robert Zimmerman got relentlessly attacked by GOP smear ads.


"The fascist wing of the GOP"

You repeat yourself Charles


Punchy as fuck, Chuck! Excellent PM.


"The picture I want to see
in the near future is of Santos and
Bolsonaro in a Florida Kentucky Fried Chicken."

and they both work there*
dusk til dawn cleaning
cooking washing and
stocking but they're
Never to go any-
where near the
Till -- That be-
Longs to the

who'll serve
fries & Life
& for only
$99 you
can Zap

*and will need to for the next
milennia or so -- reperations etc


@10 &@13: That is going to have to be one big, fat biscuit, made with extra lard. KFC was never designed for healthy eating.
But raindrop, dear, don't waste good Kentucky bourbon on Moscow Mitch! He doesn't deserve it. Used outhouse water, preferably from a septic tidal pool in rural Alabama would be infinitely more suitable for the RepubliKKKans with which to wash down Mitch McConnell's fetid and bloated remains.

@11: skidmark for the WIN!! That's it, right there. All one would have is indeed, an undifferentiated plate of muck.
And quite a disgustingly inedible one, at that.

@12 kristofarian: Really, as I said in @4, that's being too kind, kris. Wake me when the Orange Turd and its Brazilian Trump wannabe, Jair Bolsonaro are chained together doggie style in general population in the federal pigpen. Orange is the New Blech! I'll buy a DVD of the video which I hope goes globally viral for posterity, and bring the red wine, dark chocolate, and popcorn.


Really, Charles, this is your most uplifting article yet. May the Fall of the Unholy Trumpian Empire be swift.


@3 so it's poverty AND an untreated addiction epidemic due to uneven access to healthcare resources (at least partially determined by poverty). Gotcha winks


@ scooter
so the Saboteurs
Ain't linked to any
Fascist terrorist groups?

whilst I 'spose that's a Comfort
try tellng it to any who may've
been hooked up to Life-sustain-
ing medical devices or their sur-

sabotaging the Electic Grid
to cover petty crime to further
their Careers is quite far-thinking

they need to consider a Future
in the 'Republican' partay:
they both seem Highly-
if not Overly-Qualified

and maybe the Proud Bois
have some Space Avail-
able these days, too.


@2: “Does Charles really believe the mayor of a city can structurally change capitalism?”

TBF, of all Charles’ stated views on economics, that one probably has the firmest foundation in verifiable external reality.

@18: The poverty results from the same mental disorders which produced the addiction and other problems. You cannot treat those mental disorders simply by giving those victims money or homes. Treating those disorders, especially amongst the now-chronically addicted, will require vast resources. No elected leader in Seattle has proposed expenditures on that scale, and there’s no evidence of any political will in Seattle to provide those resources.

If you want a proximate cause to blame for all of that, you can start with the Stranger and the politicians it endorsed, who all lied about “victims of poverty” whilst persons obviously suffering from mental disorders lived and died on Seattle’s streets.


Jexpat dear, Republicans are simple people. Simple, horrible, people who will vote for anything with an R next to it.

Princess dear, I agree with you on Shoplifting. The other day I was at the Bartell's on Rainier when a fellow came in, picked out a bunch of items as if he were a legitimate shopper, and then calmly walked out with the basket. People in SE Seattle wonder why we can't get chain stores other than the usual Safeways. That's the reason right there.

As for Aurora, we're more concerned about slowing down cars (which won't happen) and attempting to prevent mentally ill and or impaired people from wandering into traffic (which won't happen) than we are with the open-air prostitution market that operates from 100th to 145th (Shoreline won't put up with it). I have no problem with sex workers and think that prostitution should be legal, but not in the way it is being conducted on Aurora.


@16 CandyLips: Unfortunately, I think televised ideas like that are what led to the abysmal rise of the Orange Turd to begin with. I'd just love to have the fetid creature and its most loyal of bootlickers finally gone once and for all.

@17 Scooter Pot Pie: Take a few deep breaths, put down the bong, and get serious medical attention, lil MAGAt.
And try not to fall in when you flush. Puget Sound already has more than its fair share of toxic waste.

@25 Catalina Vel-DuRay: +1 Agreed. I share your concerns regarding shoplifting and prostitution on Aurora.


Maybe I just watched too many heist movies, but the first thing that occurred to me when I heard about the original power station attacks in the South was that it was some kind of cover for a break-in.

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