how long til the first idjt
harangues that Tiger
Magnificent as he is
& the poor Fawker
Leaps outta his
display case &
eats them?

put me down for
early April when
the saps are


will there be Cake?

wow dude thass a
Well-Packed Fri-
Day PM Schlog.
well Done JAS!


Hannah K!
Happy WKend!


and to think we went to Afghanistan
just to get the Dick cheney's Hali-
Burton stock stratospheric well
Iraq too but who's counting

oh right, Prince Harry.
25 confirmed Kills?
a regular Double
Oh Seven this

at least it
was for a
Good Cause.


I thought you all believed that cops never solve crimes? How ever did the police catch the Idaho killer if that’s true? And I’m sure arresting that guy isn’t going to prevent any future murders, right? I’m sure someone that planned and carried out a quadruple murder would stop at that point. No need for the cops!



a blind pig
trips over an Acorn
now and again tho this time
it just looks like Good Police work

doesn't mean we gotta
suck their Dicks
but feel


oops. kevin mkkkarthy
figured he Had the Votes
but was one wee vote Shy.
looks like they're gonna Retry.


When Ballard Commons Park reopens I hope they sweep early and sweep at least twice a day.

And while we are at it can we close down St. Luke’s as a nuisance property? They are the ones attracting the vagrants in the first place.


and Now we've got Us a brand new Speaker
sold out to the election denyers
the insurrectionists the ones
who gotta Prove Gov't
just Cain't Work. de-
Funding the IRS de-
funding America
drowning Her in
the gottdamn

whatchya gonna Do?

"At one point, Garret Graves [R] of Lousiana appeared to be on his knees in the chamber as he and McHenry [R] spoke with [holdout] Gaetz [R]."

--Emily Cochrane, reporting from the Capitol

okay then.


So we’re for the cops when they are going against and being hurt by nutty republicans but we are against them when they do their job to criminals if they are poor. Han Han the hypocrite.


Yes, kristo, if you can’t succeed, try until the 15th ballot.
Xina is right- the sickness of the GOP is nothing to gloat over - we are stuck with them in Congress.
And the 2024 Senate cycle for the Dems is the worst of the three (2 year intervals) oh well


Thank you, Hannah, for clarifying an embarrassing faux pas I made in another SLOG comment thread.
I meant to say the two year anniversary today of the insurrectionists violently attacking the U.S. Capitol, not one year. It is indeed, exactly two years already(?!) since January 6, 2021. We really need to get rid of RepubliKKKans once and for all. Trump and its loyalists for Prison, 2023! May this year truly be the end of the GOP once and for all.

Welcome, Tacoma Zoo's Bengal tiger, Sanyiv, and Woodland Park Zoo's newest brown bears, Fern, and Juniper!

@1 kristofarian: Hopefully new Bengal, Sanyiv doesn't kill and eat some idiot egging him on. Imagine how painful that would be--for Sanyiv?
re: cake----again, that's too kind. I'd love to hit the GOP with a Santorum* cream pie, instead.
*Google GOP Senator and former RepubliKKKan presidential candidate, Rick Santorum, and / or Dan Savage's 2003 contest defining "Santorum", particularly the winning entry.


@10 pat L: RepubliKKKans. I wish we could just shoot them until the GOP is totally wiped out. We shoot rabid dogs.
Why not corrupt, self-serving KKKorprate billionaire Trump loyalists unfit to govern, too?
Maybe then this dying planet and life forms would stand a chance.


Fuck you for supporting the zoos. They are terrible places that are poorly managed. For example they have an area with several elk who are housed with a single wolf. Imagine how fucking stressful that is for them. The area is very fucking small. The elk have to constantly have a goddamned wolf within eyesight. And the wolf is alone so it has no pack mates. No mate. Just the stress of being around a bunch of giant elk it could never take down on its own.

The gorillas are so stressed they buttfuck each other on the regular, which is not something Gorillas would do under normal circumstances.

And the next time you go by the 'orangutan' exhibit (even though the zoo cops to accidentally cross breeding two different species of ape to create the animals you see) just look at how obviously depressed they are.

I have 2 small kids who I agreed to take to the zoo one time because I mentored this kid who wanted to go to the zoo through a free BBBS program and I felt bad that I went to the zoo without them knowing they want to go commune with animals but we will not give them a penny and they are too young to understand the hypocrisy of dad saying we dont do zoos and then one day taking somebody elses kid to the zoo. I agreed to take them one time with the caveat that they had to listen to me explain that zoos are places where they imprison animals for the crime of not being human, that we take advantage of the human desire to be close to nature that burns so bright in childhood to normalize mass incarceration at a young age, and that I would ask them to not just look at the animals and think how cute but to look at them and ask themselves if the animals looked happy or sad.

You purport to care about the oppressed, about the unhoused, about the other and you think zoos are cool. Fuck you.


@13: oneshoebootieoff: Whoa, Daddy-o. If you're directly ranting at me, stop. Take a few deep breaths, slowly exhale, and reread my comment @11. Where did I go off saying zoos are cool? And wtf is up with the spewing of f-bombs if you're supposed to be such a nurturing father? Do you hit your kids if they spill their milk? Did you have a fight with your wife, and have a little displaced anger boiling over? If so, I feel genuinely sorry for them. You sound just like my abusive ex-spouse. He had a habit of going off like an AR-15 half-cocked first, then looking dumb later.

I read the Seattle Times article about Fern and Juniper, did you? These are orphaned brown bears that were rescued from displacement in the wild. Juniper was found wandering alone on an air force base near Anchorage, Alaska. My comment was about welcoming these newly adopted animals, not applauding that a tiger and two bear cubs are living in captivity. Ideally they would--and should--be living freely in their natural habitat. The bear cubs in particular have no mother, and would possibly face difficulty surviving alone. With luck, they might be released back into the wild once they reach adulthood.
Zoos can indeed be unhealthy and poorly maintained. Cramped living quarters and poor placement can be stressful, and such an enclosed environment is like a prison for animals. I was clearly not applauding this.
You purport to care about kids, took them to a zoo, anyway, against your own principles, and yet you scream out the f-bomb at me, someone you don't even know and never met. Who's being more hypocritical? I say it's you.
Take a chill pill and lie down. It sounds like you had a rough day. Maybe cut back on caffeine and sugar.


I was ranting partially incoherently at the author. Her love of zoos is so hypocritical. She pumps them often. It sucks. She doesnt seem to have a coherent moral compass which is lame because alot of her stuff appears to be coming from the right place.

@13 its pretty nuts you would think I was talking to you.

I took my kids because they have asked to go and I have always said we dont go and then I go a Little Brother and he wanted to go as part of a program through the org and I didnt want my kids to think I was being a hypocrite or favoring some kid who isnt even family so I took them but with conditions.

Mind your own business yo.


Congratulations to Kevin McCarthy for becoming the 55th speaker of the House of Representatives.

I admire perseverance.


"Republicans" want nothing more than
for us to comfort the Afflictors
not afflict the Comfortable
and if we can Fight
amongst Our-
selves it's a


*for them


@ dewey-- 'perseverence'?

it's called Appeasement Capitulation
and making the Peep's House
likely Ungovernable &
hastening in the new
Fourth Reich.

& all for the sake of one man's Ego
who'll either get On Board or
be summarily Exited and
prolly pretty damn


Top-rated comment on nyt's:

Why the Fringiest Fringe
of the G.O.P. Now Has So
Much Power Over the Party
--by Richard H. Pildes

I hate the "both parties" spin on this.

The difference between the Squad and the Freedom Caucus is the Squad actually has normal policy goals and the Freedom Caucus just wants to burn the republic down and is happy if the federal government fails.

Comparing people who want universal healthcare with insurrectionists and obstructionists is par for the course given today's centrist brain rot. And on the eve of Jan 6th too...

DC; Rhode Island, Jan. 5


I think we need to apply the Guy Fawkes Day model to Insurrection Day. I can't wait until kids across America are collecting money every January to blow up effigies of Fat Donald.


Let's have a renegade bike ride up Aurora to rally for converting Woodland Park Zoo to a golf course. Throw in a "day of rage" and a list of random demands.

That will confuse everyone......


Esteemed Catalina, Woodland Park already has a tiny old golf course! It’s right down on Greenlake, just north of all the huge soccer/baseball fields and tennis courts, with the leash free dog party up the hill, which is below the lawn bowling courts. And Maypole site! The adjacent rowing shell house is slated for a big redo soon.


@7. St Lukes has big plans for their lot. They are building a housing highrise there, with multiple services included.


whilst we strip-mine Earth Animals
disappear and the way we treat
the Animals in our Zoos is how
the Patriarchy practices its
holy Dominionism

Rs Overreach hopefully'll be more A-
musing then Threatening though
you Know they'll be Trying
like the Devil to do the
Devil's business*

*or Whomever Pays
them the Most

speaking of which here's
Bob Dylan's Masters of War


@23 I know. Their plan is to attract even more junkies into the area.


Princess dear, that's how Jefferson Park is set up - a nine hole and an eighteen hole course.

As for St Lukes/Ballard Commons, The Ballard business district needs to hire a private security force, like downtown has had forever. It's not like they can't afford it.


@18: Well, appeasement and capitulation are things McCarthy did to persevere.


Why McCarthy’s Slog to
Speaker Could Mean Dys-
Function Ahead in the House
--by Emily Cochrane

The top Republican already had to work with a tiny majority and an emboldened right flank. Concessions he made to win his speakership gave the rebels more tools to sow disarray.

Some of the concessions Mr. McCarthy agreed to would make the practical business of running the House next to impossible.

It could be left unable to do basic things like fund the government or finance the federal debt. For the dissidents, that was the point.

For the country, it could lead to some grim consequences.

Here is a look at how the House works,
and how things could break down:

not to Worry dewey
you'll likely be fine
why did McCarthy
want the Job so


@15 shoebootie: I clearly said IF you're directly ranting at me, stop. Your comment @14 immediately followed mine. Not once did you address Hannah directly in your comments. What was I supposed to think? SLOG is open to all commenters. Like you, I can post what I want, when I want. So it's my "business", too, to respond to Stranger articles written by Hannah, Jas, Will, Charles, Dan Savage, et. al.
Maybe consider having a nice soothing, stress-relieving cup of herbal tea before posting, the next time you plan to blow a fuse online.

@20 dvs99 and @21 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Right spot ON!! I love you both so much!

@18, @19, and particularly @28 kristofarian: "It could be left unable to do basic thing like funding the government or finance the federal debt. For the dissidents, that was the point." This right here scares me shitless, kris.


@16: JEEZUS you really are MAGA blindsided! Seriously, raindrop. Get serious medical attention now before Kevin McKKKarthy and its neofascist RepubliKKKan goon squad take that away from you, too.


Well gosh auntie, President Biden also congratulated McCarthy. What is this world coming to? There's nothing to do but light your hair on fire.


Raindrop dear, any normal president (even most Republican Presidents) is pretty much required to congratulate the new Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. That's part of the job.

Seattle's Melanie Wilkes (that would be you, Darling Raindrop) is not at all required to do anything about the amoral whore who has Nancy Pelosi's old job. Indeed, doing so highlights your mealy-mouthed, goodie two-shooed nature.


@32: If I'm Seattle's Melanie Wilkes, you gotta be Seattle's Belle Watling.


who needs a silly fly-
swatter? @Catalina


@32 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Keep on rocking the house and ruling the universe! Catalina for the WIN!!

@33: You should have quit when you were a horse's behind, raindrop, dear.

@34 kristofarian: I second it!


Well, be serious. Would you all rather be going into Monday without a speaker? Be glad it's not Jim Jordan.


@36: It may as well have been Jim Jones. The hideous results of the House Speaker vote are nothing for the majority of us to be "glad" about, raindrop dear. Kevin McKKKarthy caved to RWNJ neofascists. The GOP is the AmurriKKKan Taliban.
You know the Party of the Orange Turd is Trump's butt-ugly when their own charter members break out into fisticuffs.


Far-right rioters storm
Brazil's Congress and top court

Thousands of supporters of Brazil's ex-president Jair Bolsonaro storm the country's National Congress and supreme court in the capital Brasília

Bolsonaro, who is in the US [likely at Mal-A-Tardo], lost the presidential election to left-wing veteran Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in October.

His supporters are refusing to accept he lost the election and have been calling for military intervention and Lula's resignation.

Lula, who is on an official trip to São Paulo state, calls the rioters "fanatic fascists" and vows to punish them.

Copy Cats.

they'll likely come
for you last


but first they're
Coming for
Brazil nyt:

Alexandre de Moraes, a Supreme Court justice who is also Brazil’s elections chief, tweeted that the justice system will not fail Brazil:

“The despicable terrorist attacks on Democracy and Republican Institutions will be held accountable, as well as the financiers, instigators, previous and current public agents who continue in the unlawful conduct of antidemocratic acts. The Judiciary will not fail Brazil!”

Mr. Lula, who took office on Jan. 1 after edging Mr. Bolsonaro [NZ]* by less than 2 percentage points in October’s runoff, said Mr. Bolsonaro’s questioning of the election’s legitimacy had “triggered” the assault.

Mr. Lula, who was in São Paulo when the protests erupted, signed an emergency decree allowing the federal government to intervene and implement “any measures necessary” to restore order.

this could get
Ugly quickly



Will someone please wake me when all the batshit neofascists worldwide, in their own self serving war for global dominance, kill each off until their ugly ilk reaches mass extinction?
And people wonder why Griz keeps an ample supply of red wine and dark chocolate on hand.
Meanwhile, I'm off to further create and play music.


@38 kristofarian joins Catalina for the WIN!! Kudos!
Mal-a-Tardo--that's perfect. I'll be using from now on. It seriously beats the crap out of my "Mar-a-Lunatic" describing the hidey hole for the Orange Turd and its crime syndicate.


It really is a shame a major hurricane of biblical proportions didn't slam into the Florida coast prior to 2016, wiping out Palm Beach. Mal-a-Tardo* would be underwater and the Orange Turd would be gator bait as well as shark food.

*Thanks, kristofarian.


@4: Bored much?

At least SOMEbody down in South Carolina gives a shit about keeping abortions safe and legal.
Maybe if they can spread the word to the rest of the neofascist red states of confusion.....


@40: That's working on a Sunday for you. I got it a little backwards. Okay. Griz has had a lot on her mind.
I did put in some really nice orchestral scoring work today, with more on my agenda tomorrow. Now I'm off to play some music. Happy First Week of 2023, everybody!


Raindrop dear, I'd rather be a Madame with a heart of gold than a simpering Confederate. But that's just me.....


@45 - I don't recall either Melanie or Belle's political dispositions being portrayed, they were both pretty much confederate by default. Melanie was married to Ashley who was confederate soldier, and I hardly think Belle had a "Yankee's only" sign on her Atlanta brothel.


the Freedoms that Allow your
Existence are about to disappear
& yet here you are arguing for their
Disappearance. your mind may be busted.

see: your Doktor.

say that reminds me:
where's our Spellscasters
Potions Pushers and Quacks?

see what Happens
when you Outlaw
the Spammers?


@47: Yes, you loved chatting the spammers didn't you?


Raindrop dear, you obviously never read the novel: Melanie is a "lost cause" nitwit dipshit. The best part of the book is when she finally dies.

Belle, like Rhett Butler was a rational player. She knew how stupid and pointless the war was, but she had a business to run.


I forgot to mention - Melanie was also a murderer. She killed an American Soldier. With her out of the picture, and Rhett realizing what a psycho Scarlett was, I hope that Ashley and Rhett hooked up, and lived out their days somewhere nice like Cuba.

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